Remmy and Sammy

Two of the revolvers seen on the battlefields of the Civil War – used by both the Union and the Confederacy. Powder burns courtesy of point blank shots – as would often occur during the battles. Remmy – 1858 Remington. Sammy – 1860 Colt. In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War – 1861 – 1865.

Go ahead… have a nice, er… make my day!

If “happiness is a warm gun”, then this picture will make you grin from ear to ear, literally! Sometimes, I have been accused of shooting my mouth off, so this is right up my alley! Enough of the bad puns! This shows my true love for guns, guns, and more guns…and, of course, Field & Stream Magazine and Website! Although, people do stare when I hug my .22 and smooch an issue of Field & Stream!

Gun Nut = Duck Nut

In the middle of summer can’t shoot ducks, so I put 3 shots in your sign!

Terrorist problem?….we have the solution

My name is SPC Joseph Nelson. I’m currently deployed at COB Speicher near Tikrit, Iraq. This picture was taken at one of our check points, we have our M4s, a 240B machine gun, and the big daddy the “Ma Deuce” M2 .50cal machine gun. Oh yea, and about 50,000 rounds ranging from 5.56mm, 7.62mm, .50cal for ya know just in case!
I’ve been building spudguns for quite a few years now and have always enjoyed them! Pictured here is my 11′ long semiautomatic spudgun alias: Black Death. Hit the target dead on with a shotgun load (multiple potatoes in the barrel at one time) at forty yards. Ripped the target to shreds. I had to tape the edges together just to be able to hold it with one hand!

Step by Step Destruction

I couldn’t decide which gun to use, so I decided to use all of them! This is a compilation of pictures taken after the target was shot with a different caliber. Starting at the top from left to right going down, with a picture of all the guns used and the target showcased in the middle. Caliber’s were .22, .32, .30-06, .30, .40, .45, 20 gauge, and 12 gauge (slug and bird shot).

Primitive Hunter

I have been bow hunting since I was twelve years old and it is my greatest passion. I took this photo to prove that all you need to survive is a bow and arrow, and Field and Stream magazine but, a M&P15-22LR; would help greatly.

My Son’s Boomstick

Before anyone calls CPS and take away my son: he did not fire any of these shots. If my son had been awake when I took the pic, he would have laughed at my shot placement! At 25yds, my Heritage Arms Rough Rider 22combo (using 22wmr fmj and 22lr #12 shot) and my Hi Point C9 (9mm fmj) did well. I, however, did not. Poor shot, I’m afraid.


Pictured is Brian and Carrie Boucher from Minnesota. Carrie is sporting an elegant little black dress with a Smith and Wesson M&P; 15-22 LR. Brian is in his rustic overalls holding a single shot break action Harrington & Richardson 12 gauge Named “High Deathinition” Carrie and I have been married for 3 years, we both love fishing, hunting, and camping in the great northland of Minnesota.

Our Military Loves Guns and Field & Stream

This is about creativity right? This is a photo of me while serving in the U.S. Air Force abroad in Iraq. I am holding a silver AK-47 that was taken from one of Saddam’s son’s palaces. I did shoot the target with a 7.62 x 39 but it was not with this AK-47 nor was I in Iraq when I shot it. After shooting the target I photo shopped the target into the Iraq photo. Creative? I sure hope so.

point blank

I used my h1-point 9mm carbine, not meant to shoot far or with special sights, just meant to get the job done.–i made this photo a new retro look, of poster art to suggest a stern look, not a typical one.

Fishing takes the back seat to Guns……

I like Fishing but I Love Guns. That’s why for me fishing takes the back seat.

the beast

This is a two and 1/4 in bore muzzle loading canon that is propelled by 1000 grains of powder that is ignited with a num 12 muzzle loader primer. it will shoot approximatly a mile and a half with a one pound ball. Its usually used to celebrate holidays. but we took a exception for this magazine because we love guns.

Clear Cut

hi im ted, i am 14 years old from kimball minnesota. I took this target out to shoot. I used my ruger 10/22 with a scope to carfullly pick the target apart. i used around 275 rounds. i dont avethegun pictured becuase i thaught thelight would illuminate the holes well. hope my shooting pays off!

Shoot ’em up

Fun afternoon with my Springfield XD40 tactical

Can Never have enough!

I am a 14 yr old from WV – I enjoy the outdoors & have been hunting since I was 7. I enjoy hunting with my Dad and Brothers, It is something we look forward to all year. We love to look at and collect guns and other hunting items too.

Classic Six Shooter

My mom, brother, and I got my dad a Ruger 44 mag. We thought it would work good for cyotes in our cow pasture, and now we are hoping it will help win my brother and I a gun.


I was able to hit the broadside, but a new gun might help me zero in on my target.

Shoot your heart out

I can always find time to go out in the yard and shoot my bows. The gun range isn’t so easy.

Cupid can’t make a stronger Love

Just bought my Rossi Rio Grande .30-.30 and had a perfect target to try it on. Shoots very accurate and smooth. After I wanted to take a very unique photo showing my true love for my guns and for shooting, from 12g slugs to .22 shorts and others in between. With my heart bleeding steel shot that my rifle rounds made arrow pierced. Cupid couldn’t have made a stronger LOVE.

Is Two Hundred Rounds Enough

I shot at this target with my dad’s old open site remington 22. targetmaster. I shot a little over two hundred rounds at the target. I am a GUN NUT!!!!!


Photo I shot of P1c Kish shooting off a round from his Kimber 1911 ultra carry crimson trace (what a mouth full) just as the casing was being ejected from the weapon.

