Expensive shotguns. New rifles. Hot opitcs. Random booth babes. Check out these 20 quick shots of the stuff that caught Gun Nut bloggers Dave Petzal and Phil Bourjaily's eyes on day one of the 2010 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Petzal: Redfield 3x-9x scope, $150
The right scope at the right time. A good, sound working sight with no frills, a first-rate guarantee and a price that even the destitute can afford.
Petzal: Savage Long Range Hunter, $934
If you’re a long-range ranger, this is for you. Adjustable comb, Accu-Trigger, built-in muzzle brake, and chambered for all sortsof long-range cartridges including the sensation 6.5×284.
Courtney King, at the Lansky Sharpeners booth.
Bourjaily: From Wildside, here’s what every basement and hunting camp needs: a pool table covered with Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity felt.
Petzal: Minox APO HG 8×43, $1849
These have to be looked through to be believed. They are also quite light and compact for their power range. About as optically advanced as you can build a glass.
Callie Crowley and Ashley Dale, from the Intermedia booth
Bourjaily: CVA’s new Scout centerfire comes in calibers from .243 up to .35 Whelan. The break-action single shot starts at just $340 for a blued barrel and black synthetic version.
Petzal: Blaser R8, $4745
This rifle is the company’s third-generation model, and is as unlike a conventional turnbolt rifle as a Blackberry is unlike a dial phone. It is radical. We will do more on it later.
The Aguilla/Centurion Ordinance booth
Bourjaily: Gerber’s Shard is the smallest, simplest “multitool” ever. It has a bottle opener, three screwdriver blades, a tiny prybar and a wire stripper.
Petzal: Swarovski Z3, $1250
I used one of these, and it is an absolute jewel. Minimum weight and size for its power, super optics, and extremely accurate adjustments.
Shot See Transparent Magazine (held by Renee Wright)
Bourjaily: Fiocchi’s Tundra Shot is made from a blend tungsten and a soft plastic-like material. It is safe for any shotgun barrel, dangerous to ducks and geese, and totally non-toxic.
Petzal: Montana Rifles Co., Princess Rifle, $2999
A scaled-down 7mm/08 with stunning gray-purple titanium metal finish and a pink synthetic stock. You can own one even if you’re a guy and are very, very tough.
Bourjaily: Winchester’s PDX1 .410 personal defense ammunition contains a unique mix of pellets: three flat, copper coated disks over 12 BBs. I shot these out of a Taurus Judge. At close range, they would make a mess.
Gamehide’s Elimitick insect repellant clothing mascot, Cotey Alexander (dressed as a tick?).
Petzal: Schmidt & Bender Summit scope, 2.5x10x40, $1499
S&B is a small, highly traditional company that has always built scopes on the German pattern. This is their first model for the American market. It’s very expensive, but the optical quality is best described as unearthly.
Bourjaily: Who says $55,855 doesn’t buy much anymore? Perazzi’s gorgeous MX28 SCO comes on a scaled down 28 gauge frame with a beautifully engraved case-colored receiver.
Petzal: Montana Rifles Summit Alaskan $3599
This rifle bears an astounding resemblance to a rifle I had built about 20 years ago, and which turned out to be damn near ideal for Alaska or Africa. This one is in .375 Ruger, and comes in other serious calibers.
Petzal: Nikon Monarch African 1x4x20, $400
Very small, very light, huge field of view, a German #3 reticle which is quick to get on target, and a very reasonable price for all of that. And of course if you do go to Africa,….