I was on my way to work in Grand Haven Michigan one morning and saw at least 18 Bald Eagles in the channel close to Lake Michigan. These birds are awesome to watch.

Every which way but loose

In the wee hours of the AM, off the bank of Mockinbird Lake, it sounded like someone fell in. Then I heard Louie say “I got one Grampa”. The fish turned Louie every which way but loose. Into the weeds, out of the weeds, into a the tree roots and back out, stripping drag like it was going out of style. But in the end, Louie was victorious. She was a nice one too. Photo’d and released.

Bobcat dragging a fawn

I set up my moultrie trail camera in the back of a cornfield that I hunt. I went back the next week to grab my card and check out my new pics. To my surprise I found a pic of a bobcat dragging what could have been a nice buck for me to hunt in the following years.
My Gram Landed this huge large mouth on Lake Okeechobee on Monday. Although she has fished many times, It was the first time she was ever on a chartered fishing trip. She caught the biggest one of the day.

Last chance buck

Well, it was Saturday Dec. 18th and I knew these bucks had to eat so I set up on a 60 acre, snow covered, been field. About 15 minutes before last shooting light I decided to step out of the blind to look into the cut corn field behind me. Big Buck! and I sgueezed the trigger on my smoke poll and he never walked another step.

big muley

my buddy killed this hog last year first day of bow season on his birthday
My name is Floyd Marl and I live in Milwaukee, Or. I was fishing with my Dad on The Nass River near Terrace BC Canada. We were fishing with Pautzke Fire cured eggs under a float. As soon as I hooked this fish a Seal decided he wanted it also. As you can see he got a little taste, but I won the battle.
Just got my 2010 buck back from the taxidermist. Scored 173 7/8
I rushed my shot and recieved punishment for doing so.

Shed Hunting with My Lab in the Steep Canyons of North Central Idaho

Timber bringing in a whitetail shed horn.
This was my first trip hunting outside of Indiana. This bull was taken outside of Pagosa Springs Co. It was the last day of a five day hunt. Guides with highlands unlimited guustimated the age to be around 12 years old. They said he was probably a dominant bull the year before and now lost a point.

Late Season Ohio Buck

I had been hunting this deer all year and following him on my trail camera. I had him in range the week before but no shot. After the bad snowstorm I figured he would looking to eat. Had over 35 deer in bow range that night including my two shooters and shot him just before dark at 30 yards with my bow and watched him fall. It was a long season but well worth it!


This hunt took place on the last day of the idaho season in 2010. I shot one lone cackler which was my high lite of the day. Dont get me wrong the other 2 honkers and the 7 greenys were awsome but I had never shot a cackler before. Great Day with good friends!!

Manitoba Bull Moose

Bull was shot 10/2/08 on the Churchill River in Northern Manitoba on the last day on a 7 day hunt. Shot at 6:10pm. Bull is a 13×14 points and a 49 inch sp0pmread. It was one of the more crueling hunts I’ve done and I wrote and article for Eastman’s Hunting Journal and titled the artle, “The Broken Horn Camp, the Hunt from Hell”

big Tennessee deer

I was shock when this big boy walk out at 15yd away I took the shot and was not shore if i got him but i did he only ran 15yd way there he was lay he was a 8 point and dress out at 166lb

Mountain Lion dragging a kill

In December I shot a small buck with my bow on the last day of the season. I boned him out on the spot and left with the meat. The next day I went back and set up a camera over the carcass. On Jan 29th the cougars finally found it.
I shot this bull elk in October. He grossed over 220 inches.
50+” fig. 8 around bow three times. Ate a black worn suick in late october.

He caught my bass!!

I took my boyfriend out to a log pile on a little row boat. I have fished there for years and there has always been a small mouth bass there just hanging out with the nice sized perch. I have came close to catching him several times, I was always unprepaired and had my line snap. Well the FIRST time I take him out there he catches it. We released it so I’ll get my shot again later.

King of the Block

He was sitting behind a barn in the middle of town in broad daylight. He is the biggest muley i have ever seen. Any thoughts to how big he is.

Bobcat on Deer Carcass

This photo was taken by my Bushnell Trail Sentry camera. Bobcat has tracking collar placed there by the Iowa DNR. This bobcat and his mate visited the deer kill carcass the night of January 29, 2011.

Bowhunting in Wisconsin

Bowhunting in 1949 with no gears or wheels. What you pulled is what you got.
Well this is a 3.5 year old in Arkansas. I bagged this buck following a bad day at the office where I was canned in the afternoon. I then grabbed my hunting bug out bag and made it to my deer camp in time to grunt this buck in. My deceased cowboy uncle Frank Clark gave me a 16 gauge 870 and I have hunted successfully with it since. Cheers to you Uncle. Seize the day.

