An Idaho cow elk that didn't survive the winter predators...on the ice of the Selway River.

The “Go Big or Go Home” Buck

We spotted a big muley up atop a mountain, and a smaller one that would be much easier. My guide asked me if I wanted to climb the mountain and try a shot at one of the big ones or settle for the smaller one. I looked at Sam, my guide, and said “Go big or go home Sam”. The big muley went about 200 yards downhill before piling up in some alders after the shot. Nate Z.

Hump Back Checking us out

Fishing in Rivers Inlet Sporstman Club,BC we had quite a whale show with a full breach next to our boat. I know that they are are very intellegent and just close enough to check us out. The good new’s is the Coho, Salmon run was great this year. We caught over 30 fish in our 3 days in pairadice.

Black Bear on the Move

A Black Bear wandering…

Kansas Freak Nasty

This is my first buck with a bow, Oct 26th at 18yrds facing away from me. Raged him all the way to his heart. He had 20 points with 3 drop tines.

kathy’s stripe

first stripe – who knew this fish got so big in the lake? And they taste sooo good!
Taken this past weekend
this fish was caught on Joe’s valley res in Utah in the winter of 2009. jigging..
HALLOWEEN 25lb 3oz TREAT! It’s Halloween Day 2010-the last day of the Lake Pend Oreille Derby and I was out with our derby team-Cory Larue & Bob Pinto. I got a bite around 10:30a.m. The fish ran 100’, jumped, then 200’ more and jumped again-we knew it was large. The fish was now 675’ out but after 30 minutes he was in the net. We went straight to the scales at Garfield Bay-25lb 3oz! Randy Mikels

Potential New Oklahoma State Record Rio Grande

My name is Michael Fleharty and below is a brief story about the new pending Oklahoma State Record Rio GrandeTurkey that I killed last weekend. Beard 1= 11 1/8″ Beard 2= 8 2/8″ Beard 3= 7 4/8″ Beard 4= 7 2/8″ Beard 5= 7″ Beard 6= 6 2/8″ Beard 7= 6 5/8″ Totaling 54 inches of Beard Right Spur= 1 1/4″ Left Spur= 1 3/8″ Weight= 22.14lbs Total Score: 157.125

A true Retriever

While fighting a 38″ steelhead my black lab decided to help. My Lab “Remington” jumped in and with one perfect grab lifted this 16LB+ NYS steelhead out of the water. Sal, Remington, Sam & Carley

Granddaughter with Trophy

Need to start them young. My Grand daughter enjoys my trophy just hours after the hunt. Two priceless moments in one.

Mama Deer feeding black baby deer

Every year this mama deer camps out in our front yard with her babies. This year one is black – have never seen a black deer before.
Another pic of my 1st elk, aka why I love the West, even when the temp manages to reach a balmy 13 degrees! Taken in the timber with a Winchester Model 70 30.06.

Junior World Record Yellow Eye Rockfish

Fishing in Seward Alaska for the first time on Cracker Jack Charters, I landed this giant fish. Everyone told me they had never seen one that big. We had it weighed at 28 lbs. Two days later I got a call from Captain Andy asking me how old I was. When I told him 15, he said “son, you have a World Record”. It ended up being an all age world record on 50lb test line too!!!

Packing Out

This is a photo of the Mountain Lion my brother shot on the morning of 11/29/2010. It is being packed out by his guide. I though it was a great photo. It was the first cat seen on the opening morning.

Underwater Tarpon Release

This Tarpon was photographed and let go unharmed. We caught it in the backcountry that we guide in here in Southwest Florida.
Glen Senske Princeton Minnesota, shot this 20 point non-typical with a 410ga shotgun. He greenscores at 199 6/8. Dr. told him no hunting this season due to a collarbone injury and surgery. He put a scope on the 410 and went anyways.

Albino Moose!

This was taken with our Moultrie Game camera. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this! Too bad we haven’t actually SEEN him in the woods. Very neat!

Fishing Pierce Lake

Early morning hike up Mt. McFarlane summit, on a weekend fishing trip to Pierce Lake.

three deer locking horns

We could hear the horns of the deer and took these pictures from our front porch in Conifer Colorado

possible louisiana state record non-typical

Photographs just don’t do him justice! Especially if they are taken from the front, because he has an explosion of horns coming off his backside. Buckmasters has officially scored him at 252, and we are waiting to have him scored by p/y. I never dreamed that I would kill a deer that scored over 200, much less with a bow!

Turkeys Can Swim!

My brothers were walleye and bass fishing in South Dakota when they came upon this guy. Apparently a dog or preditor had chased it out of the shore cover. Why it was swimming we will never know. I suspect this guy is lucky that the brothers’ live well was already full and they had their turkey tags filled already.

Hawk Fishing

This poor spec thought hawks only ate freshwater trout. wrong.

