Captured a great series of interactions between these two. In the 1st photo, they appear to be praying or giving thanks for a meal. Obviously, the racoon didn't realize the bear considered him part ot the menu. In this photo, the bear suddenly leaps toward the racoon. The racoon disappears from the next photo only to sneak back in later photos none the worse for wear.
I found the sheds from this buck last March. He was a perfect 6×6 who grew to a huge 9×7. I have several pictures from him before and after shedding his velvet. This buck is estimated to score between 190-200 inches.

Black Bear Cub Checking My Stand

I hunt in North Eastern PA, My stand kept becoming lose and after putting a trail cam up facing the stand I found that a cub was playing on it.

Wolf and Bear Standoff

This is on my ranch in Montana. We have lots of bear and wolf. Thought this show was a good example of what happens at night between the predators.

You look tasty.

This coon and buck had been eyeing each other down all night while eating corn, I guess the coon finally got fed up. Or maybe he just wanted some meat with his corn.


2 coyotes chasing this doe that they have cornered. They got ahold of it a little bit because it has a little bit of blood on its back flank.

Drumming Ruffed Grouse

This photo was taken with a homemade 6mp trail camera in N Minnesota. I located the grouse by listening for his drumming sequence & quietly advancing while he was drumming. I set the camera on the down-slope of the ridge & angled up pointed at the worn section of the log. The speed of his wings make it look as though they are transparent.

Nursing cub

While walking in the woods this spring I found a spot where it looked like a bear had been bedding. I set my camera up there and this is what I got. The pic looks a bit funny because it was early morning with low light and the camera shot in night mode. It would have been nice to see the pic in color but I think it looks great just as it is.

Knock knock, anybody home?

Big cat getting up close.

Fox up the tree with a guard fox lookout

I wish I could tell a story of what is going on in this picture. Here we have a guard fox and another fox climbing a tree. I wonder if it is danger approaching or a hunt. What a nice catch my Trail Cam captured. Enjoy this one, seldom seen.

Big Dreams

buck and a fawn in alfalfa field

Fox with a chicken

Fox with a chicken. The odd part is we cannot figure out where the chicken came from!

Foggy Fall Morning

The buck I hunted all year for teases me by working a scrape on a morning I am not in my stand.


This is a buck I named Zeus. I have over 2000 pictures of him and over 500 trail cam videos. This was the first pic I ever had of him. I had him at 20 yds opening day of bow season and came to full draw and he lacked two steps from bein in my shooting lane. I later had him 3 times with my bow at 24 yds but it was to dark for a shot

Albino Moose

Just in time for the Halloween Holiday! 🙂 We got this picture of an albino moose on our game camera.. thought it was too neat NOT to share!

Fighting Foxes

Found this dead buck and set the camera on it and had these two foxes fight over the carcass. We also had a coyote come in to check out the carcass.

Bobcat & Turkey–“Best friends Forever! “

” You just don’t act like any other Turkey I’ve ever known!!!” said the Bobcat! Santa Cruz Mtns, Ca.

King of the mountain

Big black bear checking the wind.
This Piebald 8 point showed up on camera in the late season on a travel intersection. He fell to the stick and string a week later.

Olympic Mountains baby lions going to momma

Olympic Mountains baby lions going to momma

Battle in the air

After shooting a doe in archery season, I put the trail cam on some of the remains to see what uses the woods when I’m not there watching. In one week I had over 250 pictures of fox, coyote, crows and deer, but this picture of these two Redtail Hawks topped them all.

Fawn Closeup

I caught this little guy in a small, woodland food plot I planted. It was taken with a homemade 6mp trail camera in Northern Minnesota. I couldn’t have asked for a more photogenic youngin’!

fox with prey

they must be better at hunting than most of us

Lets talk about this big guy?

This little buck either has big kahounas or isnt too smart. As you can tell by his back he is taking one heck of a beating. Thing is he didnt back off and they fought for 10 mins before he gave up!

Fighting Cows

In all the years of hunting Elk I have never witnessed cow elk fighting.

Balancing Bear

This picture was taken with a homemade 6mp trail camera in N. Minnesota. I pounded a stake in the bed of the pond aimed down the length of the log expecting to get roosting waterfowl. To my surprise this bear decided to take a stroll down it.

