I got the chance to go hunting after being paralyzed for 16 years! My brother-n-law made part of the gun rest and a friend made another part of it. My first morning out this 8 point came out of the woods on a trail and I was able to fire my rifle as he walk threw my cross-hair. It took some help from my friend to pull this off! I was the happiest hunter in those woods that morning!.

Angry Bull

The most enraged Bull I’ve ever seen, he was livid about anything or anyone getting near his cows.
I caught this 25 Pound King Salmon on 9/18/2010 in Pulaski, NY on the Salmon River. I am stationed at Fort Drum with the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division, and when I arrived here in New York I was told about the Salmon Run and how awesome it is. My Company Commander and I went to experience it for ourselves and are hooked! We plan on going every weekend to fish! His kids enjoyed the thrills too!

Opening Day Honkers

2010 opening day brought a harvest of 30 honkers. I can remember when that count would be for the whole season. These guys got ambushed coming to a recently cut corn field in South Dakota with a dozen nice decoys. They are locals that aren’t quite as smart as the travelers will be next month.

Aaaahh a human!!! said the fish

As a fish-paparazzi-photographer it is important to think like a fish. Sneak up on the fish and catch them in their most embarrassing moments. The only problem is there are not very many famous fish in the entertainment industry.

Matching the hatch…

When there’s an aluminum hatch in camp, your best bet is to match it!
Colorado Mule Deer, 5×5, 28 inches wide! I shot this buck with my 270 rifle on family property and it was my first kill! Very exciting to say the least!

Bow on a hopper

The hopper with a san juan dropper was the rig of choice during September on the Current.

The “Go Big or Go Home” Buck

We spotted a big muley up atop a mountain, and a smaller one that would be much easier. My guide asked me if I wanted to climb the mountain and try a shot at one of the big ones or settle for the smaller one. I looked at Sam, my guide, and said “Go big or go home Sam”. The big muley went about 200 yards downhill before piling up in some alders after the shot. Nate Z.

Like father, like daughter

My daughter scored her first robin hood this week. She pointed out that it took me 30 years to get my first one, while she got hers in 3 weeks. I of course reminded her that she had the benefit of coaching by her brother, boyfriend, and me. haha. Always proud of my kids.

wild boar with a slingshot

134 pound wild boar takin with my arrow shooting slingshot. stalked to within 8 yds shot through the shoulder dropped right there. Got it all on film

Berg with his ducks

This my lab Berg with the ducks we shot and he retrieved.

Little Boys Big Catch!

Late summer fun Bubba Doss and son Walker take twin cousins Bennett & Bryant Fleming, and Logan Cagle for a day of good fishing below the Joe Wheeler Dam in North Alabama.
A 5 shot smiley face group that can be covered by a nickel fired off hand with iron sights from 50′. A definite exception to the rule for this old coffee drinker.
These are the boys that hang in our hay field. Photos were taken in August 2010.

big horn sheep

Spotted this ram while deer hunting at our cabin at mckenzie junction near westcliffe co he was with 12 3/4 curls and 2 full curls.
A fiesty 6×7 with the sun on his back and debris hanging from his brow tines.

Good day of shed hunting

I found these 4 elk and 1 whitetail in one day in Montana.

First Coyote

I got this coyote with a Quaker Boy “Cottontail Screamer” and a Mossberg 500 12 Gauge. Called for about 5 min. the coyote showed up with in 2.min. Thanks for all the tips been reading F&S; for a long time. Keep up the great work.

Mikayla catches big channel

reeled it in all by herself on 8 pound test with chicken liver was super proud of her

Whitneys channel cat

She caught this nice channel on chicken liver on the ohio side of the ohio river. It put up a good fight for her and she was really excited plus this was the only fish of the night so she had bragging rights

another good buck

this is the second good buck in the same spot

Deer pees in Bear Creek

I grew up in colorado and drank from the clear mountain streams for many years. I found this lovely doe peeing in the creek from which I had just filled my filtered water bottle.

42″ striped bass

Caught this beauty while trolling live eels behind my kayak at the mouth of the Merrimack River.

