Bloopers: The Worst Hunting Mistakes on Film

The (Wrong) Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter Watch the clip. The deer that appears is a mule deer. Mule deer are not indigenous to Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania deer are white tails.

Wedding Crashers Don’t Know What A Quail Is

Wedding Crashers. Watch the clip. There are a few things wrong here. Number one, never point your gun at anybody. Number two, don’t wear a hat with flaps in the summer. Number three, never call a quail. Especially with a duck call.

Robin Hood in California

The Adventures of Robin Hood. Watch the clip. Another instance of a good scene with the wrong deer. This should be an English red but is again a mule. Filmmakers used what they could find in California.

Gopher decoys

Caddyshack Watch the clip. Gophers, squirrels, and rabbits are friends? Can someone help Bill Murray with his gopher-hunting tactics? Also, in this clip, he attaches a flashlight to his gun. Creative.