This Tarpon was photographed and let go unharmed. We caught it in the backcountry that we guide in here in Southwest Florida.
My wonderful wife bought me my dream hunt for Kodiak Bear on my 50th birthday. After seeing only 2 bears in 8 days with 10″ of rainfall, I shot this bear at 9:30 PM. We first spotted it at 1:00 and hiked about 7 miles crossed a river and 1300 feet up the mountain for the 286 yard shot with a 375 H&H; mag
This was only my second time hunting! I was sitting in a tree stand on my dad’s lease in SC when 9 bucks walked into the field in front of me. We tracked the deer I had shot and found him laying about 200yds. deep into the woods.

Maryland Wild Brown Trout

6 year old son is thrilled with an 18″ Maryland wild brown trout!
Boykin pup fetching a quail during a training session

Monster? King of the Jungle?

I need some help naming this guy like they do on TV. Any ideas?
One huge rooster in Los Suenos Costa Rica.

Piebald blacktail deer

This is a Columbia Blacktail. The picture was taken in NE Washington State in 2007. They had an enforcement office escorting him as protection. He is probably not fair game even in season.

fishing surprise!

A couple weeks ago we went fishing and I caught a good size bass. My boyfriend caught one too and we put them on a stringer line.When we went to leave he yelled out that something had eaten my fish. I was shocked to find my fish encased in the mouth of a snake with only the tail showing. Needless to say I will never be the one pulling the stringer line out of the water at the end of a fishing day!

Fishing the Little Red

We went to the world famous trout resort Lindsey’s, which holds a previous brown trout record, and caught a mess of fish with the family.

SMILE (wow)

This bad boy popped up on my hunting partner’s game camera a couple days ago. He won’t even tell me where it is. I can’t blame him. haha

Porkfish Grunt Keys Style

Porkfish Grunt Keys Style

Barefoot Beauty and the Beast

Personal best 34.2 lbs 41″ long King Salmon Lake Ontario

30″ Pike

Fishing was slow because of the heat. We had to stay comfortable. We’ve been there in full raingear, gloves and stocking caps.

Idaho Camp Visitor

Clearwater National Forest. We had this Whitetail buck visit our camp in Idaho’s high country, used to be just Mule Deer country, but Whitetails Keep expanding.

Twins getting a little apple juice

I finally figured out why my apple trees never have apples less than seven feet above ground

Garrett’s Big Striper

Garrett Gibson age 8 with 21lb striped bass.

Smart little buck!

The picture tells it all!

Cotton Pickin’ Pot Lickin’ Cat!

No this was not staged. Those two beagles came from a long line climbers. They would actually climb the ladder and get up on the roof! They could even get back down by themselves. Sam and Bam have long since gone on to the big briar patch in the sky but their climbing gene still exists in their heirs.

happy face, king salmon


My “Never” Striper (I’ll probably Never catch a bigger one)

This fish was caught trolling an umbrella rig in the Southern Maryland section of the Chesapeake Bay. It was 45 inchs long and weighed 40 pounds. I’m 63 years old, so the odds are I’ll never catch a bigger one.

Little Idaho Mountain Men

My boys learning the ways of the woods

Three of a kind

This is a pic of three huge whitetails bucks in my bean field, most likely the place i’m going to hunt this year 😉 1-9 point 1-13 point 1-10+

HOLD! She has CUBS!

HOLD! She has CUBS! September 1987 Moose Hunting Chitina Alaska
West of Chicken Alaska on Buckskin Ridge

ten w/ drop tine

caught this buck a few different times on the camera never have a got a front view even w/ moving the camera looks great from the back

How many Points?

He’s has 8 points for sure but some extra add ons. How many points do you think he has? I have other pictures on my profile

Bobby’s first big one

My son caught this huge fish on a worm and a bobber right after I caught a 13′ bass in the same spot. It was two days before his 7th birthday August 18th in a small pond in our home town on Chatham New York. We have it mounted now so I have to look at it everyday as I am 49 years old and still don’t have one this nice.

Idaho Bull Trout

A 16inch Bull Trout my 4 year old landed in the East Fork of the South Fork of the Salmon River.

Eagle Snatches Salmon

I was on Kodiak Island, Alaska on July 5th. I was photographing the ocean and mountains when this eagle soared overhead.

Shrimp from Whittier Alaska

I had no idea these guys “snap” their tails so hard ouch!!
While fishing in Montauk, NY with his father Erik, 10 year old Kody caught without assistance this 33# striped bass. It took a while but he did it all! Great fish!

Stuff i found in texas

Deer skull pig skull and tusks and a coyote all found on my trip to Texas.
on sunday morning august first while fishing out of captree new york aboard the CAPT. ROD. with my two brothers . we just made our frist drop of the daywhen all of a sudden my pole bends i set the hook and reeled this monster up . was the days pool winner at 10.14 lbs and 31″ long

Fall opportunities…..

Deer season is looking promising!!!!
Past two seasons I passed Bulls looking for a good rack and this was my last season so if it’s “Legal and Brown, it’s going DOWN”!

Stuff i found in texas

Deer skull pig skull and tusks and a coyote all found on my trip to Texas.

What does he score?

deer at corn

little boy big flathead

more mo river fishing
Went out fishing on the pontoon on a very humid, early August Minnesota day. Figured the fish would be in deeper water in the early afternoon trying to beat the heat, and this guy slammed my plain orange-colored hook with a leech in about 20 feet of water, just bouncing it off the bottom. The only thing that felt better than catching this monster was taking a swim after getting him in the boat.

Got someone on the other line…

Fishing with my brother-in law we were trolling 3 hours without even marking a fish. Finally we had a hit and two minutes later the phone rings, my wife is in Labor no just kidding. Landed a thirty pound lake trout after a 20 min fight.

Biggest to date

Caught this Dorado down in Costa Rica. It was early the first day out and I was not expecting or ready, ended up being a great start to the day.

new york city girl gets hooked on fishing

My Ohio born son’s finance’ who lives in NYC wanted to try fishing. on a recent visit we first took her to an Ohio farm pond to catch bluegills. She loved it so we scheduled a salmon charter on Lake Ontario where she caught 2, 20 pound plus Kings and two nice brown trout. I think you can see by the smile that she was hooked on fishing.
Hooked into this lunker in 9ft of water using a 10wt Sage rod,almost spooled out,had to chase fish to get some line back.

Trail Cam Buck

Caught this buck on my Moultrie after season went out. I found his left side shed a couple weeks ago. Still looking for the right.

Poor Bluegill

Well i had caught this big boy and my brother and i were proven of how big it was.

Large mouth bass

out fishing with the men, and pulled up this beauty! Still holds the record for the boat! 6 lbs 12 oz

Possible state record Tilapia?

We caught thid huge Tilapia on a soft plastic bait in a small lake her in Cpae Coral, Florida. Did not get a tape on it and let it go. But after doing research we found that it was the state record. OOOHHH WELLLLL.
Inherited a bunch of magazine from the 70’s

Tootsie Pops, Hula Poppers, and Big Bass

Ellie Nicholson, 13 – While enjopying a Tootsie Pop for breakfast the first cast of the morning was all it took for this 7 pound lunker to inhale a Hula Popper. With a little help from Dad, this fish was landed, photographed, and released. Little sister shows her approval from the front of the boat. A brief moment in time that etched life-long memories.