Trophy Room: Photos of the Week

Monster Goliath Grouper caught in the Florida Keys
I tried to load this pic on the story before but dont know if it worked so Im tryin again.
TJ's First Snow
Snow in Alabama!!! That's right - March 1, 2009 brought snow to the beautiful state of Alabama. My daughter, Brooke Kirkendall and her husband, Daniel, have a new Lab puppy named TJ. This was his first snow and he was so excited!! Just look at that tongue!! This action shot of him loving the snow was too good not to pass to your readers. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as we have.
Nicole's striper off the Deleware Bay.
Alabama in March
This was the scene yesterday as Sylacauga, Alabama was blanketed with five inches of snow. Although it doesn't even qualify as a real snow to those north of the Mason-Dixon, it was the most snow us Alabamaians had seen since March of '93 (not that I was old enough to be aware of it).
Ginger's Cutthroat
While fishing on Utah's Strawberry Reservoir, we caught several beautiful cutthroats. Ginger hooked this beautiful 19" on a Jake's Spin-A-Lure, which is one of the best lures for this area.
I fished this black bass in the Guerrero Lake on Mexico, weighed 14 pounds, I took it with spiner bite.
Shooting Time
Just before shooting time at Choke Canyon.
Hook jaw Brown Trout
big hook jaw PA brown trout
Hummingbird Moth
Like its namesake, these moths rarely stop for long and I was lucky enough to catch a quick picture of this one that had stopped to rest in a field.
First deer with a bow
My first deer with a bow. Scored at 200 4/8. Was a Unicorn deer.
Grandpas Walleye
Burt Lake in Michigan's NW corner held an array of walleye in the decade of the 40's and 50's. My grandfather would set aside one week in the spring and one in the fall to fish this lake. From this photo, it worked.
Hug and release.
My Dad with a much deserved lake trout.
trail camra
a pic of a deer on a peice of land we leased in waterloo south carolina.
"It snowed last night" or September in the Alaska Range.
Two friends packed into the Wood River Wilderness area for Caribou. Overnight it snowed. All day there was the constant rather strange cry of migrating Sandhill Cranes overhead numbering in the thousands. Camped in a small copse of trees we watched as hundreds of cows, calves and young bulls filed by. There was no monsters but we did get 2 Bulls and a great time.
Grace and grouse
Birds after a day of hunting in Upper Michigan
Jumping Sail
Sail Fishing in Guatamala
Trying to stay warm in the winter
Thank you Lord, again!
In 2008, I harvested this buck using my 7mm in the same coulee as my 2006 buck and just feet from where I shot that buck.
Steve McElmoyl and Matt Uber had a great day in the foothills of Visalia CA.