While walking in the woods this spring I found a spot where it looked like a bear had been bedding. I set my camera up there and this is what I got. The pic looks a bit funny because it was early morning with low light and the camera shot in night mode. It would have been nice to see the pic in color but I think it looks great just as it is.

Deer can disapear

I have no idea how this picture was taken it is not a double exposure. This is the second year I have pictures of this buck from and he is significantly taller this year.
I found the sheds from this buck last March. He was a perfect 6×6 who grew to a huge 9×7. I have several pictures from him before and after shedding his velvet. This buck is estimated to score between 190-200 inches.

Big Dreams

buck and a fawn in alfalfa field
10pt. through a spider eyes! This spider built this web in 19 minutes. My deer cam recorded it all. Thanks Tim Calhoun


An unusual picture of a Sow Bear with her cubs. The sow and one of the cubs are brown, and the other cub is black! My trail cam snapped this interesting picture in the Wasatch Mountains above Provo, UT.

Bathing Boo Boo

After a hard day of eating huckleberries, Boo Boo’s mom told him that he needed to clean up a little before heading home. I captured this photo in Blue Mountains of Washington State of this color phased bear taking a bath in a tank fed from a natural spring in the National forest. The camera was intended for scouting elk before the 2010 archery season, but you never know what you will see? Enjoy!


Three bucks


Caught this on the trail cam. My wife recently took the third deer back with all the wild points.
This Piebald 8 point showed up on camera in the late season on a travel intersection. He fell to the stick and string a week later.

Chow Line

I’ve gotten a few pictures of one or two pigs at a time in the past few years, but nothing like this. It’s like they are all set up for a dinner line. They show up every day like clockwork. Does anyone else suddenly have a craving for bacon?

Confused Bucks

Just so happen to catch these two bucks making out on camera….

fox with prey

they must be better at hunting than most of us

Freakin sweet

camera is set on a mineral lick

I Got You Now !

Big 8 finally found the stealth cam … He seems very angry !

Gnarles Barkley

He denfinately not shy we have 10-15 pics of this guy, usually at night but this is definately not the best of his antlers but a pretty sweet pic none the less

Deer Meets Three Coons

Not sure how this ended up … But it seems to be some kind of stand-off?

Double Trouble

Not a bad spot to hang a tree stand, eh? Have seen both bucks on several pictures, but this was the most interesting. Possibly brothers?

You Win

Doe staring down a skunk.

Coyotes mating

I had my moultrie camera up in the mountains of southwest Virginia and got this awesome photo.

Huge buck

cant wait till the season starts

A good stretch

A small spike buck stretching out.

can you get any closer?

much closer and he’d be changing my flash card for me
another 3rd shift buck


Leave my buck alone! Sister! Caught on my deer cam just to the right of my deer stand.tCalhoun
We have around 50 photos of this Midwestern cornfed giant working one of our mock scrapes on a field edge. He has been mostly nocturnal so far, but who knows what he’ll do once the rut kicks in! I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one!
Big 11 point.

What are YOU looking at?!

This turkey wanted his close up.


I own freerange land in Colorado and was surprised to see Bison, it was a large herd and may have been from a local rancher, I am not sure who they belong to but I was very excited to get them on my Scoutguard 560V.

The Deer Family

This is a shot in early August where my food plot is located of a Mother deer with her 2 fawns and maybe Dad hangin’ with them.

Perfect pose

I expect this 5×5 to do most of the breeding this year on my place. Have both of his sheds from last year.

Dancing UNDER the Stars

These two bucks have already dropped their antlers and decided to box a little under the stars.
Big 10 point again

Ky. bobcat

was very shocked to see this cat when i was flipping through my pics. might try to take it when the Ky. bobcat season opens
A good looking Minnesota 10 pointer.

bambi and his dad

I have a couple pictures of this deer now. REALLY nice size for PA

Doe At Dusk

Here’s a picture of a nice down that came into the food plot just as the sun was setting.

Black Bear

450 lb black bear

tall browtines

Nice big buck

King of the Corn

Apparently these two bucks were having some problems with sharing the corn.

Whats this?

A small fawn close up checking out the camera.

elk seasons gonna be great!

too bad it doesn’t start even remotely soon

Brown Chicken Brown Cow

I guess the hogs were using my camera to make some X rated movies.

ugly duck

goofy buck eating corn

Scrapping Bucks: Big vs Little

A trail cam set by a feeder to see what was around. The deer on the left is a nice ten point while the deer on the right is small six.

Wheres Waldo

First part of September in Kansas and the cover is thick. Sometimes you really have to look at the pics close to see what you’ve got.


Doe in-your-face pic.

Double Splits!!

This Northern Illinois Buck has Split Browtines & Split G2s … Hope he hangs in the area until this falls archery season.

For a little guy you sure got a big stink

Just got this off my trail cam, thought it looked funny

wierd looking buck

first picture of a big buck for 2010

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