Went fishing with brother at local pond. Thought we would try this. There was only about 20 minutes of light left before storm. This was the 2nd fish. I would guess between 4-5 lbs.
during my arizona 5b south archery hunt i was fortunate enough to take this beautiful palmated 7×7.

Stephanie’s Biggest Gar

Stepanie Cornejo Does It Again Bowfishing This 7 Foot 3 inch Alligator Gar Weighing 215 Lbs At Falcon Lake In Texas. She Almost Broke The Record Currently Owned By Her Husband.

Groom’s Cake

This is my husband’s grooms cake made by his aunt for our wedding. Being an avid hunter our wedding had a hunting theme! Notice all the details she put into it! The columns between the layers are even shotgun shells and the doe on the top has a veil!

Catch of the Day!

There might be bigger fish to catch, but we like our Wyatt the best! Soon he will be catching his own fish rather than being caught!

The kind of antlers you don’t want to find shed hunting

I was shed hunting on my grandpa’s farm where I do all of my whitetail hunting. I spotted this giant rack from 70 yards away through the timber. As I got closer my heart sank to see that this deer did not make it through the winter. He has 14 points, and had a gross typical score of 189 2/8. As the picture shows, my 3 year old son Jake really took an interest in this set of antlers.

Let’s go Rabbit Hunting

My beagles, goofing off just being beagles.

The Chorus Line

Four wild mule deer bucks grazing in an open field lined up shoulder to shoulder for this shot. This scene was not staged in any way. The deer lined up on their own volition. All I did was snort and stomp my feet to get them to look up and pose for this shot. Each of the four bucks in this photo is at least a “5 by”. Canon EOS 50D w/ Canon L-series 100-400 IS USM lens.

Tree’d Bear

This maybe no trophy but my first up close experience with bears and hounds. This 120-135LB bear is no bruin but a majestic creature of the northwoods none the less. Hope to post more pics soon!

The one that got away

The camera-shy cutthroat trout jumped ship rather than sit still for a formal portrait. Trying to hang on to the fiesty fish is Josh Graffam, a guide at Jack Dennis Sports in Jackson Wyoming.

Salmon Run

Salmon run in a cold Alaskan river.
Another e-mail from a friend,said this bad boy was taken October 4th,2008,in Ashland County,Ohio. I believe Ohio is a sleeper state when it comes to big bucks!
my tuna catch. caught in 2005. off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Bear munching on camera

Bear going in for the bite, bit down on this camera 2 – times then tore it off the tree. Bear do not like flashes or the sound of film advancing. I was able to get some great phots off this camera.

Big bass and friend

Paulina Casper, age 3 1/2, checks out a bass her papa just hauled in with a small artificial worm. She likes helping let them go and she is also quite a sunfish angler with a small ice fish jig/maggot from shore.

pennsylvania buck

I have been chasing this buck around all summer. this is the best pic he has given me so far. hopefully, he ends up on my mantle.

Montana Black Bear

This big black bear boar was rolling around in the tall wet grass and when it noticed me it was making sure I wasn’t gonna’ bother him.

Newborn Baby Elk

I was out doing some of my summer scouting just outside of Noxon, MT. and I stumbled across this little guy. I could here the mother down in the thick timber below crashing and making all kinds of sound so I snapped a couple of pictures and I got out of there.
This large Redfish was caught by my 15 year old daughter in the Pamlico Sound in North Carolina.It was caught using cut mullet.

The Black Headed Pythons!!!!!!

The Black Headed Python Kills And Eats Huge Goanna……

The Black Headed Pythons!!!!!!

Quite a Strecth!!!!! He really enjoying his afternoon Lunch….

The Black Headed Pythons!!!!!!

It Took Five Hours To Swallow his Meal!!!!!! Off he goes to his underground burrows….

“Figure the Odds”

According to www.backwoodswisconsin.com, the odds of seeing three albino whitetails at the same time is 1 in 69 billion. Anyone know the odds of seeing four?
Opening Day for spring gobbler season in Claverack, Ny
I was trolling a reef runner deep diver for walleyes on Lake Michigan when this monster hit.

