Garrett shot his first buck as it came off public hunting during the 2009 youth season in Iowa.

Western Montana Bull Elk

I (Danny Blowers) harvasted this bull opening day of hunting season 2009. Its a 6X6 that scored 356 and by the way its a public land hunt.
19 non-typical points, gross green score of 186” & 173 5/8” after deductions. Weight: 285# before dressing and 245# dressed. He will be the potential non-typical record holder for Barron County, WI- the previous holder as published in the 2005 WI Buck & Bear clubs Trophy Record Book scores 158 1/8”.

back yard kitty

I shoot a 3-D target with my bow in my back yard for practice during deer season.Something kept knocking it over.This happened a couple of tines over a two week period,being that it was close to the rut I thought it might be a nice buck.Little to my surprise it wasn’t a buck,but a deers worst nightmare.The back yard kitty!
This is the derby winning Halibut caught in Seward Alaska! The photo was taken in front of J-Dock Seafood they have a live webcam that you can view the catches at on

Washington State Split Main Beam Muley

I was lucky enough to take this buck on opening day in central WA State.
A fishing trip in Bath, Maine.

Awesome Weekend

My brother shot the doe in the evening of October 24th. 40yard gut shot but hit the artery under the spine. Went 100 yards. Next morning was a crazy waterfowl shoot. Got 5 wood ducks, 2 blue-wing teal, a shoveler, and a big canada goose. Great success for two guys just trying to get outdoors.
Drifting just off the shore of Crow Butte on the Columbia River in 70′ of water. Pulling hand-tied custom worm harness set up behind 3 oz. bottom walker. Weighed in at 18lb 10oz, just missing the state record by ounces!
I was looking behind me and when I turned around he was already through my shooting lanes but one. I grabbed my bow, drew, and he stopped in that last opening. I hit him right behind the shoulder and he only went 60 yards.. It all happened so fast…less than 10 seconds from the time I first saw him to the time that the arrow hit him. He grossed 184 3/8.

Ma and Pa’s Monster

I sat all day and when he stepped out 40 yds. looked at me I was already standing and in position.He ran about seventy five yards downhill and died.He had fourteen scorable points, we scored him at 165 my biggest buck yet!

One Heck of a Weekend!

My friend, Reed, with his 12 pointer, and me with my 8 pointer. A cold front rolled in, and we both were able to nail a decent buck.

Yelloweye/Red Snapper caught in Alaska

My cousin and I with Yelloweye (commonly called red snapper in warm water). We caught these on a quick trip out in Resurrection bay to test out the new motors on the boat.

Brutus the Browtine

Never hunted opening day, ever and today was the first. Montgomery County, MD, 15 Sep 2009, had been scouting a bachelor group for about 3+ weeks. Setup on stand 21′ hanger, Matthews Drenalin, Carbon Tech Arrow, Striker Mag broad-head; the temp was 82deg!

Fly fishing for bears!

Big boar track….black bears were looking for fish too.

Georgia Buck of a Lifetime

I bagged this buck on the first day I hunted the Georgia rifle season in 2008. I had never seen this buck, and did not have any trail cam photos. For the second year in a row, on the first day of the season, I had bagged a wall hanger using a Remington 700 30-06 that I inherited from my grandfather. Thanks, Pappaw!

fishin girls?

kelly cassity of bismarck,il goes fishing before her homecoming dance 0ct 10, 2009

Monsterous Coho

I caught this guy on a size 3 Mepps Aglia gold blade spinner with a marabou tail. It was just before dusk and I was on my way back to the car, taking a cast here and there, when this fish inhaled my lure. I was downstream and there was nobody in sight when I screamed “fish on!” I had to land him by myself, without a net. This fish was 34” long and weighed 14lb.
I shot this 12 point buck in 2008. It scored 167 5/8 ” and had an inside spread of 24 5/8″.

“Doodie” Calls – F&S to the rescue!

This is my 18 month old son, Jacob Cline. We are in the process of potty training him. He will not stay on the potty unless he has the Field and Stream magazine to look at. Typical male in the making!! Starting early! 🙂

Opening Day in Utah

opening day in Northern Utah with my two best friends. 20 ducks for all of us. Mallards, Pintail, Teal and Widgon
oct 26, 2008 6 p.m. indiana 2 bucks stepped out came within 15 yrds and gave me perfect oppurtunity to shoot my first buck with a bow my buck of a lifetime!

Grandpa Trying to Read

Not only do Grandpa and I race to read F&S; now we share with the grandkids.

Duck Fever!

Just Getting the Dogs ready for Duck, and Goose Season! It amazed me to know that my dads dogs know between a Rifle and shotgun! Every time they see a shotgun. THey jump into the Truck!

