Smallmouth bass are pound for pound one of the strongest fresh water fish anywhere. Just ask 8 year old Carter of Indiana. He was fishing with Erie Quest Charters on Lake Erie for smallmouth and hooked into this trophy bass. Nice job Carter!.

Luke Newman’s Corkscrew Buck

I shot this crazy corkscrew buck with my 300 Win Mag. Out trophy buck hunting with my buddy Cory for a few days and had passed up some nice bucks but was holding out for the big one. Finally shot this one on the forth day. Just could not pass up this deer mounted on my wall.

Ducks at Dusk

Man & Dog on dogs first hunting outing.

Best friends double down

These two young men have been best friends since birth. It was a proud day for both boys and their fathers as they harvested these great Axis bucks on the same morning hunt in South Texas. Carter Ware age 5 on the left and Seth Kercheville age 7 on the right. They look forward to many years of friendship and success in the feild together.

Puppies from my Labrador’s litter

My Yellow Lab had a litter of puppies in late August and we took the picture of my Daughters trying to hold all 9 for a christmas card picture. we lucked out and we got a good picture after multiple attempts!!!!

Ohio Whitetail

Nov 1st 2008 I shot this 9 point buck. The horton crossbow dropped him like a bad habit. I shot him around 25yrds and he ran 25-30 yrds and rolled into a creek bed. took me and 3 friends an hour and a half to get him out!! He weighed 215lbs field dressed!! Truly an amazing experience for me. The biggest Buck that I have killed!!

Cold Turkey Hunt

Mid-December turkey hunt in eastern Kansas. Tempature was 10 degrees with wind and snow. Victoria did end the morning with her first turkey.

Golden Mahaseer on the Subansiri River in India

We caught this 25 lb. Golden Mahaseer on a commercial fishing trip to the Subansiri River in India. This one was either on the Subansiri or the Siang river after we pulled over into an eddy to go to take a quick break. Pontus cast a spoon and within a minute we heard “FISH ON!”… over the next 2 days we caught a bunch of Golden Mahaseer.

Osprey Vs Turkey Vulture

I was down a t the local nature preserve doing my morning shooting. I spotted the Osprey in a tree, just as I was shooting a Turkey vulture flew over and started messing with the Osprey.

Shed hunting buck

My wife and I were on our way to do some shed hunting when she saw this buck walking through the neighborhood. We watched the buck for about 30 minutes before we figured we had better leave him alone. Didn’t find any sheds but the days was still a success. How old do you think he is? Any guesses?
This is my sheep I shot this year. I shot it with my dad in my home state of Montana. I was about forty minutes from my house. It was a three mile hike and was the best hunting adventure I’ve been on yet.

Off the Dock at Priest Lake

I usually don’t have the best of luck, but I love being on the calm water. It’s relaxing and the perfect way to start a day. On this particular morning I did not catch anything, but was the subject of a great shot casting beneath the beautifully textured sky.

Quick Shot

Before the first 20 second call ended, this coyote came running in so fast he was 35 yards away before the shot was lined up.
Shot on November 10th and found on November 11th this is my best buck in 30 years of hunting. It scored 182 1/8 gross and netted 176 6/8. Had nearly a 24″ inside spread and 40″ of mass.

Nice day in the Rockies

Took my brother Shae fishing in the Rockies.

Copper and me relaxing

Our 8 month old English Setter Copper, typical of the breed, is a big lap dog. I was relaxing with a glass of wine and my new issue of Field and Stream and he thought he should be in on the act. My wife snapped this picture, which is well typifies our evening activities.
On New Yorks 2008 youth spring season, Father Richard Smith called in this trophy tom with a box call and a couple shakes of a jake gobble to give Dustin Smith a 10 yd shot. He sported a 10 inch beard and 1 in. spurs

Fighting the fog.

This picture was taken while Smallmouth bass fishing on the Fawn River in Indiana. The sun was doing it’s best to burn through the fog. Within five minutes of taking this picture, the fog was gone.

My first deer was very very big

I shot this deer when i was on a SCDNR youth hunt Oct. 18 2008. It weighted 170 lb. it is a 9 poit with a split 19 1/2 inche outside spread and 17 1/2 inche inside spread. I was the bigest deer taken of that property.


Caught this buck peeking this past fall. I tried to find him after he shed his velvet but no luck. What do you think he would score?