After four years watching this buck with a Cuddeback camera on my land in Kansas, I got him! 17 points, 212 green gross using a Mathews DXT and Rage 3 Broad Head.

Who invited you to the party?

Photo was sent to me by a friend. He said his buddy got quite a surprise back at the motel when he looked at the digital photos on the camera. I still wonder if ti was shopped… Elk was takne in ND.

Albino Moose!

This was taken with our Moultrie Game camera. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this! Too bad we haven’t actually SEEN him in the woods. Very neat!

Blacktail “Branches”

On day 8 of a 12 day season I was sitting near a trail when this buck followed three doe out of the woods 75 yards away. That late in the season I was happy just to finally see some horns. My final shot dropped him right behind a huge log. I had no idea how BIG he was until I looked over that log and Saw this monster laying there.

Died of Old Age???

Unbelievable skull I came across during my elk hunt this year. Was either a winter kill, or this bruiser died of old age. In an area that I seldome see deer (but do see lots of sign), it is nice to know that this caliber deer could be around the next ridge.
Taken this past weekend

An OK opening day monster…

A family friend and neighbor to my grandparents harvested this beast on the opening day of Oklahoma’s archer season. Months of scouting and drooling over trail cam photos paid off in the end. Field dressed at 190 lbs., green score in the mid 180’s. Congrats Vic

Ontario moose

On a recent archery moose hunt in Ontario, I harvested this 55 1/2″ bull on the second morning of my hunt. Called in from across a main highway, I harvested him at 16-18 yards. Shot him with a Mathews Mustang bow set a 50# and a Beman Vibrake arrow tipped with a PINK Muzzy broadhead. Girls Rule!!!
My granparents and I were out trail riding when we discovered this big guy only about ten feet into the thickets. He was just watching us. We went all the way home to grab my camera in hopes that he would still be laying there. Sure enough he was!

Brayden’s first deer

This is twelve year old Brayden Craig’s first deer. It is an Oklahoma fourteen buck that weighed 150 pounds. He took it during the 2010 youth rifle season with a single shot from a Winchester .270

Maddison’s First Deer

Maddison Roberts turned 13 in September. This was her first buck. Her nick name is “BUG” and on the bolt of the rifle it reads “BUG 2010”. Maddison took this Buck with a Model 14 savage chambered in 257 Roberts from the Savage custom shop. Maddison spotted this buck, snuck up to 150 yards and made a 1 shot kill. She was using Federal premium ammo with the 120 grain Nosler partition.

old style

I harvested this buck my first time to ever use a muzzleloader. I shot him with and old fashioned lyman using a lead ball and spit wad! He green scored a 180 class B&C; and weighed 260 pounds! Talk about exciting!!!
I managed to fill my 2010 Mule Deer tag with a large typical buck. I had a fun hunt with my cousin and his teenage boys. Always good to have a couple teenagers along with something to prove, when you have to pack meat out of a steep canyon bottom….
My brother drew a once in a lifetime Minnesota moose tag. We had been hunting for about five days when we came across this cow feeding off lily pads in a bay. We all stop our canoes to watch when my paddle scraped against a rock I was trying to steady our boat against. Out charged this trophy bull moose. Three shots later we had our trophy.

Buck Rubbing its Horns

This giant buck was caught on our trail camera rubbing its horns on the branches.

Urban buck, Overland Park, KS

I took this buck in suburban Overland Park, KS. Green score is approximately 182. He followed a scent trail of doe estrus and dominant buck to within 8 yds. of the stand. Shot hit his shoulder leaving most of the arrow hanging out. He crashed in 20 yds, snapping arrow shaft. When I pulled the heart out, six inches of the arrow and the broadhead were still stuck in his heart.

Sky Scraper Falls

Dropped this 140 incher non-typical October 8th 2010 in Anson County, N.C. with my Hoyt Trykon. He was known as Sky Scraper because of his tall 13 point rack captured on trail cam. The 13th sticker was broken off when he was harvested. My personal best.
This is the first deer I have taken with my muzzleloader and is the biggest buck I have harvested. He has a 20 inch inside spread and was rough scored at 140 inches.
My son’s first Spoonbill, taken in Miami,Oklahoma across from the fairgrounds. He was so proud of himself. As was I…

Bobcat and it’s lunch.

Taken in NC, Bobcat with ? fox squirrel in it’s mouth. This is from a truth cam.
Taken the last morning of Colorado’s first rifle season with a 30-06, 180 grain, Nosler Accubond load at 269 yards. He scored 314, even with his broken right tine. This is a big bull for this part of Colorado. NEVER GIVE UP as long as you still have time to fill your tag.
I managed to fill my 2010 Mule Deer tag with a large typical buck. I had a fun hunt with my cousin and his teenage boys. Always good to have a couple teenagers along with something to prove, when you have to pack meat out of a steep canyon bottom….

Predator and prey

I have a game cam set up over a gully that runs toward a stock pond on our ranch. Several nights ago, a spider spun her web right in front of the camera, so that all the deer were photographed that night through her web…and with her right in the middle! It made for an interesting juxtaposition: the predator whose web framed a different sort of prey.

