_The SHOT Show is the largest trade show in the world for shooters and hunters, which means its the best place for our editors to get their hands on new products before they hit the stores. We've asked our writers, including Gun Nuts Phil Bourjaily and David E. Petzal, to search the show floor for the best new guns and gear of 2011. Here's what they found on Day One. Click on the following links for galleries from Day Two and Day Three. Birchwood Casey rolled out a new line of targets, including the postman's worst nightmare - zombie dogs! _--David Draper__.
Mossberg’s Polly Ditch holds the “Chainsaw,” a new tactical Model 500 named for its foregrip. $550
Thompson/Center Hot Shot T/C’s new youth model .22 Long Rifle (on right, shown next to a full-size Encore for comparison) is a neat, trim, and lightweight–3 ½ pounds!–single-shot rimfire . The extended hammer lets beginner shooters see when it’s in firing position. Also available in standard and pink Realtreee AP Camo, it costs $220. –Mike Toth
Smith & Wesson adds the 629 American Hunter to its hunting handgun lineup. It has a 7 ½ inch comped barrel and the red dot is included. $1,350 –Phil Bourjaily
Colt has four different 1911s this year commemorating the legendary pistol’s 100th anniversary. The Level III is a faithful replica of the original. $1,100_ –Phil Bourjaily
Jessica models pink and camo fleece from Exxel’s Master Sportswoman line. –Phil Bourjaily
Bows and Ammo The signage says it all: Winchester is going into the bowhunting business. With compound bows in the $499 to $799 price range and crossbows costing$699-$899, the company wants to offer bows that are reasonable in cost but stay true to Winchester’s commitment to quality. –Mike Toth
The Gunny says if God would have wanted you at the SHOT Show, he would have miracled your butt here by now! –David Draper
Browning brings back the fully rifled A-Bolt slug gun for 2011. $1,099-$1,239 —Phil Bourjaily
Winchester Lead Free Rifled Slug Designed for California hog hunters who prefer slug guns but must adhere to the state’s non-toxic ammo law, these 2 ¾-inch, ¾-ounce zinc slugs have a 1450 fps muzzle velocity. Winchester says they will be less than half the cost of modern high-end slugs. -Mike Toth
Duracoat’s booth babe “Peaches” gave shotguns editor Phil Bourjaily the cold shoulder. –David Draper
Actor Cathy Rankin was on hand selling pin-up calendars with all proceeds supporting the troops through NewEnglandWarrior.org –David Draper
The SHOT Show basement has a bunker-like feel, so it’s not surprising who’s hiding out down there. Interactive Osama bin Laden Urban Target System from Tech Valley Technologies. –David Draper
Quaker Boy’s Bulldozer makes cow bawls, bull grunts, calf bleats and you can rattle on it, too. $39.99 —Phil Bourjaily
Stoeger’s 3500 inertia semiauto is chambered for 3 ½ inch magnums. $629 –Phil Bourjaily
The Super Vinci is Benelli’s modular semiauto stretched for the 3 ½ inch shells. $1,759 —Phil Bourjaily
You might not think twice about spending several C-notes on a riflescope, so how about a $500 sight on your bow? Trijicon’s AccuPin isn’t cheap, but is loaded with revolutionary features that make it worth the price. –David Draper
If your gun collection is getting out of hand, Superior Safe has the vault for you – Goliath weights 2 tons and measures 10 feet tall. –David Draper
The big news from UnderArmour this year is hunting footwear. The H.A.W. boot lists for $129. —Phil Bourjaily
This Vortex Viper HS LR scope sports a TMT elevation turret that can be customized to your favorite load using the online Long Range Ballistic Calculator. –David Draper
The Micro Blast from Sport Ear will be made to your hearing needs. After tests, Sport Ear analysts determine which levels of your hearing need amplification, and tailor the Blast accordingly. Custom fitting is available. Sportear.com –Jay Cassell
The Little Sure Shot gun rest is a neat idea; clamp it to a walking stick, tree branch, or sapling, and you have instant stability for your shot. ThunderboltCustoms.com –Jay Cassell
The Pocket Survival Pack Plus, designed by survival expert Doug Ritter, is Adventure Medial Kit’s newest entry into the growing survival kit market. It includes an LED light, compass, knife, rope, wire, duct tape, and much more in a 5×5-inch pack. AdventureMedicalKits.com –Jay Cassell
Motorola’s new Talkabout two-way radio has all the features of its predecessor, but it’s also submersible–plus it floats. Motorola.com –Jay Cassell
Maglite has the XL 50 and new XL200, with 173 lumens and five lighting modes, including a dimmer and a nightlight. Maglite.com _ –Jay Cassell_
Energizer, meanwhile, has a neat area light with an attached carabiner. With three LEDs, it also has a flashlight mode. Energizer.com –Jay Cassell
Princeton Tec’s latest entry into the field is the MPLS tactical headlamp, a version of their Remix headlight that can be clipped to a web belt or helmet. It comes with white and either red, green or blue lighting options. –Jay Cassell