Derringers, Babes, MMA Legends and More Sights from Day 2 of the 2011 SHOT Show

The SHOT Show is the largest trade show in the world for shooters and hunters, which means its the best place for our editors to get their hands on new products before they hit the stores. We've asked our writers, including Gun Nuts Phil Bourjaily and David E. Petzal, to search the show floor for the best new guns and gear of 2011. We'll start posting their picks over the next few days but we thought you'd enjoy these photos of other interesting sights from the show floor while you wait. Melodie Gore, Kayla-Jane for BDS Tactical --David Draper
Getting Blind Sided Winchester's new Blind Side steel shot features hexagonal shot pellets that stack neatly in the specially designed shot cup. Benefits: a bigger payload, increased wound channels, and overall better efficiency. --Mike Toth
More zombie targets, these from Surplus Arms and Ammo. I wondering if he's asking her if she's seen his lost dog? --David Draper
Dannie Ward from AmChar Wholesale --David Draper
Sergeant Sammy L. Davis, who holds the Congressional Medal of Honor, and his wife Dixie were signing autographs at the Voodoo Tactical booth. --David Draper
"Bighorn" aka Roy Clouse packs two .38s and a derringer at the SASS booth. --Phil Bourjaily
Sensitive Sable --David Draper
UFC star Matt Hughes signs autographs in the Browning booth. --Phil Bourjaily
The scene in front of the Burris/Steiner booth. --Phil Bourjaily
Our Kind of Gun Control Karen Lutto demonstrates Vero Vellini's new automatic retractable rifle sling, which quickly takes up slack whenever you remove the rifle from your shoulder. $159. Also new are neoprene-backed leather slings, which eliminate slip when the gun is shouldered. $139-$169. --Mike Toth
Caesar Guerini's new Evo Light has an alloy receiver to keep its weight low for long hikes in the uplands. --Phil Bourjaily
Candid Camera Will Primos shows his new X Cam Blackout, which emits no light and is virtually undetectable to game (thereby decreasing the chance of altering their patterns) when mounted properly. $299. --Mike Toth
The Divas of Women Outdoors Worldwide a group that introduces women to shooting and the outdoors. --Phil Bourjaily
I had to get this oversized pack from Sandpiper of California to schlep around all my SHOT Show schwag. --David Draper
The Gonzales family shows off Grouse Wing camo. --Phil Bourjaily
Brianne Cox and Brooke Wake show off some of the latest creations from Bulletgirl Jewelry. --David Draper
Nicole hands out the SHOT Daily. --Phil Bourjaily
Heather Smith from EAA --David Draper
Tim Brandt of ATK holds the new Buck Commander Black Gorge hunting pack._ --Phil Bourjaily_
No mere booth babe, Kenda Lenseigne, at the Cimarron Booth, was named the Best Living Cowboy Mounted Shooter by True West magazine. --David Draper
What does a race care have to do with guns? I don't know, but this one at the American Tactical booth was pretty cool. --David Draper
Mike and Tara Lipari model Oilfield Camo a pattern made up of drill bits, pipes, helicopters and derricks. It appeals to the large number of outdoorsmen among oil rig workers. --Phil Bourjaily
Jamie Villamor from Undertech --David Draper
MMA legend Randy Couture had a long line of people waiting to shake his oversized hand. --David Draper
At the Kahr Arms booth, this gold-plated Tommy gun was waiting for a gangster with a big checkbook. --David Draper
Browning's new HuntMaster VXT features a huge 70-lumen green light, plus a 100-lumen white light. The beam size is adjustable. --Jay Cassell
Leupold enters the trail camera market with its RCX Trial Camera, with a remote that lets you access the camera without having to remove it from the tree. --Jay Cassell
We all know the venerable Zippo hand warmer. The company now has an emergency fire starter, with the logo of your favorite football team on the case. --Jay Cassell
Hunters Specialties is getting into scent-less tactical clothing for both men and women in a big way. Comes in camo or black. --Jay Cassell
Bushnell has upgraded its Back Track series to include the Point 5, a GPS made simple with 5 waypoints, featuring time, altitude, temperature, and more. --Jay Cassell
Wenger has a new climbing-specific knife, designed by Swiss speed climber Veli Steck. Don't be surprised if we start seeing hunting-specific knives in the near future. --Jay Cassell
Vanguard rolled out a new line of moderately priced binoculars, plus an adjustable "Drop Down" shooting stick. --Jay Cassell
Benchmade's new 915 Triage has a G10 handle, in orange or black, a half-serrated blade, a seatbelt cutter, and a carbide glass breaker on the end of the handle. --Jay Cassell
Gerber adds to its line of Bear Grylls knives with two new survival kits. --Jay Cassell
The new Vikale boot from Lowa has a G3 sole, with super-sticky lugs and a GoreTex outer that keeps it water resistant. --Jay Cassell