My cousin Bob Mirkle and I were trolling the Muskegon channel back to the dock, when this hog of a walleye hit a green scaly J plug. We couldn't believe it. It was an awesome way to end a day of salmon fishing. Bob always finds a way to put fish in the boat.

My Brother’s Big Buck

My Younger Brother Killed This Hoss in 07 With The Muzzleloader, his biggest, and one of the biggest killed around here that year.

Family Antelope

The family that hunts together, stays together!

John’s Lake, Florida

What’s the only thing better then catching the biggest bass of your life? Catching two of them back to back!

Redneck Packstring

Taking out my buddy Jim’s bull with a horse and Bikes.

Pierce Ormond holding panfish stringer

My son was soooo excited that we had caught all these fish. He especially liked letting them all go!

Local Legend

This Giant Was Killed Last Year By A Friend Of Mine.

Nice bull elk taken in Eastern Oregon.

I got this 6×6 bull elk at last light September 10, 2008 in Eastern Oregon.
This is my 2nd largest Nile Perch from Lake Victoria, Uganda. My biggest was 45lbs but i dont have any good pictures of that one. I caught it trolling Rapala salt water lures around an island, this one was like trying to winch a piano off the bottom.
I shot this buck my second day deer hunting and have been hooked ever since.

The Pike Slayer at it again! 42″ 19.5#

Zach attack!!! The man knows what he’s doing. This guy, pound for pound, is the best pike spearing fool you’ll ever meet. GUARANTEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My First Half-White

Killed him in front of the hounds in Southeast VA last year.

King Salmon

Trolling for Kings (Chinook Salmon) is so much fun.
Charley has long since gone on to the great stubblefield in the sky. He was a great companion.

Jill found her First Trophy!

Jill the German Shorthaired Pointer and I went hunting for sheds this morning. As we walked along the downwind side of a thick hedgerow she suddenly acted birdy. We crawled into the brush and found scattered bones and this skull. Turned out to be a 10 pt buck with 1 G-2 point broken off. We also found 1 small fresh looking shed.


This guy stopped for lunch on my deck. He’s been seen in the trees for a week or so and this day he scored at my birdfeeders.

Drawing DNA from a Rio Grande Wild Turkey

This is a Rio Grande turkey brought down from Comanche County, Texas to Cameron County (where South Padre Island is). Trying to repopulate Rio Grandes through the local chapter of National Wild Turkey Federation. A noble endeavor.
I was sitting in the blind around 5:30 when a doe came out of the weeds. Shortly after he came running out. I shot him at 130 yards with a 50. cal muzzeloader. He fell right over!

Nicole’s Shark

Nicole catch’s another big one in the Keys

Ellens Fish