Check trail cam one day and had this photo on it. Every body I show it to thinks it cool.

Wolf pack after an elk

Pack of wolves chasing an elk in the Lolo Zone in Idaho.

Gobbler breeding a hen

We have never gotten a picture of this before. I shot a big gobbler on opening weekend of the 2011 Oklahoma spring turkey season not far from where this picture was taken.

Washington State Wolverine

We were hoping to get pictures of bobcats but instead we got this critter.

A little to heavy

My uncle took a deer he got on the side of road with hopes to attract coyotes at our cabin in Hale, MI. When he checked the camera this is what he saw. We were shocked!

Half and Half shed Vixen Grey Fox

This is a seldom seen picture of a female (Vixen) Grey Fox that shows half of the body length with full hair and half of the body length absent of hair. I have been watching this fox and others for a year or more and have seen partial hair loss but when I saw this picture I had to save it to enter in your contest. I think this picture is beautiful and had to share with my other sportsmen.

Barred Owl with its Quarry

Taken in Northern Minnesota the week of 3/15/11 using a homemade 6mp trail camera. I placed table scraps in a depression covered with pine bows. The set attracted a variety of animals including rodents, which then attracted this owl who perched above waiting for its unsuspecting victim to scurry by.


Didn’t expect to see this on our game camera in Childress,Texas. I forgot to set the time and date last time I moved it so they are not correct.

Killer Bobcat!

Got this on my trail cam which was on a small corn field on our ten acres. Not quite what I was expecting to find flipping through my trail cam photos.

The Successfull hunter

I just placed a trail cam on a heavily used trail in Southern Michigan and this fox was one of my first photos

Frisky Bear

I have two photos of this bear. One going into the water hole and the one included leaving the water hole cool and frisky.

Nosey Jake

The picture was caught before turkey season started and the interested looking Jake was very curious.

Doe with Bird hitching a ride.

While reviewing my cam photos I came across this doe with a bird hitching a ride, I also saw this first hand while archery hunting in the same area…..lazy bird!!!!

Bobcat Family Dinner

We saw a deer carcass covered with leaves and decided to place a couple of cameras. We caught many photos and video clips. At one point there were 4 Bobcats in one shot, including a big Tom. This one has three Bobcats enjoying.

Pretty Pair

This camera set yielded some great photos, but none better than this pretty pair of fawns. Fawns are the most fascinating of the deer herd in the late spring and early summer…who knows which of these will be the next big thing?

Guess I’ll wait until you’re done.

A variety of animals visited the corn pile I dropped. Guess the racoon decided to wain until the deer was done eating.
Three Southern Minnesota gobblers come in posing for the camera

Epic Battle

This year the northeast received a ton of snow during January, and food was scarce for many of the critters in the woods. I had a salt lick and some other baits set up in front of the camera buried under the blanket of snow. I was lucky enough to get a shot of these two foxes as they fought over the free meal. The timing is one in a million! this shot alone made my cam purchase worthwhile.

The early bird gets the girl.

I thought this picture was interesting because the grouse waas already drumming at 4:30 am.

Acrobatic pine marten

We were trying to get pictures of bobcats but most of our pictures were of this pine marten.

What the?!?!?!

This picture was taken in Morgan County, IN on my buddy’s property. One morning he was walking his daughter out to catch the bus and this guy ran accross the road and onto his property. His young daughter saw it from the side and yelled “look dad that deer has a raccoon in it’s mouth!”. The next day he checked his trail cam and this is what he found.
I finally got a picture of this stealthy beast!!! If at first you don’t succeed, move your camera!!! Be persistent.

Stand OFF

My honey hole

Momma Lion

This female is the mother of the two cubs that I have been getting pictures of.

Lion Cub

This one of two cubs that are around 6 months old.

Hump back

I captured a series of pictures of this young griz strolling through my archery elk hunting spot. Have yet to get a picture of the one making tracks as big as my size 10 boot prints.


I have several pictures he is a big dog I have had one shot at him and missed. Maybe the next time

mama bear and three kids

these four bears took a break from tearing down the bird feeder to pose for this picture in hopes of winning the contest.

helping out a friend

Turkeys had begun feeding in this area once the snow had fallen. These three turkeys couldn’t quite reach the berries so one of them flew up onto the branch to bring it closer to the ground for the other ones.

Fisher looking for a meal

This is a Fisher looking for a midnight snack to appear.

Looking for a meal

Bobcat near our camp in mtns of Central Pennsylvania

Coyote in the snow

Caught this coyote by suprise, he stopped and starred at the camera long enough to get his picture taken.


I started using trail cameras a year and a half ago with Brutus as the main goal to capture. I have a lot pictures of him and other lions.



Feels so good!

This was the first time I set my trail camera out and was pleasantly suprised with the results.

Winter Black Bear

Taken in the swamp behind our house with a trail camera.

Ready For My Close Up

This camera was placed on a bundle of corn stalks.

Mid Flight Miracle

Okay so using the word “Miracle” is an overstatment, but still catching a hawk in mid flight is still pretty amazing. The camera was set to do a 3 pic burst, the next 2 pics show the hawk settling on the branch of nearby tree. Not bad at all for a camera that barely cost over 100 dollars!

Hungry Bobcat

There was a dead deer found on our property presumed to be a wolf kill, so we put a camera on it and got a few pics of this hungry cat.

Its a deer, it’s a coyote…It’s my dog!?

I had my trailcamera placed in the perfect location to catch a strutting tom. But when I came out to check the camera, I found this picture. And while messing around with the camera, I realized the dog knocked it off kilter a little. I also notice right in front of the camera, there was fresh strut marks! Thanks mans best friend!

Who says trail cams are only fun in the fall? Set yours out this spring, then send us your best photos. You could win a new Archer’s Choice Scouting Camera from Stealth Cam (MSRP $169).


Here’s how it works. This contest will have three rounds. Round I is now closed. The first three pics in this gallery are the winners, the rest of the photos seen here are our editors’ favorite entries.

Round II starts May 19 and closes on June 15 (you can enter it now by clicking here), and Round III opens June 15 and closes July 15. We’re giving away three Stealth Cams in each round, one cam each to the top three entries, as chosen by our editors.

So go set your trail cams up already. And have fun! –The Editors