Silent Predator – Barred Owl

I watched this Barred Owl hunt Moles late one afternoon in the woods near my house. It caught the first one and ate it, then went down for a second, before flying away to a higher perch and devouring it. this particular shot was taken just after the owl caught its second mole.

Move along son!

Mr. wide nasty giving a warning.

Dressing a blacktail

Beautifully sunny day until we hiked beneath the clouds. Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

Bigger bait, bigger Bass!

Every year I build a snow sculpture in my front yard. This year I made a giant lure because I love Bass fishing and I’m ready for fishing season- I’ve got the itch and there is still about four months until it gets warm enough to fish.
I caught this brown trout in Olcott, Ny. It was caught on a 7wt fly rod with 6 pound tippet using sucker spawn.

do not do this to your wife

came in from hunting and she was asleep. what a good way to wake her up. and yes she woke up

Bear in a log

My dogs started this bear off the box and 2 hours later it thought it had found a safe place to get away from them, I reached in and snapped a picture to see what they had, after tieing the dogs back and banging on the log it came out and the race was on it treed quick, I Took some more pictures and left it to run again.

Miss B playin the waiting game

Duck hunting in the Finger Lakes in January is a frosty proposition for my Lab Buzz. I had just unloaded my gun on a flock of Redheads without cutting a feather. After some strong verbal encouragement from my brother I looked at Buzz and decided to snap this photo. I think you can imagine what she was thinking of me…..
In Nov ’07 this gobbler and 8 others came feeding down a Eastern KS ridge past my tree stand. One arrow thru the back anchored him on the spot. The 5 beards totaled 35 2/8 inches of beard.

Dad’s Proudest Moment!

I could just see the rack moving in the two foot undergrowth. I crawled to the next tree about 20 yards closer and slide up the tree and took my shot and smoked him.

Fishing at it’s beat

Bears fishing the river in Alaska

Patience and persistance pay off!

My granddaughter, Riley Bowers, age 7, shown here with 1 of 47 bream she caught on a Sunday afternoon in Nov. 08. She only caught 6 the first hour, then they started biting! 41 more in the next hour! She was fishing with crickets.

The Twins

Two of the barn doors we landed during a crazy day of halibut fishing in Glacier Bay, Alaska. We were using squid and salmon heads. These two weighed in at 390 and 375 pounds. It was amazing!


Diana caught this 50 pound, 5′ 6″ wahoo while trolling a mackerel off of Hawaii’s Big Island. It took her an hour to land the brute.

Mom and cubs

Bears on trip to Alaska

Shore fishing Toronto

A sunny spring day spend fishing Toronto Islands for pike.

Master Of His Domain

I was driving through Rocky Mountain National Park when I saw this great photo opportunity of a lone buck roaming the hillside.
It was the Friday of the first season. It was about 7:00 a.m. when i seen two does come running from the other side of the woods. I got my gun ready and when the does passed all i could see was the rack on the other side of the woods. It got closer and closer when it was in 30 yards i shot. I seen him jerk when i shot and knew i got him.

My Greatest Accomplishment

We were fishin at our normal spot in Cooper’s Creek which is in Suches, Ga. My drag took off and after about a 30 min fight, I saw this huge fish roll up. I ordered my boyfriend to get in there and get it out. He threw it on the bank and the hook popped out. It measure 26 inches and weighed about 8 pounds.

carp caught on flyrod

Using my 50 year old flyrod, I regularly catch common carp in a local lake. For bait I mix up Wheaties & Strawberry soda to a paste & using a small treble hook, I gently cast off my dock. The biggest so far is a 32 inch, 23 pounder. It took 35 minutes to net the beast.

Arkansas Mallards

Robbie Estes took these mallards the last weekend of the Arkansas duck season. The cold weather pushing down lots of birds which made for a great final weekend!

sister shoots a big boy

my sister sandra shot this nice 8 point on the second to last day of gun season in NY. it was on a very cold sngle digit day around 730am with her 20 gauge.

Coon Hunting At Its Best

This is my young Treeing Walker Coonhound, Tanner. She made fast work of this coon’s track and got him treed.

Louise’s King Another Pic

Another picture of my wifes 60Lb Kenai River Salmon

John Day Smallmouth

The third 20 inch plus fish caught in the same day.
Spotted this elk the day before killing him. After hiking for an hour in the downpour got to where he was and couldn’t get him to bugle back to me. The next morning I made the hike back into the area. Never heard a thing until 8:00 am at which time he answered me and was right on top of me. Bugles one more time and he came running into 20 yards. The only went 50 yards before dyeing.

Love at first cast

Venice La, me and my father in law went this past May 08′. We decided that the spin vs. fly was the way to have a good time. With this picture I declare myself “the user of the fly” and winner of this event. I will give him credit, he caught more fish than I did, but I think this photo speaks for itself.


After hunting on state land in the Adirondack State Park in Up-State New York for almost 20 years I finally came accross the buck of a lifetime for me. Now I have shot a few nice 5 and 7 pointers up there but this is the big-bodied-brusier I have always dreamed about. It may only have 8 points but it still looks great to me!!!


This is the biggest bullfrog we’ve ever gigged.


Zachary Heavner,16. I came to a old overgrown field. To my left I saw a deer jump out bt a old apple tree. I put my sites on him and pulled the trigger.As i looked down at my hands trembling from the cold and happiness, and then reliezed I had just shot 123 yards and killed my dream buck.I walked up to the massive bodied 13 point layeing in the deep snow.He scored 170 5/8

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