Three years of waiting pays off.

I shot this deer on our farm during the youth season. I had seen bucks like this for the previous three years but never got a shot at any.

Idaho Clearwater River Steelhead

My Friend Amy and Her first ever Steelhead…I love to catch them myself, but nothing like getting someone their first!!!

Coming out of retirement?

One of my daughter’s friends offered to let me ride her horse. I jumped at the chance! Dug my gear out to knock the dust off and limber the leather. Thought I’d share a photo. Lots of memories in that stuff. Wish it could talk. You folks would love the stories!

Flying fish

Took this photo ice fishing in Idaho.

The Son

Her first time in the stand, and lone behold the offspring of the buck I had shot two years prior walks into the opening. She made a great shot and now they hang side by side on our living room wall. If you ever get the chance, take a child or woman hunting, there vote counts too.

First tree

First treed lion, a female around Seeley Lake. It was a cold calm morning and a fun chase on snowshoes. We treed her with my boyfriend’s 10 year old bluetick and 5 year old black-and-tan. She seems like a good-sized female, he guessed her weight around 105. Looks like I’m hooked on yet another type of hunt!

I Miss Deer Season!!!

I miss deer season so much that i resorted to putting some corn and my trail camera in the Backyard! Also a cool picture.
I caught this 9 lb Cabera using a live pinfish in Marathon Key, June, 2010. My biggest catch so far and alot of fun!
Hooked up big Blue Marlin on 20lb test leader & line on a spinning rig in Costa Rica. I hooked up the marlin at 10:15 am and tagged at boat 1:40pm.You can see red tag at front of dorsel fin in picture that was taken underwater on release.The marlin wreaked my back and arms for 2 days.

35″ Wild Steelhead on Idaho’s Salmon River

Roy Holloway landed this beauty measured at 35″ and immediately released it back into the Salmon River.

Beautiful Pacific Sailfish

Buddy Dave with 1 of the many sails we caught in Costa Rica.Fished with a spread of teasers and feed with live sails/marlin/dorado with live bait as we raised them.

cat fishing in south georgia

caught 7 all together
On November 24, 2010 I had the great fortune to take this nice 10 point typical 162 2/8″ gross buck in Washington County, RI. This buck was a real shooter and a pleasant surprise in this area. Taken with black powder on private land while still hunting. Old Mr. Big came along, cruising for does and the rest is history. Very respectable deer for RI muzzle-loader season.

ohio river cat

we went to the ohio and were fishing in july at daylight after a long night catching bait and the rest of the story is history we only got two the whole day.
tc omega 100 yards

White Deer

we saw this deer in illinois riding around looking for deer
Well, it does say John Deere! Took this last Spring after a long rough winter for the deer. I think they were glad to see Spring come too.

Adirondack Trapping

Spent my free time during my first semester of college trapping beaver and coyote in the Adiondacks. A new experience for me, being it is illeigal to trap in my home state.
My stepson Darian hadn’t done well all day and on his last cast with the last minnow we had, he landed this river monster, is what he called it after watching the show River Monsters all the time. Took him 20 minutes to reel it in.

That’s how you do it little brother

My four year old son Clayton landed the biggest fish of the day (5 lbs largemouth) on a Cotton Cordell Grappler Shad. Had to put it on the scale and show his little brother Owen how we get it done!
Shot this 8 point 3 weeks after I missed him with the muzzle loader, glad I got a second chance!
I packed this 48 inch Bull Moose out my wife shot 10 months post Achilles rupture surgery. A blood clot occurred due to the injury and I was on blood thinners. I called this bull in to 30 yards with my custom mouth cow call. He couldn’t resist. This photo is of me packing out the caped head and hide. The front brow tines rested perfectly on my shoulders. This is a monster bull for this area.
While deer hunting we just set our cots in the open doors and covered it with a tarp. Wisconsin 1949

Five Muley Bucks

These 5 bucks where just hanging in town! I guess they are safe in town

Tattoo Of My Droptine

Finally Got A Buck Worthy Of The Cost And It’s An Awesome Job!!!!!


My son Drake and dog Jake playing while we were fishing on the salmon river. Jake loves to get rocks and put them on the bank and Drake loves throughing the rocks in.

Show offs

This picture was taken in the 1950s in front of the County Leader office in Newtown Square, PA on Rt. 252. The two men in the back are my great uncles, the Dulaney brothers, Carl on the left and Floyd on the right. They hunted every year near Bushkill Falls, PA and enjoyed showing off their game on the trip home, two bucks show in the pic.