I caught this blue cat bank fishing on the missouri river it took me 20 minutes to land him. With 30lb. test line. I walked a mile of bank and woods to get to the spot and had to shoulder it out the same way.

Giant Hog with a knife

Laurent, his two dogs and I killed this hog with a knife in March down in the swamps of Florida. He weighed in at 240 lbs. and had teeth that measured 3.2 inches in length. We did all this completely sober; no liquid courage here boys, just pure testosterone.


Here’s a snap shot of the man cave. This is where Uriah Wurst goes to hang out and think and reflect on times in the outdoors. And look forward to the next big adventure!

Catch of the Day!

There might be bigger fish to catch, but we like our Wyatt the best! Soon he will be catching his own fish rather than being caught!
Momma Bear and 3 cubs were in a tree along the Cades Cove loop road early in the morning. We were watching them from the ground. The cubs were awake but mom was sound asleep. Good thing too!


This big buck was found dead in an Indiana cornfield

Early Season Deer Jumping Fence

I have several pictures that were e-mailed to me, from a friend of a friend, as he caught deer in their bean fields in velvet.

Lake Michigan King Salmon

My son Jack caught this fish at 5:30 am and caught 2 more the same size within an hour of this one. Needless to say he was very excited with his day on the lake.

I don’t like these raccoon!

A doe with way to many coon

What kind of bird do you think it was?

I found this old photo. It was taken around 1900 near at an old homestead near my house. (I have been there and no house left.) I just wanted to know what kind of bird do you think they are holding up. And why do you think they are holding it?
I don’t know who is in this pictur, but I know it was taked in the river on our property. I think I still have the rod/reel combo the guy on the left is useing. (or one really similar)
My lil bro caught this guy in a high rocky mountain brookie pond on a worm. Not bad for a mountain brookie

Two Bass, One Cast.

I cast a Rapala Fat Rap 40 feet out in a small pond and retrieved it, about halfway back the first bass hit. He dragged me into the cattails growing on the edge of the pond where I heard a splash I thought that the fish had just jumped, it wasnt until I pulled the fish out of the cattails that I realized I had two bass on one lure.

two calve moose

were we driving out of yellowstone after two weeks spent in the tetons and yellowstone without seeing a moose. A mile from the exit we spotted these two and their mother.

Cool gunsafe

My dad emailed this picture of a “cool” gunsafe to me. I guess some guy had nothing else to do with his refridgerator…..

This is awesome!

Uriah Wurst and Lance Benson were coyote hunting when the ranchers kids came over to visit.This young pronghorn was folowing them around.They told us it just showed up in their yard, I guess the mother died or couldnt care for it.It came to them for help, thats rare a wild animal does this!They have antelope hunters camp at the ranch every year, I guess this was a conversation piece!

Gold Rush!

I Caught this 22 inch Golden Trout on my 6 weight fly rod in the Rocky Mountains. It took my buddy Justin, his dad and I 4 days to hike into the lake. It was, by far, the toughest hike I’ve ever been on but way more than worth the coffee cup size blister that formed on my heel. I’d heard rumors that goldens are the fightingest trout around and and this guy did not disappoint.

Possible record sheepshead?

I caught this 26lb.,9oz. sheepshead on a crab in the Hudson River on the 4th of July. It took 15 minutes to reel this beast in,as he fought the whole time! I dont know the state record on this fish but this one is huge. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I only had a scale but I estimate it to be between 35-40 inches long.

Big Kansas Buck Found Dead

My friend Don S. found this huge buck dead on his Kansas farm. Rodents had chewed off a few points. As is he has 27 points and scored 187+ B&C.; Not sure what killed him but may have been a hunter. Imagine shooting a buck like this and not finding him.

Wyatt’s fish-of-a-lifetime

After a great day of fishing on Lake Chautauqua – Wyatt hooked this beast! 7lbs 13oz – 23.5 inches long with a girth of 18 inches. Only 8 oz. shy of the NY state record! …and a good time was had by all.
went fishin with my buddy out in central florida to the farm lake in the middle of cow pastures. we have to walk a mile and a half with a canoe and all our stuff. my buddy ezra caught a 9 lb 2 oz large mouth right after i caught mine. it was a great fight and my best fish so far.

A true trophy!

