Bambi Watch the clip. There is no more iconic hunting scene in all of cinema than the death of Bambi's mom, and none ever had a greater effect on American hunting culture. But what about Bambi's dad and his rack's huge frame? The G2 is split and is in an odd position on the main beam, and he lacks a G3, G4, etc. Also scenes of Bambi in the spring show him with his own rack. Wrong season, Disney.

The (Wrong) Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter Watch the clip. The deer that appears is a mule deer. Mule deer are not indigenous to Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania deer are white tails.

Wedding Crashers Don’t Know What A Quail Is

Wedding Crashers. Watch the clip. There are a few things wrong here. Number one, never point your gun at anybody. Number two, don’t wear a hat with flaps in the summer. Number three, never call a quail. Especially with a duck call.

Robin Hood in California

The Adventures of Robin Hood. Watch the clip. Another instance of a good scene with the wrong deer. This should be an English red but is again a mule. Filmmakers used what they could find in California.

Gopher decoys

Caddyshack Watch the clip. Gophers, squirrels, and rabbits are friends? Can someone help Bill Murray with his gopher-hunting tactics? Also, in this clip, he attaches a flashlight to his gun. Creative.