First Hunt First Buck

12 year Myia Lopes shot her first Deer in the Kamloops Area of B.C. she used her .243 Winchester Junior with 95 Grain Bullet. One shot

sting ray bowfishing

just a great day on the water

Thank You Field and Stream

This is one of my dogs playing with the training dummies I won from the caption contest.

Reelin’ in the BIG ol’ fish! WHEW!

My daughter, Parker, age 4 was in full fisherman form when reeling in such a BIG fish!

big snook

big snook caught under bridge on a bomber. fish was released shortly after photo

Ice fishing

Alexis age 5 caught this rainbow ice fishing in Montana.

Big Ol’ Bass

I live in WV but work as a golf caddy at a 5 star resort in PA, the ponds are loaded with bass of this same size and i’ve had permission to fish all the ponds for the last several years. I finally took them up on the offer and have been back making HD movies for the past several weeks now. Awsome awsome fishing!!!

Mule Deer Buck

A nice Mule Deer Buck at Sunset

My biggest catch this year

Large Mouth from Upper Mud River Lake Lincoln County West Virginia

Nice deer

This is 4 year old alexis holding my Montana buck.
Blacktail I shot with a Savage .308 lever action at approx. 100 yards. Weighed 218 lbs gutted and skinned.

Long Day of Huntin

Laid down for a nap, with my trust huntin dog.
I was fishing on a hot, clear afternoon with my dad and little brother under Key Bridge on the Potomac River. We were fishing cut shad on the bottom and had already landed a couple ten pounders. After about an hour of fishing I heard the drag start to scream. I ran over and grabbed it, set the hook, and started reeling. It took about 20 min to land the fish on 20lb test mono.

Spring Largemouth

Early season Largemouth in northern Minnesota.

First Turkey

After getting to our huting spot, we looked across the fields below us and saw a group of Turkey’s about a 1/2 mile away. I decided to set up our decoys and call anyway and eventually this Jake crossed the two fields before coming to within 10 yards from my son who stayed patient and waited for a good shot. He was very excited and couldn’t text the pictures fast enough to his family and friends!
i caught this pike on a cold morning in th the spring. i went fishing to get out of my mothers way.

Can You SEE Them?

My father, grandfather and I were fishing out of our canoe for largemouth bass. We floated up to a beaver den and realized that it was covered in large black snakes!

Stop and look around (some more)

Often when fishing its easy to loose track of time while concentrating on the cast, presentation, fish, etc. Good thing you have to stop and stretch every once and a while, or you could miss scenery like this. Montauk State Park, MO. Taken by F&S; member c_A_c
My son caught this Blue Catfish on a live eel in the Cape Fear River about 15 miles from Wilmington, NC.
it was the last day of the season we were on the way to the truck on our horses. we turn around the corner i look up the hill and see a little white butt up on the hill i tell my dad to stop i rest on a tree i see horns from 272 yards it took 2 shoots to kill him and i was pumped
Caught 3 springs ago on a smaller private lake in Northern Michigan while fishing for bass off shore with a Strick 9 Shinner. 8lb test no leader. Absolute beautiful prize! I released the pike back into the lake, but not before I got a picture with it and named it “Chikamonga!”

My first Goose

First week of early goose season in Maine, me and a friend saw a flock down on the river, we decided to go after them in the morning. After failing to put the stalk on them, we went back to the truck and got the canoe. The fog gave us enough cover to get close enough for a shot. We started paddling up and I dropped the paddle for my gun and gave this honker a couple shots to put him down.

Smoked Doves II

I really enjoy black powder firearms and shotguns are no exception. Shooting doves with a side by side soot burner is lots of fun but it requires a little patience. But… getting a limit of doves with one will make you the talk of the field. It will also have fellows lined up wanting to shoot it!
Here is our final coyote total after 2 days of hard hunting. 11 coyotes earned us 2nd place in the 2010 Valentine’s Day Coyote Calling Contest.


If only i could hunt their

Coyote kill

I took this coyote while working on my farm during the summer of 2009. One shot at 125 yards was all it took.