The 2010 SHOT Show Booth Babe Roundup

Jay Sin at the EAA booth.
Kristy Lee Cook from American Idol at the Browning booth.
Bonnie Huseby at the American Tactical Booth
Jay Riddler and Michelle Gentry of Blackheart International.
Jamie Villamar at the UnderTech booth.
Ivy Ivers at the Palco airsoft gun booth signs a calendar.
The Aguilla/Centurion Ordinance booth
The ladies of the Winchester booth.
Laura Francese at the Redfield booth.
Cathy Rankin signing calendars.
Timney Release. Long known for rifle triggers, Timney debuts a new archery release that gives your bow the same trigger pull as your favorite rifle. Timney's Amanda Dana demonstrates. $89.95 - Phil Bourjaily
Fenix Flashlight. Wendy Hamel holds a Fenix light with a sun-bright 750 lumen output. The light runs on 8 AA batteries. - Phil Bourjaily
Callie Crowley and Ashley Dale, from the Intermedia booth
Shot See Transparent Magazine (held by Renee Wright)
Check out this minigun mounted through the sunroof of a GMC Yukon Denali.
Courtney King, at the Lansky Sharpeners booth.
Timney Triggers' Amanda Dana poses with her "crazy face."
Patricia Engeberg hands out SHOT Daily magazines at the show floor entrance.
C.A.S. Hanwei, known for high-end samurai swords, celebrates its 25th anniversary with this sword held by Missy Hillian, and with a new line of Rock Creek Knives made for the American market. - Phil Bourjaily
Hooter's hot wings, anyone?
Gamehide's Elimitick insect repellant clothing mascot, Cotey Alexander (dressed as a tick?).

Back by popular demand, here is our annual gallery of booth babes from the SHOT Show. Does this have much to do with guns or hunting? Well, no, not really. But does the Swimsuit Issue have anything to do with sports? We didn't think so. Enjoy.