Photo By randyjward Description
I took Otis out back for a walk. He ran ahead as usual. He stopped ahead and appeared very happy. As I got close to him I noticed he found a new friend.
Photo By picturedunn Description
A slow grade into the water gave my pup the confidence to go charging in the water like the big dogs. When he stopped to look for me to give the dummy to I had to take this shot.

Nap Time

Photo By head_dunce Description
Here’s a German Shorthair pup who’s ready for a nap.

I just know I can fly!

Photo By kingwoman Description
Buddy dones’t like his picture taken, he tried to jump up and bite the camera.

Future Hunters

Photo By head_dunce Description
Here’s my girlfriend with a litter of German Shorthairs – I wasn’t sure which ones to take home, not enough room in the truck for everyone… so I left the girl behind and took all the puppies home! – oh how I wish…

“This is the last one for today, I’m beat.”

Photo By gspbirddog Description
Lily is very tired from a days work in the field and can not keep her eyes open enough for the pose.

Got Milkbones?

Photo By head_dunce Description
I don’t know why my little brother likes to sit in the food dish, but I can’t get to the food while he sits in the dish behind me — got any milkbones?


Photo By hayleybritt Description
This is our Drathaar (German Wirehair) Birdie, who since she was 6 weeks old, has been enthusiastic about birds. She also loves spending time on the pier while we fish.

Moose and his dad Duke

Photo By Bennie** Description**
This is our puppy Moose at 8 weeks old. My wife took this picture the day we went to pick him up. He’s already 16 weeks.

Moose gets a Rinse

Photo By Bennie** Description**
Our German Shorthaired Pointer gets his first bath at his new home.

Carrying the Load

Photo By jbauthem Description
A picture of Roux playing with her limit (Chesapeake Bay Retriever) after a early season duck hunt in Venice, La.

Future Duck Hunter

Photo By jjs972 Description
Chase a yellow labrador pup at ten weeks of age took to carrying around his stuffed toy duck all the time. The first time a flock of mallards flew over head he froze watching them intently, then ran into the house. A minute later he came trotting outside with his stuffed duck dropped it at my feet as if to say I’ve been practicing!

SHR Chip with Pal

Photo By bobkrimm Description
This photo was taken when Chip, a Chocolate Lab, was 3 months old. He is now 2 years old and 100 lbs. Recently, he got his SHR title and the cat is still his best friend.

Father and Daughter

Photo By jamesgavitt Description
Mike and Emmylou – the past and future. It’s all in the genes.

Max in a basket

Photo By THG Description
He didn’t know how good he was going to be.

Visions of Sugar Plums!

Photo By Arrowpoint Description
Our Granddaugher, Samantha and Arrowpoint’s Sadie.

First Litter in Wagon

Photo By kchristensen Description
This is our first litter of labs. We were so excited we had to have a studio take a picture. (I have copyrights to the picture also)


Photo By jkeene Description
My Springer, Tobi, on one of many duck hunts. He sees the birds before we do. We ended up watching him instead of the sky.

mavis teaches godzilla to point chickens

Photo By peteo Description
I bought a german shorthair puppy that taught our mastiff to point chickens.

“I got it.” “No, I got it!”

Photo By joni470 Description
While training our labs, Butch and Bella, last fall in the salt water creeks of Georgia, we discovered that they had a true spirit of team work or a strong sense of competition.

First Time

Photo By kchristensen Description
Puppy’s first time feeling grass.

My Girfriend and Gun Dog Puppies

Photo By head_dunce Description
We were camping in Wisconsin on the Wolf River and the farmer across the street from where we were staying just had a litter of German Shorthair puppies. He was a really nice man and said we could play with his puppies all we’d like. Those puppies just loved to play! Psychologists would go out of business if everyone was allowed to spend 10 minutes with a pack of German Shorthair pups!

Dogs do smile….

Photo By COUG Description
It was the second weekend of the Washington State pheasant season. My 2-year-old Field-Bred ESS “Gin” was in high spirits. The day was drawing to a close when Gin found some fresh scent. With a bounce and a jolt, Gin was in their kitchen. A explosive rise led to an equally explosive double with my Silver Pigeon. The limit was filled and smiles all around! What a dog! Mac Rogel
Photo By picturedunn Description
Playing in the backyard turned serious when the wind blew and the leaves came to life. Tucker locked in a point and made sure that leaf wasn’t going anywhere.

Hi, I’m Remington–remy for short

Photo By CADDIE5 Description
I am resting after training with my best friend and owner,Steve, aka “DAD”. My family includes grandpa, grandma, and brother, Scott. They all help look after me and help me gain field experience.

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