Photo taken by my grandpa in 1951. My father is the baby in the picture. Fish was caught in Apple Creek by trotline. Caption on back of photo says fish weighed 80 lb.
This 13 1/2 pound brown trout was caught on a fly by the angler during a recent trip to Patagonia, Argentina. The monster trout was feeding on Pejerrey minnows as it made its way to winter spawning grounds.

A true Retriever

While fighting a 38″ steelhead my black lab decided to help. My Lab “Remington” jumped in and with one perfect grab lifted this 16LB+ NYS steelhead out of the water. Sal, Remington, Sam & Carley

smoke gray turkey

I was on stand during deer season when this pretty bird came in so i took it.where I live they a very rare but I seem to be lucky enough to have taken 2 so far in my years of hunting.

gun hunting wagon

Instead of buying multiple box blinds I bought a hay wagon from my buddy and built a box blind to put on top of it. Now I can move it to any field I want to hunt. Saved me some money and it works very well!

Double Catch

Six year old Dylan was spring fishing with his dad (Mark) in the Grassy River, Manitoba. Using his Nemo fishing rod, he was working hard to reel in his first pickrel of the season when it started to fight hard. With help from dad, Dylan landed his pickrel only to find he was not the only one after it. A pike had grabbed it while Dylan was reeling and he landed them both.
This buck is affectionately named “Big Boy”. He scored over 165 net. I won first place in the NW Sportsman Show Head N Horns Contest for the Cascade Blacktail Division. I love my Big Boy!
Steelhead running Selway Falls, Idaho 3/2/2010

Ryan’s big catch

8lbs 2oz, 28 inch, Large mouth bass. Oviedo, FL Ryan, 13, loves to fish! He doesn’t usually go anywhere without tackle. He discovered the joy of bass fishing with shiners cast-netted himself. He catches 6 and 7 pounders regularly. Even while playing with his friends he’s usually watching a pole with a line in the water. Here is a picture of him with the biggest so far. Feel the joy! 🙂

Monster Lake Erie Walleye

Caught off South Bass Island, Lake Erie, Ohio. 15.3 pounds in the rain. Thanks Jeff, Tom and Whitey. God Bless America! If you jig it they will come!


Little else is more exciting than an encounter with a bachelor group of Bighorn Sheep. Bighorns are common place along the Salmon River and are fun to watch while grinding out the next Steelhead. The Steelhead and Salmon runs, complimented by the wildlife puts Idaho’s Salmon River country at the top of my favorite destinations.

Anyone want puffballs?

My boys and I found this monster puffball in the grandmothers back feild!! Not a bad find if I do say, what do you think??

Red River Walleye

Caught this 12.5 lbs., 31″ monster on a white jig with a frozen shiner in late October, 2009. It was my second walleye over 30″ (other was 33″) and sixth over 28″. The Red River (Manitoba) produces monsters anually and my American buddies loved the hat in the picture even though I’ve never been to Alabama. Fish was released!

giant northern

caught this fish through the ice on Feb.22 2010 at high noon.

Dixie’s sailfish

This is my sister Dixie with a sailfish caught off the gulfo dulce in Costa Rica
Striper caught off the jersey shore, artificial lures.

nice smallie

Every fish is nicer when you are playing hooky from work
We were fishing the Sol duc river,Wa. swinging spoons. Caught with a Bill Herzog Pen-tac B.C. steel 2/5ths copper. The spoon was swung into deep water with boulders fished it low and slow and here are the results. Thanks

turkey rug

something i wanted to do was make a rug out of all mich we can shoot male or female in the fall and this was a pretty bird and rare.this is the second one i have taken during deer season with a crossbow it was bigger than the first one i took.

My First Big Horn Sheep

After enduring 21 days of hunting and about 75 miles on foot, I was successful in harvesting my first Big Horn Sheep. This was my first year to put and draw and kill! Thank you God and boy were our kids glad when it was over. We took every weekend in the season to hunt and the whole last 9 days. It was ALL worth it. Love this country!!!

My First Black Bear Taken While Searching For Big Horn Sheep

We had hiked in about 7-8 miles and camped, we had no horses, so we were tired. It was a georgous morning and we were in search for a Big Horn Sheep when along came this beautiful creature. We got the skull back and he Measures a nice 18 14/16. Not quite b & c, but I am thrilled! This hunt took place in Shoshone National Park at the end of Pilot Peak Trail in the far meadow. Awesome country
I was fishing in early spring last year and caught this bass in 6 inches of water out of a kayak.

The Fallen Prince

Found this 9-point whitetail buck dead in a small woodlot near work. An apparent car kill.
2nd Day of hunting pheasants in Iowa. Hunting was a little harder this year but if you put your time in it paid off.

Colorful Steelie

More to come…