Every year this mama deer camps out in our front yard with her babies. This year one is black - have never seen a black deer before.

Turkeys Can Swim!

My brothers were walleye and bass fishing in South Dakota when they came upon this guy. Apparently a dog or preditor had chased it out of the shore cover. Why it was swimming we will never know. I suspect this guy is lucky that the brothers’ live well was already full and they had their turkey tags filled already.

Hawk Fishing

This poor spec thought hawks only ate freshwater trout. wrong.
This was Jacob’s first fish he caught fully on his own. Just his year Jacob started casting, reeling, setting the hook, etc.. on his own. This was the first fish that Jacob caught doing everything on his own. What a great catch for him. Needless to say he was very proud of his catch.

Morning Topwater

This was the perfect beginning to the perfect fishing day on the perfect bass lake (location withheld). Several 4’s and 5’s and a 6 were landed that day. Unfortunately, the 6 was on the end of the wrong rod that day. If there is bass fishing in heaven, surely it looks something like this!
My 7 year old Jade Dotson caught this huge 2 pound 11 ounce bluegill in a very small farm pond. It’s 15 inches long and its going on the wall. This is only her 2nd fish she’s caught. Talk about a memory. We are located in Indiana and this isn’t too far off from a state record. It would be a state record in alot of states. Going on the wall for sure.

Big Bass on Bluegill

I caught this Largemouth behind my apartment on a live blue gill.

Twisted Tree

This freakish vine like tree caught my eye on a hiking trail.


Just the better stuff out of my collection.
I cought this shark on 15 lb test. He took all my line out and I had to pull inch by inch to real him in.
This 16 pound 4 ounce brown trout was caught on a frog back spoon off Oswego, New York in Lake Ontario.

Bobby Walking

Bobby is Wild Bobcat that was found as a baby, He is about 6 months old here

Piebald Deer in Ohio

I have never seen an animal like this. My wife and I saw him crossing a field after dinner at a winery in Ohio. He ran into the woods and I chased him along a field about 100 yards (Not an easy feat for just having dinner) before he stopped just long enough to get this shot.

Southern NY Toad

I lost this fish about a week ago, came back late this morning and ran the same bait through at a different angle and was able to land it. The fish still swims!

Thank You, Joe Cermele

Here’s the first monster crappie caught with the Show Down Crappie Jigs Joe Cermele sent me for winning one of his contests. They wouldn’t hit anything else yesterday. Caught enough for dinner and had a small adventure with the last one of the day.

Smallest catch ever

I was burning my Rapala DT-6 really fast and when I got it in, it hooked a minnow. Bet you have never seen this before. The minnow was still flopping a little so I released it. Catch and release I suppose.

Brown Trout Beauty

A cold and rainy April afternoon. Football practice or hunting for monster trout? An easy choice. I knew where they lurked. Soon I would be face to face with one of these river monsters. I went to the spot I had been scouting for weeks, made the right cast, and immediately got the strike I had been waiting for. A few furious leaps later, this 12 lb beauty was resting in my net.

Bow hunt for Bunny

After a successful bunny hunt with a stick bow.

Great Sign

Saw this sign while scouting for Mule Deer.

50 ” Northern Pike, Ely Minnesota Boundry Waters

Fished with Light spinning tackle w/8# test mono. Using a 4″ leader and casting a ..#5 Mepps Aglia /.silver blade / White bucktail. I Hand landed this monster because the landing net was too small! .Caught this beauty in clear water /bright sunshine. Took a few pictures than RELEASED him back to the water to fight another day!
This Crappie was caught on April 2, 2010 in the river suspended on a drop off in 12ft. of water. She was 16.75 inches long and 3 pounds 10 ounces.
Personal best 24 lbs 14 oz 55 in Long Nose Gar. Put up an awesome 10 minute fight on my Abu Garcia spooled with 30 lbs Berkley Big Game. Caught on a live blue gill. Released safely back into the Withlacoochee River in Valdosta, GA.

Nice Bass!

We were fishing a nice eastern Washington largemouth bass lake in mid May pre-spawn. I was working a black/ blue jig with an electric blue june bug trailor. The jig was sitting on the bottom, and all the sudden she hit like a freight train. She was full of eggs, and close to 7 pounds so we released her. I am a bass man.

New NO Tackle World Record

My daughter and her friend were fishing a river near home on a very hot day, Lots of fishermen out and having no luck at all the 2 girls went wading , my daughter stepped in a little riffle to cool off, looked down and this sea run Shad was holding between her feet, she just reached in the water and grabbed it. Caused quite a stir with the anglers on the bank armed with high tech gear.

Family outing

Saw these merganser ducks swimming in the creek that runs behind my house this morning.

Tennessee Whitetail

I shot it at 40 yards while it was running.

South Dakota Turkeys For Brett and Laura

My brother Brett and wife Laura with their Spring 2010 turkeys. There are lots of turkeys around this year and they sure taste good. Many thanks to members of the Wild Turkey Federation who have sacrificed over the last 30 years to restore turkey populations. 50 years ago, there were NO turkeys in this area.

Sardis Gar

Leaving out jugs for catfish we caught this gar and a big blue cat in the lower lake, see the next picture for the big blue cat.

World Record Crappie?

I had to look twice at this picture when i came across it. pretty good photography here.

First Tom

I’m glad to know all my hard work has finally paid off. Last year I went out with one of my buddies and we weren’t able to get one in close enough. I went by myself this year and within about half an hour of calling and waiting I proceeded to cheer quietly to myself as my first turkey hit the ground. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget!

good day on the water

panfishing at its finest. small farm pond using trout magnets and waxworms. all together 48 perch all over 14″ and 32 crappie over 12″

My Mom Takes Up Bowhunting

This is my Mom and she is 41. My name is Blake and I’m 14. My mom has picked up hunting with me and my brothers. Her father was an avid bowhunter for years before he got sick. Her dream is to kill a big monster buck before her dad passes one day and she wants to do it in his honor. We are all hoping that this will happen this upcoming season.