My Friday Night in the Hen House

I caught this on Friday night on 06/18/10 in front of our house on Canyon Ferry Lake in Townsend MT After 5 years of wanting a “picture” fish and putting in time fishing, living here and dating a man whose comapny is named Walleye Freak I got my wish granted in a 13 lb way. My biggest fish ever. I threw her back because she was still spawning holly

Little Girl Shots Big Buck in Ohio

little girl shoots a monster buck during youth season in Ohio.

Monster Lobsters

My Brother, Nephew and I extracted these from a large rockpile off the coast of Newport Beach. We caught a total of 18 lobsters with these 5 all weighing over 10 pounds each. The largest was 13 pounds (even after it dropped a few legs). It was a perfect January day – the water was clear, the sun was bright and the dinner was awesome.

Bow on a hopper

The hopper with a san juan dropper was the rig of choice during September on the Current.
After four years watching this buck with a Cuddeback camera on my land in Kansas, I got him! 17 points, 212 green gross using a Mathews DXT and Rage 3 Broad Head.

old style

I harvested this buck my first time to ever use a muzzleloader. I shot him with and old fashioned lyman using a lead ball and spit wad! He green scored a 180 class B&C; and weighed 260 pounds! Talk about exciting!!!
I managed to fill my 2010 Mule Deer tag with a large typical buck. I had a fun hunt with my cousin and his teenage boys. Always good to have a couple teenagers along with something to prove, when you have to pack meat out of a steep canyon bottom….
Got these off Red Giant Worms. Gettin’ ready to fillet them in this picture. Gonna be some good eatin!

Fishing for salmon in Kodiak Alaska and running from Bears

I was fishing for Coho salmon on the Olds River in Kodiak Alaska when the bear showed up and demonstrated the easy way to get a fish. The bear was 35 feet away but thankfully more interested in his fish than me.

Died of Old Age???

Unbelievable skull I came across during my elk hunt this year. Was either a winter kill, or this bruiser died of old age. In an area that I seldome see deer (but do see lots of sign), it is nice to know that this caliber deer could be around the next ridge.
We were taking our oldest son on his first hunt when we saw these two bucks standing within 75 yards from the turn row. My oldest son shot the 12 pointer. The 10 pointer just stood there, so my youngest son got to shoot him. Our boys are 7 and 4 and I’m pretty sure they are ruined after this hunt.

Colorado elk herd in migration

This is one of the herds that came threw our farm this nov durring 4th riffle season.

Morning Topwater

This was the perfect beginning to the perfect fishing day on the perfect bass lake (location withheld). Several 4’s and 5’s and a 6 were landed that day. Unfortunately, the 6 was on the end of the wrong rod that day. If there is bass fishing in heaven, surely it looks something like this!

Ontario moose

On a recent archery moose hunt in Ontario, I harvested this 55 1/2″ bull on the second morning of my hunt. Called in from across a main highway, I harvested him at 16-18 yards. Shot him with a Mathews Mustang bow set a 50# and a Beman Vibrake arrow tipped with a PINK Muzzy broadhead. Girls Rule!!!

Monster? King of the Jungle?

I need some help naming this guy like they do on TV. Any ideas?

Bass like frogg leggs too

Heard splashing in the pond while we were out with our dogs. Just though it was bass catching bugs, then we started looking and noticed a bass had caught a fogg by the leg. I ran in to get the camera and as it got closer to the edge of the pond realized it was two fish.

carnivorous rainbow

I cought this trout and when we opened him up we found a small rat in its stomach.

Snow Storm????

The hatch was so thick coming off the river this evening it almost looked like it was snowing.

An OK opening day monster…

A family friend and neighbor to my grandparents harvested this beast on the opening day of Oklahoma’s archer season. Months of scouting and drooling over trail cam photos paid off in the end. Field dressed at 190 lbs., green score in the mid 180’s. Congrats Vic
My daughter and I had a awesome Thanksgiving this year! We both killed…She killed her 1st deer and it was a good buck! Kaleb Kisky filmed the hunt for us and I will treasure that hunt for many years!
Boykin pup fetching a quail during a training session

Double Catch

Six year old Dylan was spring fishing with his dad (Mark) in the Grassy River, Manitoba. Using his Nemo fishing rod, he was working hard to reel in his first pickrel of the season when it started to fight hard. With help from dad, Dylan landed his pickrel only to find he was not the only one after it. A pike had grabbed it while Dylan was reeling and he landed them both.

west end buck

one misty foggy morning around the bend in the road , here stands this beautiful buck standing in the water just off the beach area of lake como , wi. a once in a life time photo. i grabbed my camera and snapped a photo before spooking the deer. just after i took the picture , the buck chased a doe in front of my truck ! rutting season.
Huntin with dad during youth season. At day light, we didnt see anything. At 7:50, I turned around, and a doe was walking into a river thicket as he was coming out. He started walking across the field to us.I shot him at 100 yrds with my 20 gauge. He ran about 50 yards and crashed. We were so happy. He wieghed 280 lbs.