Dad and I!

Dad, and I had a pretty good Day! Both taged

love kills

a buddy of mine killed this 10 point chasin a doe in the 08-09 season,
In NH the bass dont get huge in comparison to alot of other states. I was trolling for Brown Trout with the lure running at 20ft. Thought I had sangged bottom until it pulled back. The scale I had with me at the time was a small dial scale witch read 7lbs. I have since bought a digital scale to have more accurate measurements! We do have some big fish here they are just hard to find!

Argentina Red Deer

Red Deer Hunted in La Pampa, with Martin Telleria
This was my first elk hunt ever. Having elk in our state is awesome. I drew an opening week bull tag and was able to harvest this trophy 7×6 opening morning with a 300 win mag Thompson Center encore. I coudn’t be happier
My friend Reed smoked this buck, but it was a little far back. After alot of thought, we went after him the next morning. We tracked him for a while, bumping him a couple times, but he never left a small wood lot. Finally Reed was able to get a better placed shot into him, ending the cat and mouse game. 12 pointer, 18 inch inside, ~ 137 inches.

words cant describe

yes that is a fish stuck to his back.

Colorado Shiras Moose

Hunt of a Lifetime this was. I was lucky enough to draw a Colorado Moose tag for 2009. I spent 2 days in the woods and harvested this trophy of a lifetime on the evening of the 2nd day. I spent some great time with friends that helped my get this guy back to camp. Was a hunt I will never forget. Ended up being 43″ spread with a 26″ beard.

Linda Baker with her first buck.

4×4 Mule deer taken in Northeastern Ca on public land. SCI measurement 179 3/8. We spotted him while “taking a break” frome hunting. We had been out hunting hard for 5 days when we saw him. Day 6 was the luck day when he went home with us.


Got two great trophies in the same year!

Glassing “Dreams are Made of” deer country..

Looking for shooter bucks in Idaho’s canyon lands…upside down hunting, farms on top, canyons and deer below….

First Timer

Took my buddy Greg goose hunting in Central Wisconsin for the first time. 7 birds between the 4 of us (one short of a limit). Its my first year hunting waterfowl as well, definitely not the last.
Hunting in Georgia hunting with my boyfriend Chris who taught me everything about hunting. Sat in stand for about an hour, Watched 2 does feed and this 10 point following behind. First buck I have ever shot let along a 10 point. Excited was not the word.


Caught this baby on a single egg pattern. Cramped my hand with the fight. Fresh from the lake, this monster liked to jump and roll. What a great fight!

Frog Giggin’

I was able to get all of these frogs in a pond right behind my house in the middle of a neighborhood. They were perfect for frying up some frog legs!!!

Rowdy treeing

This is my Treeing Walker pup “PR” DeLozier’s Rocky Top Rowdy treeing his first coon at just a little over 10 months old.

Big Bucky Brown Trout

Caught this 25 pound brown trout out of McKinly Marina, Milwaukee Wisconsin in July of 2009.

Beauty and the Beast

The GF with my 2008 Bow Buck

Kokanee Salmon

Every year my favorite fishing is for the Kokanee Salmon. There are only a few in this large reservoir so the bunch that are in the creek are pretty good size. We usually catch a few 22″-24″ every year the water is high enough.
Last day out using my favorite steelhead patter fishing salmon, this bullet nearly takes me over the falls. we caught over 120 salmon in 4 days between 7 of us.

Halloween Wooly Bugger

I just thought of this from the flyfishing model story. I dressed up (poorly as it may be) like a wooly bugger for halloween last year. The hook certainly got a lot of attention! Didn’t realize how it would appear during planning ha ha.

The Redemption Bull

After missing a decent 6×6 on the last day of our New Mexico hunt with Twins Outfitters, I didn’t expect to go home with anything. A few cow calls into the evening hunt, however, this big boy comes straight toward me. I shoot and he goes down. Since missing a much smaller bull earlier in the day, this was sweet redemption with 15 minutes left in our 5 day hunt.

big dreamer

My 4 year old son wanted to go hunting with daddy.So they hunted the ground blind one afternoom, and my son played with some toys he had in there and ate some fruit snacks, then decided he was going to watch for deer with daddy.He was sitting on daddy’s lap when he fell asleep. My husband captured the priceless moment on his phone..He was dreaming of that big buck!!!
i was waiting on a bite and all of a sudden my pole almost flew into the water, having good reflexes i leaped after the pole. i reeled and reeled and reeled. for almost 20 minutes and finally i got him to come to the surface. My uncle brian helped me and netted this 42″ red fish and put it on land.

First Buck in archery season

This is the not only the biggest buck I’ve shot but my first buck with my bow.

View From My Blind

Fog moving up the hills.