Mule Deer Doe Jumping and Running

Mule Deer Doe Jumping and Running. We see many mule deer here. This mule deer doe kept my attention on her so the others could take off running. When they were out of site she took off running and jumping too!
On a 7 day horseback trip in Eastern Oregon…I (pictured on left)heard those elk screaming from across draw. Made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Within minutes he was in my line of sight, 45 yards out. I drew, and felt my shot was TRUE. I flicked that arrow to perfection! We found him 200 yards from the kill zone. He’s a magnificent 5×6. I had been waiting for this for 18 years.

the first flag of the day

the northren was 18lbs 6ounces it was the first and only flag i had all day god i love ice fishing
Scored 173 2/8 gross, a nice North Central Idaho Muley.

Warpaint Shiner

This unique fella belongs to a rare breed of wild shiners that are native to the Appalachian mountains in NC and TN, similar to a Rosyface Shiner or a Mountain Redbelly Dace, caught on a Dave’s Hopper fly in the Linville River, below the Gorge.
22″ about 6.25 lb up by Grandby CO Sept 2010. Not a real long time fisher, new to the sport this is my biggest Rainbow ever! LOVED IT!

Fox on a salt block

Curious fox on the salt block.

XFiles Xtreme Cam

Taken with Bushnell Cam. Mom has tracking collar with two cubs behind her.
I had gotten out into the treestand at about 4 that afternoon. It was my first day out this year and I wasn’t seeing anything. Then at about 6 , I heard some corn stalks crunching. It was just a small buck. After the small buck went out of site, this guy walked in at about thirty yards. I drilled him.

El Jefe (the boss)

This buck showed up on our trail cam photos this fall. this is one of the biggest eight points I’ve ever seen.

New York Southern Bow Opener

I shot this 9 point with my bow at only 10 yards on a property in Ontario County in New York. Being a college student at SUNY ESF in Syracuse as a Wildlife Major, having any opportunity to hunt is amazing. This is a moment I will remember for the rest of my life.

Tired bear.

I have encountered this bear many times in the last two years. It is getting to the place where it seams kind of bored with my antics. It is still a real sucker for a predator call. Someone released domestic rabbits in the neighborhood and I think that is its major prey.

For Scott Bestul

Just got back from my weekend hunt in Northern South Dakota, Oct 1-3. Saturday morning within minutes of deciding to leave the stand, this old bruiser walks out of the thicket at 30 yards. In response to Scott Bestul’s recent blog on taking a good picture, I made sure to make this one count.

Owl after Rabbit

The owl is trying to turn around to get the rabbit that has no idea that it is being hunted as it eats some corn on the ground.

Large Mouth Bass, Maryland

I caught this giant on my birthday. My dad was an avid angler and taught me to fish and I grew up fishing. My dad passed away from cancer last year. Just before I caught this fish I looked up at the sky and I spoke to my dad. Next thing I knew, I brought in this wopper! I know my dad was looking down on me that day and that he sent me this fish for my birthday, Thanks dad!

My very first buck, a Unicorn

It was the youth hunt for rifle and i was standing on a road by a hillside. My father was doing a drive for me and i heard alot of crashing to my left and saw two huge does run by me i tried to get a shot but couldn’t, thats when i heard this beast come running in front of me he stoped 20 yards from me behind a thicket bush and i shot and got him in the spine and he dropped.

Goofy looking buck

Goofy Looking Buck.

Jealous brother

Fishing in our local lake for the first time in about 2 years. The big brother (back) was decided to pull a pig out. But after catching nothing we decided to troll back when the little brother caught this footer on a rapala.
Steph got this 10 pointer on 10-17-2010 at 6:30pm in Ft. Campbell
This is a cell phone photo from mid August while he was still in velvet. I was watching 3 other bucks and one was a really nice 10 pointer. When this one stepped out of the trees and stood by the others it dwarfed the 10 pointer. It has since put on another 2 inches on the tines.

My First Deer

I was watching over an alfalfa field when this 6-pointer came trotting down the field. My heart was punding and he stopped 12 yards in front of me and I shot him with my bow through the jugular vein.

Washington State Muley

Rivers West Pro Team member report: TOUGH hunting season in WA this year… had an Indian summer, first week was warm, second week was a monsoon. Of course we thought we were getting tag soup, until this guy showed up!

Old Ky Buck

This old kentucky buck was killed on 11-16-2009 with a modern gun It has 13 countable points and scored 152 5/8

First big bow buck

I went to my stand for an evening hunt. Didn’t see anything, so I got down and walked around a bit, when i heard a grunt behind me. I turned around to see the perfect silhouette of this buck standing about 100 yds away on top of a hill with the sun setting behind him. he came to about 35 yds, when i let one fly to a perfect hit!

Price County Dream

I was fortunate enough to help my uncle (Todd Cummings) track this deer after he made a well placed shot. Unofficial gross is 181 7/8. His largest to date and a very nice Wisconsin Whitetail
He hopped over the fence under my tree & walked out about ten yards & I put a persicely placed rage broadhead through both lungs and through its heart. Went about 80 yards and dropped. My first deer i’ve ever shot (at age 16).It was a (15ptr but two tines broke off) 13ptr that grossed 160.