Labrador meets Bambi

My labrador retriever found a new friend one morning in my flower garden. He did not even try to pounce on it. He just stared at it.

monster trout

I caught this monster while fishing in a near by lake. If u want more information ask me a question.
Great fish to wrap up the day.

My first walleye

I caught my first walleye on the first day of our father / son fishing trip in northwest Ontario. Great times! Thanks Dad.

Monster Turtle

I was catfishing using liver as seen in the pic when all of the sudden i felt like i had a snag. I was using 20lb. test so i walked backwards and it moved it kept coming for awhile. then it took off i had no clue what i hooked. After maxing my drag holding my line with my hand i managed to get it to the bank. Me and my dad both pull it ashore.

Boy and Boykin

Young boy handling his Boykin spaniel pup at a club trial
Been watching this buck since he started in velvet. Can not wait to get my hands on him on the ground
Fishing the upper columbia pro troll flasher breds super bait diawa reel loomis rod below chief joseph dam

Good buck caught on trail cam.

My trailcam caught this big ol’ boy. One of the best pics from it yet.

Dragonfly at Alvord Lake

Find this guy on a pine tree waiting for the rain to subside.

Lessons from Grandpa

This is my 2 year old daughter and her y 2 year old cousin catching blue gills. I had to search through hundrads of photos to get one of them both with a pole in their hands, there was always an adult taking off a fish. What a great start, maybe in a few years I will be able to get a line back in the water when she learns to take her own fish off the line.

Striper Close UP

We finally picked the right week to vacation in Montauk on the end of Long Island with our 20′ Grady White Boat. This 39.5 pound striper is my largest to date and one of many large fish caught during the August Full Moon. The top five fish for the week, although we caught many more, weighed 39.5#, 37#, 34#, 32# and 31#. I can’t wait for the fall run!

Pope and Young Whitetail-Oklahoma

I took this young man, named Fred to my favorite deer hunting spot, this was his first buck with archery equipment, 31 December 2007. Still don’t know what he scores, I am guessing 160-170, he has 17 scorable points.

Girlfriend’s first fish!

My girlfriend was not brought up fishing, so i took her to the local pond where she used a senko to catch her first fish! I was so proud.

Lake of the Woods Muskie

I caught this Smallmouth fishing on Lake of the Woods in Canada. It hit in about 18 inches of water on a 1/2 oz. Bass jig and craw trailer. You should have seen two bass fisherman trying to get this thing in the boat, like clowns at the circus. Muskie 48″ 35# released

Just Another Day in Paradise…

Redfishing off the coast of FLA
Paul Cross of Rochester NY, caught this 28lb musky while trolling in 26ft of water, using a 2oz casting spoon. This is the biggest fish Paul has ever caught, and it made his day after trolling for only 2 hours.

Fishing off Salmon Beach, Tacoma, WA

This is my dog Scout who loves getting out on the water. Sunset near Salmon Beach, Tacoma, WA.

Florida Largemouth


A nice double with Largemouth

One of many doubles on the day.
I am 15 this was a buck i shot on the first day of buck last hunting season in PA. Its not a monster, but i am still proud of it. I shot it just after light and about had a heart attack when i watched it dropped. I was so nervous it was hard to reload my gun in case it got back up.

Largemouth Up Under That Log

Fishing in small portion of North Fork Shen River, near Timberville, VA. Hadn’t really caught anything but they started feeding around dusk. I saw one jump so I told my buddy that I was gonna get “the large mouth up under that log”. Sure enough, ONE cast, I caught him. Its been the joke since then whenever we go fishing.

Backwoods Cutthroat

A small creek in CO. called saddle creek. It is quite hike to get in there but it is really worth it. It is full of Brookies and Cutts. Was in there with the ol’ fly rod and caught close to 30 brooks and a few cuts this is one of the most beautiful cuts I have ever had the privelege of landing.

Mako mania

This picture was taken during the annual Mako Mania shark tournament in Ocean City, Md. The fish was 183 pounds caught by USA Outback tv host Denny Snyder

Tundra Swans

Some nice Tundra Swans. Beautiful animals, and a great time with friends.