Nearly 10 years to the day from my father's death, I decided to hunt from his treestand and use his Marlin 30-30 rifle for the very first time. That evening this beauty decided to wonder through. As you can see my boys and I were ecstatic!! FYI - the rifle has been retired and will be waiting for another special day when one of Dad's grandsons is ready to use it.

Right Place…Right Time…

The bull finally was facing me at 50yrds, then 40, 30, 20…at 9yrds he bugled and about blew me over. With all five pins on his vitals, the bull fell 125yrds later. I thanked God I could even pull my bow back! The bull should scored over 400 inches…

three deer locking horns

We could hear the horns of the deer and took these pictures from our front porch in Conifer Colorado

Wolf Kill

An Idaho cow elk that didn’t survive the winter predators…on the ice of the Selway River…

Red Fox using his toilet

this was not the first time he went to the bathroom on this rock

kathy’s stripe

first stripe – who knew this fish got so big in the lake? And they taste sooo good!

Don’t See this Everyday

I was finishing up my grand slam with a Osceola turkey hunt in Florida….with luck on my side i shot my bird the first morning. So i decided to set up the next morning to get some great pictures…Boy did i get one…I call the picture, “Who’s The Boss”. I took this picture on a 1300 acre ranch in St. Cloud, FL…Hope you enjoy.

Monster Lobsters

My Brother, Nephew and I extracted these from a large rockpile off the coast of Newport Beach. We caught a total of 18 lobsters with these 5 all weighing over 10 pounds each. The largest was 13 pounds (even after it dropped a few legs). It was a perfect January day – the water was clear, the sun was bright and the dinner was awesome.

Crappie love

Nothing better than Michigan State Spartan pride and crappies EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes, I graduated from MSU. GO STATE!

Brown Trout Catch

My 12 year old son, Matthew Tarasewicz of Ashland, Wisconsin caught a 31 inch, 13 pound brown trout ice fishing in Lake Superior on January 17th with his dad. He fought this fish for 40 minutes using 6 pound test line. Matthew is having the fish mounted.
After hunting in my spot by a clear cut for about 2 hours I told my buddy we should go get some breakfast. As we were making our trek back out my buddy said “Hey wait! look!” as I looked to my right here came this big buck. The closest he came to us was 65 yards. I trust my Bowtech so I pulled back and let er fly. We tracked him for 40 yards and there he was to lay.

love at first sight

opening day of oklahomas 2009 rifle season the rut was slow but i was going to try to draw bucks out of some thick woods across from my blind. i set up my buck decoy and decoy in a love struck monster.
My husband is an avid hunter and I tag along sometimes. I got lucky 2 weeks ago and shot this buck out of an enclosed tree stand from about 60 yards away. I was making so much racket trying to get in position I’m suprised he didn’t hear me! He just stood there waiting…Wow what a great experience!


this is huge buck. This was sent to me via email. not sure who this is. anyone have a clue
hi, my name is c.j. and i am 14 yrs. old. i shot this deer on our family farm in chesterhill, oh. on dec. 2 with my model 870 20ga. using federal tru balls. he was 20in. wide and had 14 pts. i shot him around 5:oo p.m. i was almost ready to go home when he crossed within 60 yrds of me.

Let’s go!!!!

Down at the ranch doing a little Texas Quail hunting and we ran out of room in the back………

west end buck

one misty foggy morning around the bend in the road , here stands this beautiful buck standing in the water just off the beach area of lake como , wi. a once in a life time photo. i grabbed my camera and snapped a photo before spooking the deer. just after i took the picture , the buck chased a doe in front of my truck ! rutting season.
Jeremy was walking along the ditch to his blind along side a standing corn field.When he got to his tree he started to climb up when he heard something down in the ditch,and to his amazement this monster buck was running in the ditch right past him.Jeremy swung around with his remington 870 20 guage shotgun and let him have it at 8 yards.

fit a years worth of F&S mags in a cereal box

It’s hard to explain how to cut the box so you can see the mag when on a bookshelf. so here is a picture to help explain.