Im an outdoor girl

My daddy shot the target with his 20ga side/side Stoeger Coach gun. When I grow up I want be a F&S; Gun Nut like my dad.

Deer on a starry night.

I found this deer silhouette photo on the internet from Marion Muhm, added some star trails, a cross hair silhouette, and the I Love Guns text. I thought it turned out good enough to post. F&S; thanks for doing this contest again. Last year was a blast. Lots of creativity.

Pippin loves guns!

My puppy Pip & I love guns. It’s as simple as that 🙂

An Army Guy

I love my new Springfield XD40 .40 Cal handgun. I also love to Archery hunt.

Gun Nut Family

This photo shows four generations of hunters-gun nuts, ranging from age 62-5 months. This was our annual 4th of July gathering at the family 40 acres in Northern Michigan. During the weekend we shot over 1000 rounds with the guns shown which include: 30.06, 308, 30-30, 20GA, 22 rifles and hand gun, .44 Mag, and little Asher’s, airgun.


Who thought a 410 could do that!!!!!!!!!

Ready, Aim, FIRE!

I was shooting our .177 cal pellet gun and I wondered what I could do to make this picture creative. So i grabbed the camera and took a picture through the scope. It was a lot harder than it looked and took me about 15 times to get the right picture.

A Bit of Quigley…

As an enthusiast of old west firearms, I wanted to give the shot a western theme, with a few touches from “Quigley Down Under” (notice the shots are circled, and signed “M. Quigley, 900 yards”). The key rifle is a 34″ barreled Winchester 1885 BPCR rifle in .45-90 (ammo for the same is in the belt). The Ruger Old Army, Marlin 1894, hat, boots, knife, and bandana just add to the old west effect.

i heart guns alaska

I saw the contest in my field and stream subscription and i thought it would be a neat idea to come up with somthing that reprezents my state i live in well go alaska and i had a lot of fun doing this contest.

I ♥ Guns

I’ve collected G.I. Joes since I was young. I like them because they have guns because I love guns.

My Mossouri Trip

Hello well heres my story Last year me and my father didnt have our shit together to do the contest, so when we seen that the contest would be going on while we were in mo. I decided to take the f&s; target with us. So on the day after independence day i set out on destroying the target and i did.

The Daisy Duo

I taught my kids to shoot using this contest as a good reason. Jackson and Emme , ages 8 and 6, quickly developed a good aim. They were using a Daisy Powerline .144 caliber air rifle. They had a blast learning to shoot for the first time and trying to hit different parts of the target. First shooting experience was a positive one thanks to F&S; and Daisy!

Big bore Blowgun fun

Cold Steel .625 caliber blowgun with broadhead darts

I LOVE GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.So thus picture say’s it all.


My computer came alive so I shot it with the M1 Carbine 3 times. No computer will be smarter than me with a gun.

Airmen take a SCOPE SHOT

A1c Gil of our US Air Force, takes a shot from down range with the use of the Trijicon scope mounted to the great AR 15

There is safety in numbers!

I have no idea why I love guns and knives so much, I just do – so there!

I love guns

I’m not the best shot nor do I own the most guns, but I do Know one thing, The .22 LR (which I used) is one of the best calibers ever invented.

I Love Guns and Bows

Jacob age 10 shot target with a Daisy Red Ryder (Pheasants Forever series).Then shot an arrow in the target with his Bear Apprentice bow. Benton age 8 shot target with the Daisy Red Ryder. Then shot an arrow in the target with his Diamond Nuclear Ice bow. The fun never ends.
this is a picture I took of my best friend P1c Kish when we were out keeping our shooting up to par as to keep Marksman in the Army. Worked some time on editing this photo PLEASE VOTE 🙂

Feelin’ Safe Up High

My son, John(pictured), and I just got back from the range with the ‘I Love Guns’ target that he ventilated with some .22lr. He said, “Dad, help me up on the safe and hand me my target, I think this will look cool”. After he hopped up there as if he’d done this a few times, I grabbed the camera and snapped this shot. Hope y’all enjoy! -Chris and John King

The S&W Wipe Out

I Used The BUCKMARK 22, And The I Love Gun’s Target, I Draw’d A Black Out Line On The Target Of S&W; And Tryd To Copy It With Ammo,Which To Me Was Very Hard, But I Try’d, And Thank-You For The Chance To Win A Very Nice Weapon, Steve -N-Ky

oh yeeaah!!!!!

Well I was flipping through the new issue of field and saw that they were having another gun nut contest.Since I missed the last one that I just could not get around to doing I was determined to enter this years contest.So my dad drove me out and for a while it was going pretty good then I decided to mix stuff up a little and shoot the hell out with the 22 of it then pepper it with the shotguns.

Father’s Day Pellet gun practice

I taught my daughters some gun safety while using the Gun Nut Target from my recent issue of Field and Stream. They did pretty good considering it was their first time shooting.

This year’s Gun Nut Target Photo Contest has generated some awesome pics so far, but time is running out for you to enter for a chance to win a Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 .22LR Realtree APG HD Camo rifle!

First, check out this gallery of some of the great entries we’ve already received. Then, turn to page 65 of the July, 2011 issue of Field & Stream, rip out the special target and shoot it up. You can use any type of firearm, from a .410 to a .458, a handgun to a muzzleloader, and at any distance.

When you’re done, take a creative photo like these readers did and submit it. The deadline is August 31, 2011, so get shooting!

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