Shot just a few days ago... Yet to be scored.

possible louisiana state record non-typical

Photographs just don’t do him justice! Especially if they are taken from the front, because he has an explosion of horns coming off his backside. Buckmasters has officially scored him at 252, and we are waiting to have him scored by p/y. I never dreamed that I would kill a deer that scored over 200, much less with a bow!

Packing Out

This is a photo of the Mountain Lion my brother shot on the morning of 11/29/2010. It is being packed out by his guide. I though it was a great photo. It was the first cat seen on the opening morning.


After a 30-yd shot to the shoulder, the grizzly whirled around and stood up facing us with his front paws over his head. Grizzilla is here in BC. The monster scored 24 13/16 B&C; inches.

Black Bear on the Move

A Black Bear wandering…
My daughter and I had a awesome Thanksgiving this year! We both killed…She killed her 1st deer and it was a good buck! Kaleb Kisky filmed the hunt for us and I will treasure that hunt for many years!
Another pic of my 1st elk, aka why I love the West, even when the temp manages to reach a balmy 13 degrees! Taken in the timber with a Winchester Model 70 30.06.

Fishing for salmon in Kodiak Alaska and running from Bears

I was fishing for Coho salmon on the Olds River in Kodiak Alaska when the bear showed up and demonstrated the easy way to get a fish. The bear was 35 feet away but thankfully more interested in his fish than me.
Huntin with dad during youth season. At day light, we didnt see anything. At 7:50, I turned around, and a doe was walking into a river thicket as he was coming out. He started walking across the field to us.I shot him at 100 yrds with my 20 gauge. He ran about 50 yards and crashed. We were so happy. He wieghed 280 lbs.

Colorado elk herd in migration

This is one of the herds that came threw our farm this nov durring 4th riffle season.

Full of Fur(oldtime photo contest)

This picture was taken in north central PA in the mid 1950’s of my grandfather(L),holding his best coon dog Ted, his brother(R) and dog. My grandfather was one of the best and most well known coon hunters throughout the North Mountain Region of Lycoming cty. I am sure for the contest youve received many pictures, but I doubt any quite like this one

I bet the guy who couldnt find this monster is pretty upset

My name is Paul mazerik, my hunting friend Jason Baum and i were hunting in the ravenna arsonal during a controlled hunt, we were told someone shot a monster buck but could not find it. After lunch we were walking thru our assigned area and look at the wonderful rack we found !!!!! WOW i would have hated to lose this one !!!

Christmas Turkey With the Kids

I took my kids out to fill the turkey tag and bag a wild bird for Christmas Dinner….we managed to stalk down a nice hen…

dream stream cutt

tube jig dream stream

grandpa’s gun

brought my grandpas old Auto 5 out with me one morning and took two beautiful drakes, a wood duck and a widgeon.

Buffalo Bath

A buffalo taking a roll in the dirt…

Brothers and thier bucks

Bristan 8 & Jacobi 7 got thier first mulie bucks on Nov.6th opening day of the New Mexico rifle hunt. It was the first time the bros. hunted deer and they both scored. They made thier family and the whole camp proud. Congratulations boy’s!

Montana public lands

2007 outside billings Montana public lands


Second day I caught this guy on camera. Without the aid of the camera, I would have never known this brute was in the area. He made a 7min mistake on Sunday 12/19 which resulted in a full tag.
Got this hog on camera a few days ago. I figured I would never see him during shooting hours with the amount of pressure Ohio saw the last few weeks. I only hunt a small 2.5 acre pass through woods next to the house and it has required some strategic stand moves this year. It finally paid off last night and I am looking foward to seeing this guy on the wall next year!
2010 public lands Montana 7 hunters opening week. hunting in montana we saw at least 100 buck the first week

River Bottom Buck (literally!)

Dad was putting on a drive to Dan Blair and I.About 15 minutes after he started to walk I shot the deer twice and thought he was dead.He got back up and fell in the river!After chasing the dead deer almost a mile downstream, both Blair and dad were in the water attempting to get the buck out before it went completely under.After about 30 minutes we got my big buck safely on the bank.


I saw this in a rack last night…
2010 Non-typical taken by my friend in Southwestern WI. 20 scoreable points.
Ice fish n COLORADO

Big and Wide in Iowa

First buck with a bow my heart almost came out of my chest

Girls can catch fish

Get out fished every time

Brad’s First buck

Brad Sheffer, age 15, of Deforest, WI, dropped his 1st buck with 1 shot, while hunting with his stepdad near Black Earth, WI on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It was his 2nd deer ever, a 16 pointer. It was trotting by at 60 yards and was taken with his Weatherby Vanguard in .243.

