Glen Senske Princeton Minnesota, shot this 20 point non-typical with a 410ga shotgun. He greenscores at 199 6/8. Dr. told him no hunting this season due to a collarbone injury and surgery. He put a scope on the 410 and went anyways.

Kansas Freak Nasty

This is my first buck with a bow, Oct 26th at 18yrds facing away from me. Raged him all the way to his heart. He had 20 points with 3 drop tines.
We were taking our oldest son on his first hunt when we saw these two bucks standing within 75 yards from the turn row. My oldest son shot the 12 pointer. The 10 pointer just stood there, so my youngest son got to shoot him. Our boys are 7 and 4 and I’m pretty sure they are ruined after this hunt.
I was hunting some local land that my brother had rights to and had previously been hunting for four years without much success. On my second day this buck walked in about 22 yards away and I was able to get a clean shot on him.

Gator took my Bass

Before I could reel it in this gator wanted it more. Played around with it for awhile but he would not release it. Just ten pound test line that he broke.

As a matter of fact I DO hunt like a girl!

Another day on the creek 🙂 What better then to spend the morning in chest waders and camo! Shot 3 geese that day. South Jersey
HALLOWEEN 25lb 3oz TREAT! It’s Halloween Day 2010-the last day of the Lake Pend Oreille Derby and I was out with our derby team-Cory Larue & Bob Pinto. I got a bite around 10:30a.m. The fish ran 100’, jumped, then 200’ more and jumped again-we knew it was large. The fish was now 675’ out but after 30 minutes he was in the net. We went straight to the scales at Garfield Bay-25lb 3oz! Randy Mikels

Junior World Record Yellow Eye Rockfish

Fishing in Seward Alaska for the first time on Cracker Jack Charters, I landed this giant fish. Everyone told me they had never seen one that big. We had it weighed at 28 lbs. Two days later I got a call from Captain Andy asking me how old I was. When I told him 15, he said “son, you have a World Record”. It ended up being an all age world record on 50lb test line too!!!

Granddaughter with Trophy

Need to start them young. My Grand daughter enjoys my trophy just hours after the hunt. Two priceless moments in one.
October 30th was a brisk morning in the rolling hills of Southeastern Ross County, Ohio. As the sun began to show through the trees I spotted a small 4 point working his way toward my Code Blue scent trail. He crossed the trail and let out two small grunts when a loud dominant grunt startled me. The large buck charged the small buck within 30 yards and i took the shot with my Mathews Switchback.

Monster Wisconsin Buck

This buck came walking out around 6:40 and worked his way down the hill until he was about 65 yards away from me. The rest is all history. The inside spread was 22 3/4 inches and the G2s are 16 inches. The G3s measured 14 inches. A total of 11 countable points with the right side G4 broken off to 1 inch.

Little Girl Shots Big Buck in Ohio

little girl shoots a monster buck during youth season in Ohio.

Deer Fighting

Got this picture last week.
I was hunting on a military post in Maryland on Veteran’s Day. I hadn’t seen any deer movement and moved my stand to a different area. The new area had a lot of rubs and scrapes and looked very good. I put out some Doe Estrous scent and at 1:30 pm I saw him cross a road to get to my location. He came in behind me and I shot him at 5 yards. He went 30 yards, bedded down and expired.


My 4 year old B&T; out of Whitaker’s Black Smokey II. Wish I wouldn’t have cut his legs of in the picture
Opening day 2010! In our blind 1/2 hour prior to shooting time, with high anticipation getting a glimpse of this huge buck I had seen the prior weekend while bowhunting. At 7:35 a.m., he showed himself coming out of a thicket to the right of our blind. She had trouble finding him in her scope , but eventually made the shot with her .243. Wow! What a morning! Talk about a proud Daddy!
My 2 buddies and I drew tags in the wasatch mts in Utah this year. We ended up with 3 nice 6×6’s. Marty’s was the perfect picture.

My son Nicholas’s first deer

Opening day in Nebraska in our deer ground blind, I grunted this deer at about 40 yards @ 1500hrs, and my son cool and calmly shot this deer with his Savage 30-06, 150 grain federal bullet in the pumpstation, we got out to look for him, and Nick about past out and trembled with the biggest case of the buck akers i have ever seen, our best hunt.

Carrot stix the same color as fish

ds colorado
My son Timothy and I did a fly-in moose hunt in Northern Ontario (50th parallel) with Wilderness North. On day 5 my son harvested this behemoth bull with his TC Icon .308 and Leupold VX3 3.5-10X 40mm scope. Weighed approximately 1200 pounds. Now we know why you don’t pull the trigger on these unless they are close to a shoreline or bush road.

General area bucks

After 4 days of fog and snow, the weather finally broke and we located two mature bucks on the next to the last day of the 5-day hunt.

The Blue-Tick Girls

The girls treed this 15lb boar on family land. Shot it out with an old .22. Gave a good fight! Proud of em!

Flying Dorado in Quepos Costa Rica

We were in Costa Rica fishing with Quepos Fish Adventure and we hooked this Dorado. The lighting was perfect because it was a sunny morning and I shot it with my Nikon D60. We got lots of other fish as well and I’ll put them up here to.


18 pound Tigerfish caught on the Mnyera River, Tanzania on a Rapala X-rap

the chase

my secret spot

Womans Blue Fish Tournament

Awesome day out off Atlantic City Shore, 4 woman we caught about 35 :), they kicked my butt!

