Every year I build a snow sculpture in my front yard. This year I made a giant lure because I love Bass fishing and I'm ready for fishing season- I've got the itch and there is still about four months until it gets warm enough to fish.

The Family That Hunts Together Stays Together!

We were all sitting around eating lunch with Grand Ma Rosie, and giving thanks for our right to bear arms!

Fish Retriever

We were fishing on vacation in Maine when my husband caught and released this lake trout. It sufaced a few minutes later about 50 feet from the boat. A bald eagle was coming down for it when my dog, Hunter, jumped in and retrieved it for us. He loves to go fishing and swimming.

do not do this to your wife

came in from hunting and she was asleep. what a good way to wake her up. and yes she woke up
Filled my tag 1/2 hour into the season!!!! Predator called it into 25 yards!!! Nice female!!!

Jack Russell vs. Sturgeon

Our 16 lb dog trying to drag a 100 lb sturgeon to the bank.

Moose in Canoe

My Son Jed Age 11, our friend Chris and me with our 715 lbs, 37 1/2 inch spread bull moose shot in October 2009 on the Black Branch of the Nulhegan.

Ebony Ivory & All Colors In Between

Human kind can learn from the animal world as nature is color blind and all colors get along.

Full Moon Rising

Moon rise, sunset, perfect timing for a 50 pounder.


Here’s a snap shot of the man cave. This is where Uriah Wurst goes to hang out and think and reflect on times in the outdoors. And look forward to the next big adventure!

Silent Predator – Barred Owl

I watched this Barred Owl hunt Moles late one afternoon in the woods near my house. It caught the first one and ate it, then went down for a second, before flying away to a higher perch and devouring it. this particular shot was taken just after the owl caught its second mole.
My son James, age 11, shot this 18 pt buck on Nov 15, 2009 from a climber stand on a farm in Ohio. The buck was trailing a doe during the rut. James shot the deer from 27 yards with his Hoyt Kobalt set at 43 lbs. It was a clean pass through and the deer only ran 10 yards before going down.

Baby Gator Attacking Bobber

My granddaughter and I were fishing for blue gill with crickets. Everytime we would cast the line in the water, the baby alligators would swim out and attach the bobber.

Mountain Whitetail, Survivor of a Cougar attack???

Saw this buck on a spot and stalk bear hunt in Idaho’s Backcountry. He had just started growing his horns, and judging by the scars on his back appeared to be a survivor of an encounter with a Mountain Lion…
On a recent elk hunt in Canada I harvested this 7×7 with my Mathews Mustang bow. This bull came in and my Pink Muzzy found it’s mark at 20 yards. I stood on the bank of a waterhole and watched this monster expire only 20 yards from where I took the shot. I never celebrate the harvest until I have my hands on the animal and what a rush to lay my hands on this big guy that measured 387 6/8!!!
I caught this blue cat bank fishing on the missouri river it took me 20 minutes to land him. With 30lb. test line. I walked a mile of bank and woods to get to the spot and had to shoulder it out the same way.

Halloween Wooly Bugger

I just thought of this from the flyfishing model story. I dressed up (poorly as it may be) like a wooly bugger for halloween last year. The hook certainly got a lot of attention! Didn’t realize how it would appear during planning ha ha.

Take a Grouse snowmobiling day

Taking a break from sledding trailside when this very large Grouse came out of the woods, circled us and then jumped up onto one of the sleds.

Brittany and the Partridge

We went for a ride and this partridge flew out in front of our car. We got into our car and it flew on the back tire and rode down the road with us. We had to back up and get it off the car and drive away quickly before we could get away from him. Our brittany loves to hunt and was just amazed to see the partridge through the back window.
This is my fathers (Steve Harmon) recent kill from Illinois. It was later in the day and way to hot outside for big deer to be moving or so he thought. After setting up where a 126 class deer was seen crossing earlier it wasn’t long till this monster came within ten yards of him and made a rub. Seconds later he made his draw and a perfect shot.

Ever see one of these in your smallmouth creek?

I found this in during a biology lab in a creek that I fish. Long story, but the moral is to keep your eyes open when you got a line in the water.
Here’s some pictures that were taken this past summer of a Bobcat with a Whitetail Fawn. They were taken in Franklin, Pennsylvania by my college roommates neighbor right in his back yard. Supposedly, the Bobcat didn’t want to leave his kill and stayed throughout all the pictures. I thought they were some interesting photos that you all would enjoy. Take care

The Trail-Cam Buck

We saw this deer after the 2008 season on trail-cam. This year we saw him in Sept on trail-cam, but never saw him other than on camera at night. On the 23rd, two days after opening day, I missed him at 200 yrds, but he came back, unbothered by the shot, and I harvested him two days later. He has 17 scorable points, split brows, 6 in. mass between his G2 & G3 and scored 175.