Dogs attacking buck

I found this buck dead about 10 yards from where the series of pics was taken (8 total). These are not my dogs. The pics are very upsetting, and not something you would expect to see on your cam.

suckling bobcat kitten

bobcats kitten feeding in front of the camera

Beaver Pond Otter

This picture was captured on April 23, 2010 at 4:52pm in Northern Minnesota. I pounded a stake into a beaver dam and aimed one of my homemade 6mp trail cameras at a run. It is amazing the number of visitors you see at a beaver pond. I was especially excited to get this clear, in-focus, closeup of an Otter!

double droptine dandy

I have been hunting this buck for acouple years now. I have only seen him acouple times during daylight hours, and that was during bowhunting season. Now it is muzzeloading season with two days left. Hopefully i will be able to harvest this unique buck. If not there is always his sheds to hunt for and the attempt to try again next year.

Not Happy!

When your not happy it can show.

Deer can disapear

I have no idea how this picture was taken it is not a double exposure. This is the second year I have pictures of this buck from and he is significantly taller this year.
10pt. through a spider eyes! This spider built this web in 19 minutes. My deer cam recorded it all. Thanks Tim Calhoun

Come on mom!

Cougar party.
If you look, there is a 4-5 inch spike coming out below his right antler with its own seperate base. This buck showed up on christmas last year, hung around for two weeks, and we have not seem him since.


An unusual picture of a Sow Bear with her cubs. The sow and one of the cubs are brown, and the other cub is black! My trail cam snapped this interesting picture in the Wasatch Mountains above Provo, UT.

Ohio Farmland Buck

This ain’t the big one.

This bear is HUGE

Yes this is a huge Bear and it is on our Property in PA. Sorry cannot say where we would love to harvest this one . This is the first time we have ever seen this one. We have other pictures of bears but this one takes it too a whole new level. Hope you like and enjoy.

Bathing Boo Boo

After a hard day of eating huckleberries, Boo Boo’s mom told him that he needed to clean up a little before heading home. I captured this photo in Blue Mountains of Washington State of this color phased bear taking a bath in a tank fed from a natural spring in the National forest. The camera was intended for scouting elk before the 2010 archery season, but you never know what you will see? Enjoy!

Easters Cancelled!!!

We live with the Mtn. Lions in the Santa Cruz Mtns. I put out this white porcelain rabbit & got a lot of action! Foxes, Coyotes, Deer, &several; Mtn Lions! I also use Wild Turkey decoys with same results!!

Big Daddy say’s out of here boy!

Old buck teaches young buck who’s boss around here

Wisconsin swamp buck

Photo taken only 1.5 hours after setting out the camera. One of the biggest caught on camera in the area. Lots of mass, width and tine length.

Resting up fot the rut!!!

I have about 15 pictures of this buck laying in front of the camera. This was just a couple days before the Vermont rifle season started, I am sure just teasing me. He was shot on the last day of the season by a kid. It was his first buck a 8-pointer 165 lbs.

I Got You Now !

Big 8 finally found the stealth cam … He seems very angry !

Knot County Ky Elk

not exactly the big rack I was looking for, seems they knew the Camera was there and wanted to show off.

Rutted Up Buck!

This deer has shown up a few times at night now I have pics of him during daylight, this is a sure sign the rut is kicken in! He also has a giant swelled neck.


Three bucks
Had the camera up for a week and these two showed up

Looking down on the lil’ guy…

One of the areas on the property where we had a feeder to find out what was in the area….David meets Goliath story…

Curious Buck

Curious buck looking at the camera.

Last month, on January 15, Field & Stream wrapped up the fourth and final round of its third annual Trail Cam Photo Contest. We gave away a bunch of great prizes this year, including 12 brand-new Primos 35 Truth Cams for the top three photos in each round.

Our editors love judging these contests because they get to look through hundreds of unique wildlife photos and candid shots that capture the real lives of the animals we share the woods with, from those we hunt to those we rarely see.

These 50 shots are our picks, in order, for the best of the 2010 contest. We hope you enjoy looking through them as much as we did.

Thanks to all our contestants for a great year. We can’t wait to see what you send us in 2011!

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