Fishing with My Joey at our home town lake and caught this monster bass. Was the best day of my life and I have never been more excited and pumped up as I was this day. Joey who has taught me all I know about fishing was so proud. He had to help me control the fish it was so big.

My Friday Night in the Hen House

I caught this on Friday night on 06/18/10 in front of our house on Canyon Ferry Lake in Townsend MT After 5 years of wanting a “picture” fish and putting in time fishing, living here and dating a man whose comapny is named Walleye Freak I got my wish granted in a 13 lb way. My biggest fish ever. I threw her back because she was still spawning holly

Bass like frogg leggs too

Heard splashing in the pond while we were out with our dogs. Just though it was bass catching bugs, then we started looking and noticed a bass had caught a fogg by the leg. I ran in to get the camera and as it got closer to the edge of the pond realized it was two fish.

Big Girls First Fish

My five year old Sammy’s first fish! Small Lake in Wisconsin on a Saturday Morning. I thought maybe I would get a half hour in the the canoe before she got bored; four hours later and dozens of fish we had a great day.
Got these off Red Giant Worms. Gettin’ ready to fillet them in this picture. Gonna be some good eatin!

bass eats bird

caught this bass, while taking hook out saw down in his throat was a bird!

life in the wild

Hi call out this baby moose they otter day wall i was fishing with my dauther .and it came out right away to be curieuse ,that he figuer i was is mommy .So i taking some pictures ,it was very nice to see , he was maby 3 days old ,he was still shaking on is legs .have a nice Day Serge Girard .

A carp in the net

Went out carp fishing in south east Colorado 26 June 2010, got 5 carp on a beefed up elk hair caddis, the previous weekend I got the hook straightened out 5 times on a standard trout elk hair caddis.


Saw this baby coon sitting on a dirt road,makes you want to pick it up and take it home but I didn’t.
this big boy slammed a rapala, during a tough day of fishing!

fishing in the catskills n.y.

we were fishing for trout in pepacton res. when my buddy Ray caught this 7lb 8oz brown trout about 10 min. battle which I netted.

Stalked an Alaskan Coastal Black Bear Bore

Spotted the bear from the boat, rowed an inflatable to shore, stalked 1000+ yards to within 30 yards. As I spun around, he bolted straight up the mountain about 100 yards to “wolf distance” so I took my only shot free-hand standing. He rolled down at me and came up with snarling teeth and ears laid back. I let another bullet fly. As his heart stopped, mine pounded.

“Love is patient…”

I watched my husband hold our three year’s hand and show him how to catch Stripers breaking the surface. Their moment was so sweet and tender I just had to freeze that in time. Happy Father’s Day to all men…it’s moments like this in a child’s life that teach him how to become a man.

My LITTLE sister

Easter 04

Giggin’ some frogs

My dad had a job site where a pond was being drained and there were a bunch of frogs! So he took me up there one night and we bagged 20 of those monsters!

German Brown

This is my friend Colin with his Big German-Browns –nice fish

two bucks in velvet in the yard

fathers day sitting on the deck watching two bucks in velvet in the yard.
Turkeys – Morel’s and my pup Nala

gone fishing

my trail camera got these two fishing out back of my house.

Large Small Mouth

I caught this 4lb 12oz 21.5 inch with girth of 27 inch small mouth at Brookville Lake Indiana with my dad. We were bouncing live minnow off the bottom at around 2:35pm. He caught a channel cat, small 6 inch bass and a 13 inch bass, I only caught the hog. I am proud my dad taught me how to fish with live bait.

salmon fly hatch / gunnison river

My brother and buddy with a couple fish from the gunnison. The trout killed the salmon flies we got from a fly shop in gunnison. It was amazing to watch these trout come up and smoke these flies on the water. The salmon flies were so thick in the canyon that they were always all over us, constantly brushing them off of us while we were there! Great fishing!

Texas Gobbler

21 pd gobbler taken after 2 days of hunting near Menard TX. Love the mequites and flowers! Always a nice respite from Central AL.

Beach Bums

This is my wife April and my Boykin Spaniel Moose. We were at the beach in Jax. Fla. for a little vacation. Moose loves the ocean and even rode a surfboard that day a few times.

If the fish aren’t bitting, plan B

So you hit your favorite stream and after drowning a few dozen worms the only thing bitting are the deerflies look around the banks you might just find something you can bite…

June’s Crappie

Hello, my name is June Morton. I caught this crappie in a private pond located in Gastonia, North Carolina. It was caught and released on April 15, 2010 around 8:30pm.