Fox in the culvert

This fox had denned up in the culvert on the lane at our farm. He ran in as we drove by so we stopped and waited and he eventually peeked back out.

Pending new state record Nevada Wiper

Caught june 6th 2009 at 1:30 am. Weighed 25 pounds 9.45 ounces. 33 1/3 inches with a 28 inch girth. Caught from shore wading using 12 pound test line on a 5 inch Rapala husky jerk. Only wish we could have got to certified scale sooner, weighed 5 hours after catch.

locked up!

my buddys son was walking a creek with his bow and seen this 155″ dragging a 130″ and got a good shot! the bigger buck was almost dead and the smaller one had been dead for awhile.

Desert Beauty

I snapped this photo from my lunch spot during the early archery season

Carp as big as my kid!!

My friend and I and our two boys were ice fishing on the Susquehanna River by Nichols NY in February. We were using tip ups and it was brutal cold. One of our flags went up and this monster came up. It was caught on 10lb ice line, pulled in by hand. Took over 20 minutes and a lot of chiseling of the ice. 29.5″ girth, 48″ long, 42LBS. What a monster! We all took turns working the hand line.

Biggest rainbow I have ever seen personally

Dr Jerry Han holding an 18# 3oz rainbow caught on 1.03.09… on a special fly that Dr Han ties exclusivly. The fish was caught in sub zero weather on the 3rd of January, 2009 in the Columbia River. We caught numerous trout over five pounds, more than 10. It was unbelievable.
Our Friend Nate (one with the goatee) harvested this monster 17 pointer last Friday (12/4/09) in Lorain, Ohio. It was a 18 pointer, but its right split G1 broke off. Unofficial score of this buck is 213 7/8 inch non-typical and 187 typical, making this buck a top 30 all time in Ohio and the #2 biggest buck taken with a muzzelloader in Ohio.

Let’s go Rabbit Hunting

My beagles, goofing off just being beagles.

A Cold Start

My freind and I were ice fishing on Lake Superior in -15 F on frosty morning. There is open water about 300 yards from where we were standing. It was so cold that the lake was making a cold fog which is the mist in the back ground. A strong southeast wind came up later that day and the following day all the ice we were standing on was gone.

Wierdest thing I found hunting

I went duck hunting around christmas and was standing in knee deep water. When day broke I looked down an saw this in the water. I feel sorry for the guy that left it behind. He had to hop about a mile to get to the nearest road. Its one of my greatest trophies. How else can say the went out with 2 legs and came back with three. I also limited out on woddies, so it was a good day.

My MacKenzie Target being Violated.

This is the 2nd year I have pics of him doing this behind my house.

pope and young jack-o-lantern

What can I say…I love whitetails! Happy Halloween!!

Hunting Camp Monster!

I had a wonderful surprise when I checked the hunting camp game cam. This is a 9×8 mule deer with around 6 kickers. It is my dream buck, and I might actually get a shot at him!



baby bob cat

i was coming out of the woods after work when this little guy ran across the road in front of me and in to the woods on the other side so i snuck up on him and was able to get several pictures of him with my cell phone .

Biggest Trout in My Life Time

Fly fishing the Gallatin River in the middle of a blizard on the forth of march 2009.  I hooked into this monster 31 inch brown trout on my 5 wt throwing my personal streamer pattern the “kitchen Sink”. It is truley a fish of a life time. I had pictures and measurments taken and then released the trout to fight another day.

Caribou bull on the headwaters of the Kuskokwim

A nice fat caribou that my friend got this fall.

Double Bullseye

Lots of practice…

Cold Turkey Hunt

Mid-December turkey hunt in eastern Kansas. Tempature was 10 degrees with wind and snow. Victoria did end the morning with her first turkey.

Dove hunt/Rattlesnake ate the dove

A friend of mine sent me this pic. The Rattler was eating the one of doves shot during their dove hunt.


These are my wife and my new tattoos. Can you tell where our loyalty lies.

Shooting Time

Just before shooting time at Choke Canyon.

Fence Jumper

Good action shot from one of my trailcams

Winter Wonderland

On a mid winter trip over the rockies to get to some great rabbit hunting spots was when this was shot. Last year we got alot of snow and cold days here in Colorado. I’ve gotten alot of complimants on this photo. Enjoy.

The Pure Serenity Of Fishing

I had the opportunity of being in Telluride, Colorado this past October when the Aspens were at their peak fall colors. I was taking photos of the sunset over Trout Lake, which is just as few miles outside of Telluride, when I saw this unique photo opportunity of a lone fisherman enjoying the serenity of fishing in a mountain lake.

Young girl with monster Brown Bear

This pic came to me in an email. It’s not my pic. I don’t know the details except the young girl shot this supposedly record bear in Alaska. I posted it because it is an interesting photo.

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