Hibernating Idaho Bear

We noticed this Black Bear sticking his head out of a hole in the ground while Whitetail Hunting last week in Idaho’s Clearwater National Forest….he was definitely in hibernation mode as he blinked his sleepy eyes at us…

Sleeping GIANT!

This snapping turtle went to sleep 4′ deep in the mud of a old farm pond, when he was abruptly awoke to become soup! My brother in law was cleaning an old farm pond out of silt from runoff on land he bought to build a house on. This turtle was 50#’s +, it had a 2′ wide shell by 2′-8″ in length.

First Iowa Buck

As a former WI resident and current MI resident (UP!) I scouted some areas on public ground in Iowa this April. On November 2 I hunted a particular spot for the first time and was able to take this 146″ buck. Three years of waiting for a tag paid off! 20″ inside spread makes him my biggest yet.
12 year old Cameron and his first ever Mule Deer, taken the hard way, in Idaho’s steep rough country….

Big Buck in the Family

Flying in for a week long hunt is a tough way to get my fix, and I never would have come close without all the hard work dad put in to set up the stands this year. Thanks dad!


This Lost Coast boar ate one to many windfall avocados.
Took a jet boat on the Klutina River where it meets the Copper River near Glennallen.After we landed on shore I sent my spawn sack into the rapids, letting it drift downstream.As my line swept away I felt a tug, quickly I set the hook and zzzziiiinngggg!my drag whistled!5 mins later I landed this beautiful fish! Caught a ttl of 15 Kings in about 2 hrs it was the trip of a lifetime, unforgettable.


most hunters can’t beleive the deer dosn’t hear there heart beating I coundn’t beleive he couldn’t smell the crap in my pants

Iowa Bruiser

This big guy came in right at first light and walked directly under my stand. He finally gave me a quartering away shot at 15 yards and then only ran 20 yards before falling over dead. Both his G3’s are split and he has got a split brow on one side and another kicker coming out of his main beam making him a 13 pointer. He gross scored 169 4/8 making him my biggest deer to date.

Missouri Brute

This deer was taken by a friend of a friend on public land managed by Mo Dept of conservation in Central Missouri. Three guys dedicated their entire season to this buck, but this hunter harvested the buck on November 20, 2010. It was taken with a bow on the last weekend of the firearms season. It hasn’t been officially scored yet, but the hunter thinks it will be around a 200 class animal.

My second deer and my biggest so far!!

IT was the last day and the last few hours of tribal hunting season in south dakota. There were a bunch of bucks in one of our fields and i set up and he came within 30 yards. There were several nice ones but he was the biggest!! Hoping size will keep coming with the years
The turn around of a slow opening morning resulted in his 1st gun buck. The buck was just bedded down 50 yards from a fourwheeling trail. What a nice deer (had 17 1/2 inside spread).

What Will He Score?

A bowhunter shot this big Whitetail recently near Kansas city, Kansas. He is being scored as this is written. Want to guess?
I was hunting with my fiance on 11/12/10 when a 10 point buck came walking in about 3 yards in front of me. I shot the buck with my bow and he just walked away. He got 20 yards and started to wobble and then he crashed. We waited an hour and 1/2 and then went looking for him. He was right where he had dropped about 30 yards away!

My first elk…

This is the trip i took with my dad…with both shot 5 by 5’s…i would say this one was a miracle shot…after running up a mountain…my guided suggestion i take the shot…557 yards! Practicing alot i was pretty confident in the shot…i dropped the bull and unfortunately it fell of a 30 foot cliff…good news is with a little work we recovered the bull…
This was on public land in NE Washington State. He was walking up one ridge while I was walking down the other. One quick 80 yard shot was all that was needed.

Ohio Buck

My First Hunt was very LUCKY
I shot the coyote first when it was chasing a spike out of the woods. Then I stalked within thirty yards of this deer and made a double lung shot off-hand.
I decided the last minute to go hunting with my brother.Had a late start. Was finally in my stand ready to hunt by 9:30am. Yeak a bit late to start. Anyway this beast shows up 8 yards in-front of my stand and I drilled him with a 125gr G5 Montec. He dropped 80 yards away. To think I did not want to go out that day. Stats 243 lbs 23 5/8 inside spread 25 1/4 outside spread

double main beam buck

I think this is an old deer. He weighed over 200lbs. And he was always last to show up. I killed him on Nov. 21 2010 at 4:55 p.m. After watching a spike,2 6-pt.s and a 7-pt for forty mins. playing and feeding in my favorite green field.
I am submitting proudly the Buck my hunting partner shot on 5 Nov 2010. I’m guessing with some knowledge that it will score between 160 to 170, maybe more.The Buck came in in the river bottoms of the Scioto river in Ross County following 3 does. Bob doesn’t care which one he would shoot as he is a meat hunter. The Buck, which was close to 300 lbs. had a lot of meat on it so he shot the buck.
Caught this monster Catfish on the Potomac River in Virginia. It was 41 pounds and took 20 minutes to land.It was released.

Colorado state record c and r saugeye

fish n local ponds I HOOKED INTO THIS MONSTER.

bobcat from home

Just home and noticed something moving accross the field. It was a bobcat. Ran inside the house, reached for the gun, loaded it and went on a search. He was still there and I had a clear shot so I took it. The man wasn’t even home to witness it!