Me and my son landed THE BIG ONE around 8pm at Castaic Lake Lagoon. My wife Eva took the picture, my son was in shock and I was trying to hold up the big bass.
this fish was caught on Joe’s valley res in Utah in the winter of 2009. jigging..

Fishing Pierce Lake

Early morning hike up Mt. McFarlane summit, on a weekend fishing trip to Pierce Lake.

An old man strugles with an old fish. He is my dad.

This amazing fish was caughtin the river by Pawleys Island, South Carolina.This cat fish weighed in at 98lbs. David Armbrister holding the heavy fish for this picture.

No Peeking!

We found a green tree frog while fishing yesterday, and I gave it to my 2 yr old daughter Anslie, who loves frogs. He jumped from her hand to her face, and she giggled uncontrolably!

One tired turkey

I was going down a paved secondary road when I saw this turkey on the side of the road. I drove by it and realized what it was so I pushed the clutch in on my truck and drifted back to it.It never woke up till I gave my truck some gas to get going then it ran down over the bank.[by the way it was sleeping]

Fly fishing with Elk

Hey buddy, I was fishing this hole first.

Moose calf

A cow moose was hanging around behind the house and I walked out with the camera and found this calf lying in the brush.

west end buck

one misty foggy morning around the bend in the road , here stands this beautiful buck standing in the water just off the beach area of lake como , wi. a once in a life time photo. i grabbed my camera and snapped a photo before spooking the deer. just after i took the picture , the buck chased a doe in front of my truck ! rutting season.

muskie sun set

I got this one with the most awsome sun set. Fish was released.

Giant Salmonberry!

My Dad and I where hunting Black bears in the Cascade foothills and we came across this HUGE salmonberry! You don’t see one this big every day! I think the bears would have enjoyed it but I thought it was cool!

Puttin on the Breaks

Zeke the Wonder dog chasing down a bumper during a hunt test in Traverse City Michigan

Creek Crossing

Crossing the Creek
Kaysea, age 7 with her 1st Snook while out fishing with her dad. The unplanned trips are usually the most memorable trips.

Lucky Fishing Hat King Salmon

Caught this huge king salmon on the Secret River in Alaska on a 9 weight fly rod on a bunny leach fly I tied myself. It must have been the lucky fishing hat I wore for the trip!

tommy with his first big lake trout..

my boy tommy caught this fish trolling a hand made lure in fish lake in Utah the year of 2009..

alaskan coastal brown bear

Alaskan Brown taken At 40 yds. With rifle chambered in .340 Weatherby.It squared at just over 9′ with a skull of 25 and 3/16″. It was the thrill of a lifetime!

Low Rainbow

Rainbow during annual LPOIC fishing Derby,May 2010,on Lake Pend Oreille,Idaho.

Shark ate the tail off the sailfish!!!!

We went fishin in florida on a vac. and caught a 7 1/2 sailfish, while we were bringing it in, a shark decided to grab a quick meal and took off the tail, it was awsome!!!!!
A buck with a wierd set of antlers.

Alaskan bow hunt for bou

I climbed up into the Brooks range of Alaska to get above this big boy, after almost two hours of climbing and traversing I looked to my down and left as I caught movement. There he was only fifteen yards away and somehow did not hear or see me. Somewhat startled I drew my bow took a breath and stuck one through the sweet spot. He took two or three steps and expired. Great hunt!!!
My father is Charlie Prentice. He is a great man who raised three boys hunting and fishing in South Lousiana. He took his grand son and three boys (50, 48, 46) to Alsaka this summer. We fished the Kenai for three days, went Halibut fishing while checking out killer whale pods, ate world class meals, and spent 8 days together that were some of the best of my life. Thank you Dad!

my first blue catfish

my first blue catfish
Caught on Eagle lake in South River Ontario

mom nursing cub

mother black bear nursing 1 of 2 cubs in my side yard

Miss Bassmaster

Katie loves to target largemouth bass.

Merced Small Mouth Bass

I was fishing with my husband (no kids insight) on the Merced River below the entrance to Yosemite National Park. I finally caught my first fish on a Lure since being married/met my husband (10yrs). To our surprise, the fish was a Small Mouth Bass. Not very common to see one this far up river. It was a treat to see this fish, especially as my first catch and hopefully not my last!

Last fish of the day

I had to go to Alaska to finally catch a legal halibut. Not a monster when compared to others, but at 106#, I’m not complaining!

32″ Walleye caught on Lake of the Woods in Canada

Caught this fish and many other Walley and Northern Pike during a week long trip to Wiley Point Resort on Lake of the Woods in Canada last summer. This is the second 32″ Walleye I caught that day.

Yellow eye

9 yr old Robert Ives of Salcha Alaska was on a fishing trip to Valdez with sister Nevaeh & his parents. We frequent Valdez often so he is used to this type of fishing and knows the drill. He baits his own, lets line down, sets the hook, reels them in…this time was a bit different. The fish was fighting harder than any before. After 15 min. the biggest yellow eye We had ever seen.

Twin Fawns

I was driving down a dirt road when these fawns and their mom come running out of the woods.

Lake Fork brown trout

A group of us were fly fishing the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River near Lake City, Colo., and I managed to bring this swarthy beast to hand. I was fishing under an indicator with a Girdle Bug after a brief, but torrential, rainstorm in the midst of southern Colorado’s monsoon season. The fish taped out at just under 17 inches–not a massive trout, but it put up a hell of a fight.
Just brushing up
After about 30 minutes of fishing at a small nearby lake, 11-year old Michael moved to a new spot near the dam. On his 5th cast, he thought he’d snagged his line, but several seconds later, to everyone’s surprise, an 8-lb bass jumped clear of the water and shook his body forcefully, in an unsuccessful attempt to dislodge the hook. Michael soon landed his largest catch to date.

small mouth bass in belgrade stream

caught this 22inch smallmouth fishing in the belgrade lakes region near a rail road bridge using a rapala jointed lure.

Yuba pike

caught this 38 inch pike at yuba res. in Utah the year of 2008..

Asian Carp jumped in boat.

My brother and I were coming back up river after fishing and this asian carp jumped in the boat. We took it home, I cleaned it, and we ate it. And YES it was good ! ! ! Don’t let anyone tell you they are gross. Try it for yourself.
We were fishing the jetties at Perdido Pass in Alabama. My 9 year old son, Grayson, hooked something big and it took awhile for him to land it. It was a 32 inch Bull Red. He told me he thought it was going to pull him overboard!

Velvet buck

Caught this buck using a logging trail in Bennington NY

Two fists of fighting heaven

I was fishing Muskie Lake in Ontario on a day where  the wind was raw and the rain cold.  I had to put my hands in the lake water to warm them (no joke). While fishing a large bolder area I had a hit and pulled in an 18″ smallmouth.  Not to waste a second of precious fishing time as my partner was busy taking it out of the net, I threw out my line and pulled in another 18″er.  What a great day!