This fish came from the best smallmouth fishery in the midwest, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. She was 22 inches and roughly 7 pounds. We didn’t weigh her due to the fact we caught it one day before open season. I caught it on a 5 inch sucker off a rocky drop off. The fish felt like a snag! Awesome fish. I ended up with a trophy walleye as well on this trip.

dorado of the whale carcas

Fishing w/ Baja-Anglers Grant Hartman and Capt. Arthuro close to a dead whale, using 25 # test light outfit with spinning reel. 40 miles off Cabo San Lucas
Fishing with two good friends, off Huntington Beach in Southern California in the spring. We rig a live mackeral on a marlin jig and slow troll just a mile or so off the beach. This one took me an hour to land on a Penn International 50 (one speed)with fifty pound mono. Only time I’ve ever used my harnes to land a fish. It takes a team to land one of these fish, you can’t do it by yourself.


Started fishing the pond back in 2000. Took me 5 years to caught him. Caught him off a topwater pop-par.

Idaho Cutthroat

Lochsa River Native Cutthroat

Maintaining “status” in the herd

Contrary to popular belief, albino whitetails are not ostracized from the herd. This is an “alpha” albino doe that has yet to back down from any members of the herd with the exception of the dominant bucks. They seem to hold the same status and ranking as an all brown whitetail herd would.
Jaime took this Striper even though naysayers thought that Lake Cumberland wouldn’t be “any good” with the repair of Wolf Creek Dam going on. Proof in the picture …

“Jack Perch Picnic”

Bill Taylor and friends had a field day Perch fishing on Lake Erie

baby foxes

On a quad ride with grandkids we found 6 baby foxes in groundhog holes.Over a month we watched them grow up and take off.

The Big One

This is a largemouth bass I caught in Iowa. It weighed 9 pounds 6 ounces.

Now thats a Largmouth

My son Tristan caught this fish off the dock on a minnow. He was up and fishing by himself before 7:00am. I was standing at the kitchen window making our morning coffee. And thats when I seen him walking up to the cottage holding his prize. Thats what makes a father proud..
Paul Cross of Rochester NY, caught this 28lb musky while trolling in 26ft of water, using a 2oz casting spoon. This is the biggest fish Paul has ever caught, and it made his day after trolling for only 2 hours.
Shot this big boy around lunchtime. He ran through my setup at pull speed. I dropped him with my 50.cal at 60 yards

Saline County Flat Head, Missouri

Landed this monster while bass fishing with a plastic Yum creature bait on 12lb test. Took more than 30 minutes to get the 62lb fish to the surface.
Put the cam on a tree on a deer trail and he walked by. The 9th point is a g3 on is left side. I got more pictures of him that show it better. What do you think he scores?

Mother Deer and Fawn Nursing

My husband and I love Cades Cove, Townsend, TN. We have been there several times watching the deer, bear and turkey. We took a side road and found mother deer off the beaten path with her baby. The campground in Cades Cove is a great place to stay if you haven’t been there.


First African Safair June 2009 , spotted this Kudu on day 1 finally got a shot at it on day 6 of a seven day hunt ( 227 yards straight up hill ) used a Ruger 300 , scope 4.5 – 14 Nikon , 200 grain Federal Trophy Bonded Bear Claw ,bullet went clean thru both shoulders

Two Albino Deer

Two albino deer in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

21″ Brown from the Big Thompson

Only 1 year into this new experience of fly fishing, I was lucky enough to catch a beautiful wild brown trout in Rocky Mountain Natl Park! Thanks to my guide and a #16 beetle fly, I was able to catch a fish of a lifetime!

Lahontan Cutthroat

10 pound 6 ounce lahontan cutthroat trout from Pyramid Lake, Nevada. The fish should have took 3rd place in the tournament but I already brought in a 8 pounder that day that was released. Rules were only one per day.
Caught on July 3rd 2009 fishing with the Anderson Boyz Sports Fishing Charters out of Colchester Ontario.

Rattler Ready To Strike

Out Snake Hunting… Little To Close
I had plans to go fishing and the wife insisted that she still went despite being pregnant with twins.

Huge Pike!!!

A nice pike my dad caught.

Big Buck?

The date on the camera was off on these pictures. I got this deer on my camera several times over the past two years but he want come any closer than this. Does anybody have any tips to help me bring him in closer to the camera and any size gestimations from the photo? thanks.

Timber on Cutthroat Point, Black Canyon NF of the Clearwater

My yellow lab Timber showing me where the fish are….hunting or fishing, he is all business….

Flathead double

As soon as I landed my first flathead ever, I looked over to see my second rod bent over in the rod holder. Got these guys just after midnight on an all night rain soaked evening of fishing!


I thought this big boy was going to kiss the camera.

Young girl with monster Brown Bear

This pic came to me in an email. It’s not my pic. I don’t know the details except the young girl shot this supposedly record bear in Alaska. I posted it because it is an interesting photo.