Me and my son landed THE BIG ONE around 8pm at Castaic Lake Lagoon. My wife Eva took the picture, my son was in shock and I was trying to hold up the big bass.

Blacktail “Branches”

On day 8 of a 12 day season I was sitting near a trail when this buck followed three doe out of the woods 75 yards away. That late in the season I was happy just to finally see some horns. My final shot dropped him right behind a huge log. I had no idea how BIG he was until I looked over that log and Saw this monster laying there.

Monster Catfish (Historic Photo)

Photo taken by my grandpa in 1951. My father is the baby in the picture. Fish was caught in Apple Creek by trotline. Caption on back of photo says fish weighed 80 lb.
Steelhead running Selway Falls, Idaho 3/2/2010

bass eats bird

caught this bass, while taking hook out saw down in his throat was a bird!
I was hunting some local land that my brother had rights to and had previously been hunting for four years without much success. On my second day this buck walked in about 22 yards away and I was able to get a clean shot on him.
this big boy slammed a rapala, during a tough day of fishing!
This was only my second time hunting! I was sitting in a tree stand on my dad’s lease in SC when 9 bucks walked into the field in front of me. We tracked the deer I had shot and found him laying about 200yds. deep into the woods.
Colorado Mule Deer, 5×5, 28 inches wide! I shot this buck with my 270 rifle on family property and it was my first kill! Very exciting to say the least!
This was Jacob’s first fish he caught fully on his own. Just his year Jacob started casting, reeling, setting the hook, etc.. on his own. This was the first fish that Jacob caught doing everything on his own. What a great catch for him. Needless to say he was very proud of his catch.
My wonderful wife bought me my dream hunt for Kodiak Bear on my 50th birthday. After seeing only 2 bears in 8 days with 10″ of rainfall, I shot this bear at 9:30 PM. We first spotted it at 1:00 and hiked about 7 miles crossed a river and 1300 feet up the mountain for the 286 yard shot with a 375 H&H; mag

Don’t See this Everyday

I was finishing up my grand slam with a Osceola turkey hunt in Florida….with luck on my side i shot my bird the first morning. So i decided to set up the next morning to get some great pictures…Boy did i get one…I call the picture, “Who’s The Boss”. I took this picture on a 1300 acre ranch in St. Cloud, FL…Hope you enjoy.

muskie sun set

I got this one with the most awsome sun set. Fish was released.

Barn Owl in the House

This Owl is in our old house.

Gator took my Bass

Before I could reel it in this gator wanted it more. Played around with it for awhile but he would not release it. Just ten pound test line that he broke.

2010 21″ 9lbs Monster Bass

Fishing with My Joey at our home town lake and caught this monster bass. Was the best day of my life and I have never been more excited and pumped up as I was this day. Joey who has taught me all I know about fishing was so proud. He had to help me control the fish it was so big.

One tired turkey

I was going down a paved secondary road when I saw this turkey on the side of the road. I drove by it and realized what it was so I pushed the clutch in on my truck and drifted back to it.It never woke up till I gave my truck some gas to get going then it ran down over the bank.[by the way it was sleeping]

La Zona Dorado

Fished the Uruguay River in a section know as “La Zona” which is downstream from the Salto Grande Dam which seperates Argentina and Uruguay during April 12 to 15 2010. I caught a monster 46lbs golden dorado on my first day. This was my fourth trip to La Zona and my largest dorado to date.

Bed Full of Dead

Three bucks taken same morning in 2009

Little Hammerhead

I grabbed this little hammerhead as it swam by … then realized that it had teeth. Pearl Harbor, July 29, 1964.
My granparents and I were out trail riding when we discovered this big guy only about ten feet into the thickets. He was just watching us. We went all the way home to grab my camera in hopes that he would still be laying there. Sure enough he was!

Brayden’s first deer

This is twelve year old Brayden Craig’s first deer. It is an Oklahoma fourteen buck that weighed 150 pounds. He took it during the 2010 youth rifle season with a single shot from a Winchester .270

Big Bass on Bluegill

I caught this Largemouth behind my apartment on a live blue gill.

As a matter of fact I DO hunt like a girl!

Another day on the creek 🙂 What better then to spend the morning in chest waders and camo! Shot 3 geese that day. South Jersey

An old man strugles with an old fish. He is my dad.