Ten Point Buck

I was watching a doe behind me when I heard something. So I turned around and saw the buck trotting towards me with his head down. I shot twice he went down then he got back up and I shot again as he went behind some brush. I poked him with my gun and he got up and ran in the corn so I finished him in the corn. The green score is 167 and he weighed around 230lbs.

beautiful Kansas Buck

I took this great Kansas 9 point while he was busy chasing does. He is truly a great trophy.

Caught this fish in the Copper River can you ID

Seriously though recovering from double knee surgery and this is as close as I get to fishing. Made from copper flashing with a torch patena.
The Tionesta 10 will live in my memory forever! This bruiser was cruising for a fight. He sneaked behind a boulder at 60 yards, and at 25 yards he stopped, gazed up, and I let my arrow fly. Out of a dream he reared up on his two back legs and crashed 25 yards from my stand! My Father and I were amazed! We shared it together out of our own camp, and were truly blessed that day!

Southern Indiana monster

I used the hawks off of a doe a buddy of mine killed earlier and hung them up in a tree about 40 yards away and about an hour later this monster came right in too them.

First Kill of the Season

Ain’t had time to hunt much this season, but I finally got me one! Broke in my brand new Marlin .308 on this five-point from 160 yards away. Good day of huntin!
The second day of rifle season he came out about 100 yards behind my stand around 7 a.m. He finally stepped out of the trees just enough to see his front shoulder. I took the shoot. He took off went about 35 yards and drooped. Three days later my hunting partner took the other 10 pointer out of the same stand about 175 yards out.

15 Year Old Harvest’s 150″ Kansas Buck

15 Year Old Dalton Tillison Of Moore Oklahoma Harvested this 150″ Kansas Buck with his bow. The buck was following a doe on the afternoon of November 10, 2010. After watching them all day the doe finally led the buck right down a trail in front of my treestand. At 27 yards I let the arrow go and he dropped to the ground. This is the biggest buck I have ever harvested.

Wyoming Bull

A 6×7 tending his cows.
I caught this fish on light tackle. I was using spot for bait off the coast of Cape May in the Delaware Bay. It took me approximately 15 minutes to land this fish.

Kentucky Whitetail

I took this deer on my farm in Scott County, Kentucky with my grandfather’s Remington .243.

Turkey’s on the Selway River

Hen Turkey on the Selway River, Idaho.

Afternoon swim

Mother and her two offspring out for a afternoon swim
It was a cold and windy morning in Kansas. I had just barely made it into the Creek to try my luck at baggin’ a big one. With in 3 minutes of setting down my stuff i looked acrossed the field at a deer. it was a very nice deer so i prepared myself. he ran right up to about 150 yrds and bang. he took off like a herd of turtles but i knew i could say….BIG BUCK DOWN……

great opener

well this is the opener in co.we had a great dog is 12yrs old now and can still fetch a limit each,she is slowing down,but still gets the job done,better than staying at home she say’s.she slept real well after this hunt,what a great girl,her name is teeluk
I arrived in my tree stand @6:30am and saw this 10 pt.buck tending does most of the morning until noon. They never reached my 30 yd shooting perimeter or responded to my bleats or grunts, until 2:15 pm. The 10 pt.appeared again alone, and responded to my grunt call. He looped around behind me into a pine grove and I stopped him with a bleat, broadside in my 30 yd shooting window at 2:30 pm.

Charging Bull

A Wyoming Bull worked up while trying to protect his girls….

Mule Deer Buck Eating Dinner

A Wyoming Muley browsing

First deer harvest ever

It was nov 13 8:05a.m. Clermont County, Ohio. I was late to my stand that morning. I stopped to see my Momma at her gravesite. I had been in my stand for 30 mins when A monster dominant buck came running to the “Tinks” hot Bomb I had set out. He made his way 22 yards from me and he presented me a perfect neck shot and 25 yards later he fell in a creek.

Duck in the Dawn Mist

A duck in the mist of dawn….

VA black bear

this is one of my trail cam of this nice black bear in Oct.

Christmas Buck

My dad shot this buck during an afternoon hunt on Christmas Day. He came by chasing a doe.

Another bull by wife

Well she takes along time to shoot but is deadly when she does shoot. Great job and a great hunting partner.