Sierra Nevada Lahontan Cutthroat

In early June my dad and I were fishing the sierra high country with guide Mikey Wier. Before dusk we headed to another lake with a re-established population of native Lahontan Cutthroat trout that was just losing its ice layer. Right as it started to get dark fish started cruising the edge of the ice 6 feet off of shore.
I was tossing a Arkie buzz bait down the bank. The smaller version on this one hit first cast down the bank and was around 4lbs 23inches, tossed back and cast in same spot when the water exploded!!! I set the hook and I knew it was a monster. I was too excited and shaking to get a full length picture also was hard because of her size 8.2lbs 27 3/4!!!

my biggest catch

caught this guy using a rubber worm!

Hexagenia Limbata

The famous Hex mayfly – this one from Lake St. Clair in Michigan.

white coy

i am an eagle scout and i was fishing at my local pond when i hooked into this huge coy. at first i thought it was a cat fish but when i brought it closer i noticed it was white. i pulled it out and my dad took this picture. it weighs 12 pounds and is 32′ long.

Crappin’ Coyote

trail camera

Pennsylvania Bass

I caught this bass at 6 am on June 21 on a watermelon Senko rigged wacky style on my third cast of the morning. I went back to my family’s cottage and woke-up my wife to take some quick photos before releasing it. I didn’t have a scale to weigh it and I forgot to measure it in my haste to get it back into the water unharmed. Any guesses?

Ottine, Texas

This picture was take at Palmetto state park in Ottine, Tx. We captured a snake trying to eat a catfish. We pulled it on up to shore and took pics. After taking pics we took the string from the fish and the snake went away with the fish. The park volunteer said the snake was a diamond back water snake.

My best friend

This is my gun dog, and best friend, Cole. This pic was taken after his first hunt. Although he looks to be mature, he just just shy of a year in this pic.

Close and personal

If this bear got any closer he would have steamed up the lens on my camera.

Just like Daddy

My husband is an avid reader of Field and Stream, and he tends to read it where most people do their, ummmm…. reading. This is our 15 month old daughter who is learning a little to much from her daddy on how to use the potty.

First Coho

I took my wife Lauren with my Dad and I annual trip to River’s Inlet, B.C. She out fished both of and even landed 9 fish with one in the 18LB range on our last day. Catching wild Coho Salmon is a blast.

Cape Buffalo from the Ruaha River

We found this Cape Buffalo skull along the banks of the Ruaha River in Tanzania. He had been killed by lions when he came to the river to drink.

into the fog

this was taken Saturday June 26th , 2010. We were early morning trout fishing on the White River at Mt. View AR. The fog was still over the water.

wind river chrome

long hike but you got to go where the fish are

Mrs. Sourdough in camp

We found the perfect way to celebrate our 37th Wedding Anniversary camping for a few days in Sinks Canyon, WY near our home.
Sometimes it’s difficult to stop fishing and take in your surroundings for a moment, but not this day.

Monster Largemouth

It was a cold, rainy, miserable day and we were fishing in a local pond and I pitched a 7 inch purple turtleback worm made by Gulp! In front of a big bush and I didn’t feel any bite but saw my line start to move to the right so I set the hook and that instant I knew it was big. The fish is 7 pounds and twenty five inches long, A new record for this pond.

Mikes big surf perch

This is michaels redtail surf perch
My best two fish ever in the same day. Caught both on a lagre saltwater crankbait in 6 feet of water. The last two weeks at this lake I had 5 fish that weighed 32 lbs one week and 29 lbs 14 oz the next week all on soft plastics. It,s my honey hole

Brendans first Big Bass

The family went out fishing one evening.My youngest son wanted to catch a pike so we went to a new location that my husbands friend told us to go to catch pike. It was’nt long until my 8 year old started yelling that he had one We thought for sure he had a pike, but much to our surprise he had hooked a Bass. We were all in shock. We let it go but first my son kissed it for Good Luck!

NY Turkey

I called this tom in across the road and he strutted up to ten yards with a hen. He was 18 lbs, 11 inch beard, and 1 1/4 inch spurs.

daughter’s first “bull red” released to fight again

Texas redfish caught on soft plastic, near Rollover Pass, Tx. Kayak sleigh ride, pulled kayak, anchor, fisherman and all on 150 yard ride. Fish measured 29″ and just over 10 pounds.

My Biggest Bass Yet

I was camping last summer with my family and friends. All of the guys were fishing in our own tournament and the winner with the biggest fish won 5 dollars. The water was crystal clear and i could see many bass. I caught a bluegill and hooked it for bait. Then when I set my bait in the water a 4 pound, 18 inch Largemouth bass took it. It was the biggest bass yet. It made me proud and 5 dollars.

Alabama Largemouth

I landed this lunker after about a 30 minute struggle of hit an miss with my jig. She threw my jig three times before I finally got him on the bank. Weighed 10 lbs 2 oz, measured 26 in long and 18 in girth. I was one happy fisherman especially since I caught an 8 pounder right after I released this fish. BTW catch and release only she still swims