This amazing fish was caughtin the river by Pawleys Island, South Carolina.This cat fish weighed in at 98lbs. David Armbrister holding the heavy fish for this picture.
October 30th was a brisk morning in the rolling hills of Southeastern Ross County, Ohio. As the sun began to show through the trees I spotted a small 4 point working his way toward my Code Blue scent trail. He crossed the trail and let out two small grunts when a loud dominant grunt startled me. The large buck charged the small buck within 30 yards and i took the shot with my Mathews Switchback.

Enough is enough

Minnesota Morning Dew
This 13 1/2 pound brown trout was caught on a fly by the angler during a recent trip to Patagonia, Argentina. The monster trout was feeding on Pejerrey minnows as it made its way to winter spawning grounds.

Red Fox using his toilet

this was not the first time he went to the bathroom on this rock
One huge rooster in Los Suenos Costa Rica.

Crappie love

Nothing better than Michigan State Spartan pride and crappies EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes, I graduated from MSU. GO STATE!

new world record white bass?

Justin Shiney in Toronto,KS 9.7 Lbs length 26.25″ artficial lure.Dorsal fin does not connect,body 1/3 bigger than length,pectoral fin appears smaller and points rather abruptly, eyes sunk low in the forehead and as you will see in the other photo there is only one tooth patch visible.

Angry Bull

The most enraged Bull I’ve ever seen, he was livid about anything or anyone getting near his cows.

Stormy weather

If I didn’t get a picture of him my trail camera would have.
I was hunting on a military post in Maryland on Veteran’s Day. I hadn’t seen any deer movement and moved my stand to a different area. The new area had a lot of rubs and scrapes and looked very good. I put out some Doe Estrous scent and at 1:30 pm I saw him cross a road to get to my location. He came in behind me and I shot him at 5 yards. He went 30 yards, bedded down and expired.

Webbed out whitetail

Snowy morning in November.
My 7 year old Jade Dotson caught this huge 2 pound 11 ounce bluegill in a very small farm pond. It’s 15 inches long and its going on the wall. This is only her 2nd fish she’s caught. Talk about a memory. We are located in Indiana and this isn’t too far off from a state record. It would be a state record in alot of states. Going on the wall for sure.

Right Place…Right Time…

The bull finally was facing me at 50yrds, then 40, 30, 20…at 9yrds he bugled and about blew me over. With all five pins on his vitals, the bull fell 125yrds later. I thanked God I could even pull my bow back! The bull should scored over 400 inches…


After a 30-yd shot to the shoulder, the grizzly whirled around and stood up facing us with his front paws over his head. Grizzilla is here in BC. The monster scored 24 13/16 B&C; inches.


Doubled up on these northerns in Connecticut 16lb and 14lb released to live another day

gun hunting wagon

Instead of buying multiple box blinds I bought a hay wagon from my buddy and built a box blind to put on top of it. Now I can move it to any field I want to hunt. Saved me some money and it works very well!

Inch and Half Spurs

Trade mark of an old Tom.


Saw this baby coon sitting on a dirt road,makes you want to pick it up and take it home but I didn’t.

Brown Trout Catch

My 12 year old son, Matthew Tarasewicz of Ashland, Wisconsin caught a 31 inch, 13 pound brown trout ice fishing in Lake Superior on January 17th with his dad. He fought this fish for 40 minutes using 6 pound test line. Matthew is having the fish mounted.
I cought this shark on 15 lb test. He took all my line out and I had to pull inch by inch to real him in.

smoke gray turkey

I was on stand during deer season when this pretty bird came in so i took it.where I live they a very rare but I seem to be lucky enough to have taken 2 so far in my years of hunting.

Spring Prescribed Burn

Took this photo during a prescribed burn south of Big Timber,MT.



A carp in the net

Went out carp fishing in south east Colorado 26 June 2010, got 5 carp on a beefed up elk hair caddis, the previous weekend I got the hook straightened out 5 times on a standard trout elk hair caddis.
I caught this 25 Pound King Salmon on 9/18/2010 in Pulaski, NY on the Salmon River. I am stationed at Fort Drum with the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division, and when I arrived here in New York I was told about the Salmon Run and how awesome it is. My Company Commander and I went to experience it for ourselves and are hooked! We plan on going every weekend to fish! His kids enjoyed the thrills too!

Ryan’s big catch

8lbs 2oz, 28 inch, Large mouth bass. Oviedo, FL Ryan, 13, loves to fish! He doesn’t usually go anywhere without tackle. He discovered the joy of bass fishing with shiners cast-netted himself. He catches 6 and 7 pounders regularly. Even while playing with his friends he’s usually watching a pole with a line in the water. Here is a picture of him with the biggest so far. Feel the joy! 🙂

Christmas Turkey With the Kids

I took my kids out to fill the turkey tag and bag a wild bird for Christmas Dinner….we managed to stalk down a nice hen…

Our readers provided us with hundreds of amazing photos in 2010. Here are our top 100 favorites. Enjoy. -The Eds