I have been told that I have an obsession...what do you think? This magazine keeps me sane!.

Freedom Loves Guns!!

I am currently deployed to Afghanistan. My wife sends me Field & Stream so I know what’s going on. I missed most of last hunting season due to pre-deployment and going to miss most of of this one. I was going to use my .203 but I was afraid there was going to be no target left. I will be on mid tour leave in SEP. and it would be awesome to win this gun. Thanks Field & Stream!



taste’s like chicken!

I killed it, and grilled it.
I thought it would be fun to make a game out of this photo contest. I hid 20 pictures of the “I Love Guns” targets in a picture of Joe Smiths Trophy room that I got from his web site. See if you can find all 20. Good Luck!

I Think I Love Guns, But Were Still Getting To Know Each Other

Used the only two guns I Have for this, a Ruger 10/22 and my Mosin-Nagant 91/30.

Little Soldiers day at the range.

Target shot at 30 and 40 yards with Lakefield MK2 22 long rifle. My son thought it would be neat to take a picture with some of his old GI Joe soldiers and this is what we came up with.

No wussy targets allowed here.

416 Rigbies are for Girly Men, I’ll take a 75 mm anyday. I spent 40 years trying to break into one of these Shermans and I finally got into this one. Elevation control was rusty but it still makes a big hole.

Gun Hog

So I thought I would have some fun with the Photoshop on this one. I am a stay at home dad with no disposable income to buy guns. This is exactly what I need to help me get out of the house shoot some ground squirrels and coyotes.

This is my rifle…

U.S. marines creed gave me the idea. This is my mossberg 30.06 and its my one and only right now…although I would like to get another because nothing is happier then a man with his gun!!!


My son is holding what’s left of my #4 shotgun shell injected target. And yes the bonus target was hit.

Yes Mayor Daley We Do Love Our Guns

Supreme court over turns 28 year old hand gun ban

FiLL in the BlanK

I like hunting and am an upcoming rifle fanatic. I purchased my first gun a little over two months ago and decided I’d at least try my salt against some seasoned shooters. So I took the Ol’ Quigley Down Under approach (despite the amount of rounds I used) and decided to let the outcome speak for me. At roughly 33 yards, I’m not going to complain with the results.

Stairway To Heaven

Well The Gun Nut Heaven!

My momma done warned me about these contests!

When I was Ralphies age I wanted a Winchester 94! Still do.

Beths Rubberband gun

This is my daughter Beth with her topnotch super rubberband gun,She was excited to send this pic in as she gets ready to start learning how to handle a real weopon. We hope you like it. sincerly the Merritt family.

I Love My Right To “Bear” Arms

My name is Jeff. I just turned 12 and my Dad and Grandpa got me this really nice pellet gun for target shooting— I am glad I found a use for my old teddy bear to make a point about the second amendment….. I want to step up to the real grown up responsibilities of guns and shooting- I would love to win that Smith and Wesson rifle !!!

Can I have a real gun when I am six?

Landon and Garrett are expert marksmen with their cap guns.

Backlit bulletholes

Love the outdoors, your mag keeps my appetite wet when I have to work.

Field OR Stream??

My wife and I were on a relaxing fishing trip in Northern Arizona when I decided to decorate our family car with my new, completed target out of the July 2010 issue of Field and Stream Magazine. It is safe to say she was less than impressed with our new decoration and much preferred her FISH AZ bumper sticker.

Trophy “Page”

I wanted to portray the picture as a trophy kill with a plaque that reads “8 X 10 Page” like the antlers on a deer. It was shot by my dad and I, but I couldn’t hit the heart so he had to show me up 😀 Along with the 357, we enjoy shooting and hunting with rifles and shotguns.

Picture Perfect Potatoe!

I made my potatoe cannon just for this contest and shot the target at 10 yards. It was really hard but fun! Thanks for the chance!

My son will love guns.

I was looking through all of the gun nut photos and was a little jealous of everyone that has kids and can take a picture of them shooting up their targets. I decided that even though my son isn’t born yet, doesn’t mean he can’t get his picture taken with the target. Hey Collin, see you in a couple weeks!


I like to make the most of every trip out shooting, so when I brought the target out to shoot I did a little varmint hunting on the side. I walked just under two miles before I found a badger that presented a nice shot. One in the head with my .300 Savage Model 99, any way I could sure get some good use out of that M&P-15.; Enjoy

On page 49 of the July 2010 issue, we asked you to shoot our magazine and send us a picture. At stake is a brand-new Smith & Wesson M&P15 MOE 5.536mm rifle for the best photo. We’ve already received over 100 creative images showing targets decimated with rifles, shotguns, potato guns, BBs, and even a tank.

Here, we picked a few current favorites, and we’d like you to vote and tell us what you think. But there’s still time to give these entries a run. Rip out the page, take it to the range, and pummel it with your firearm of choice. Then, send us a photo of your creation. You can enter as many photos and targets as you like.

The deadline to submit is August 31, 2010. Our editors will review all entries, pick their favorite, and announce the winner by September 15, 2010. Click here for the official rules.