Dr. Gainer Pillsbury, my hunting partner for over 40 years, shot this terrific mule deer buck in Montana’s Missouri Breaks a few years ago. We spotted him from almost a mile away and stalked him successfully. Gainer and I have hunted deer, antelope and elk in Montana since the 1970’s and each new adventure provides lasting, wonderful memories. Don R. Goffinet, MD
I killed this nice 11pt at LBL in TN in November of 2009. He came easing by with his nose to the ground when I shot him with my CVA Optima Elite muzzleloader. This was a beautiful day that the Lord blessed me with.

First Mule Deer

Marshall Stuart, age 12 took his first Mule Deer this fall. A 6×4 taken in Carbon County, Wyoming
This is only the second black tail that i have ever seen with three antlers, it was shot in the same area as the one that was shot before. This buck was a 3 x 4 I like to call it my fork by fork by three.
Caught in North Carolina at a secert spot in the mountains.

Luke’s “Freak Daddy”

After a three year hunt Luke ( 14 yrs old) bagged this monster buck nick- named “Freak Daddy”. Our first “unofficial tape measurement” put to him came up with the amazing total of 205 2/8 gross non-typical. 23 inch inside spread and the left antler scored just above 93″.
This unique 11pt has an extra main beam growing out of his skull, Which gives him 5pts on each side and 1pt in the center.(looks like a unicorn)

dream buck


Snowcrest Bull

This 5×6 was taken on public land in the Snowcrest Range, southwest Montana.

Creta buck

This buck was taken by my buddy Kory with a muzzleloader in October of 2008, Jackson County, OK. 17 points. Thats not a big G2 on the right side, the main beam actually splits.

bear with a litte dandruff

big ole boy just cant get em to come in during light

Double dogs

This was taken on the second best deer trail on our land. Not what I wanted to see but one of my favorite pics so far.

Antero res

monster fish on ice 10 pounders are showing up


Picture taken near our home in Orting WA. Was able to get with in 15 feet of the bird.
This buck was taken late in the afternoon on the opening day in Oklahoma.

Ohio Monster

This is my Dad and the buck that he shot on New Year’s Day 2010. He caught the buck on his game camera on Dec 29th and made the kill a few days later.
i wasnt able to get the picture before so this is it for my story i wrote early.

Second Chance Bull

After missing this bull at a steep 40 yards, this guy was convinced there was still a cow near by and couldn’t resist turning back for another look. All he found was a rage broadhead through both lungs at 25 yards. This elk was harvested on public land in Montana.
4th day of rifle season in North Idaho. This awesome bull was still chasing cows on 10/13/09.

Lake MI King Salmon

Salmon that my fishing partner and I caught a couple years ago on Lake MI.

Ice Breaking Party

The water hole had been frozen over for a few days so the elk got together to break the ice to the benefit of the coyotes, turkeys, and deer in the area
This Monster Buck was shot in 2004 in Pulaski County Indiana with Bow.

My First Mule Deer…Self guided, Public Land

Shot this nice mule at 275 yards with my Kimber 300WSM in Wyoming…If anyone is looking for a cheap, great hunt, look into Wyoming…drawing a tag was almost 100% success…Shot 2 antelope, mule deer, food, hotel, tags, gas, ect…for under $1600! Beautiful country!

Video Clip Monster

Dad has an unbelievable video clip of this deer making a scrape, we took a portion of this clip to make a still picture(resolution is not the best). This deer showed up on camera two years in a row on one occassion. We are not aware of anyone taking or finding him, no photo’s this year of him.

Dream stream

Last Chance Muley

My good friend Ryan shot this nice mule deer on public land in southwest Montana. It was his first hunting season and we put on a lot of leg miles before finally connecting with this bruiser on the last day of the season.

Monster Buck

Looks like a big 12.

Busted By a three point

It was a pre rut mid-day Hunt. Not much action all day. I lowered my bow to the ground, seconds later this three point ran up and stood on my bow. It was like he knew he had the upper hand. I had time to get my phone out, turn it on, and take this picture. Thankfully it was not a big shooter. Just onother one of those unique events in the great outdoors.

Hiding in Plain Sight

These two bulls are tough to see, but not hidden. Makes you wonder about those times when you hunted hard all day but, “Didn’t see a thing.”

Cold Hard Erie Steel

Close up of an Elk Creek steelhead from last year.