Leatherman Super Tool ® 300 ($87) You ask for one tool. You get 19. Needlenose Pliers let you get at bolts in the smallest spaces. A 1/8", 5/15", 7/32" or Philips head screwdriver can tighten anything that's loose. The saw or knife can cut anything that gets in your way. And a stripper and crimper can help you show a wire who's boss. Then at the end of it all, a bottle opener can remove the top from a well-earned beer. This pocket-sized toolbox is ready to get things done. Just like you are. Order yours today. Or register to win a free one as a special Father's Day Gift.
Fishpond Sporting Club Laptop Sleeve ($40) I’m sure if dad had his way, he’d fish every day. I’m also sure that like the rest of us, he pines for the water during office meetings. So why not help him tell his fellow cube mates that while he might physically be at his desk, his mind is on a winding river or clear lake? A Sporting Club Laptop Sleeve from Fishpond can help. Artfully crafted from heavy-duty cotton duck, this sleeve provides rugged padding for laptops measuring up to 16 inches, and has a well-constructed double zipper for added protection. A stitched-in carry handle lets you tote the sleeve without a bag or tucking it under your arm. – Joe Cermele, Fishing Editor
Primus Express Stove ($45) This tiny, 3-ounce burner screws onto most common camping fuel canisters and lets you boil a pot of water in just over 3 minutes. No frills, no fanciness, just maximum sturdiness at a minimum weight. Fold it up and you can fit it easily into your pocket. It’s a great choice for hunters, anglers, and campers looking to save space and ounces in the backcountry, but also works very well as a backup/emergency stove to put in your truck, your boat, or your emergency drybag. — Nate Matthews, Digital Director
Coleman Quad Lantern ($75.99) The LED inundation continues, offering high light output with light weight and great battery life, now in the innovatively designed Quad Lantern from Coleman. This light, rugged plastic lantern puts out 190 lumens of white light in a radius of 26 feet for 75 hours and weighs in at 6.15 pounds with the eight D batteries on board. The lantern is actually four detachable panels with 6 LEDs each. Each section has it’s own on/off switch and handle and run off an independent power source that recharges from the base. This design allows you to take a small lantern with you away from the campsite or out of the tent without removing the main light source or wasting flashlight batteries. All four panels operate from a master switch on top of the lantern when connected. –Dave Maccar, Online Content Editor
Boomerang Tool Snip ($15) Your dad has lost as many pairs of clippers as the rest of us. Not to mention, he’s getting older and his eyesight might not be as sharp as it was a few years ago. Enter The Snip from Boomerang Tools. With blades made of 420-grade stainless steel, this small pair of scissor-like cutters are durable and razor-sharp. A 36-inch retractable nylon cord keeps the Snip secure on your vest or tackle bag, and best of all, this tool features an LED that makes cutting braid or mono easy in low-light conditions at dusk or dawn, or in the dark if dad is into chasing stripers or walleye at night. –JC
Maxpedition Jumbo K.I.S.S. Gear Bag ($52.99) Sometimes you just need a tough bag that secures well but is smaller than a backpack. The Jumbo K.I.S.S. (yep, it stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid) from Maxpedition is a feature-rich shoulder pack that no one will confuse with a purse. This is a special edition of the company’s Jumbo Versipack cut down to the most essential features. It has a large main compartment that closes with a quick-release flap and three smaller zippered pouches in addition to a cinch pouch on the side sized for a 32 oz. Nalgene bottle, but serves equally well as an all-purpose dump pouch that flattens to nothing when not in use. The Jumbo K.I.S.S. makes a perfect range bag, enhanced by the inclusion of a secure handgun compartment behind the main flap. I’ve used Maxpedition products for years and the very similar Jumbo E.D.C. pack serves as my pistol range bag…and a host of other uses that become very apparent when the warm weather sets in and you suddenly don’t have all those jacket pockets. I rely on Maxpedition to use the toughest materials and the best construction methods…and to not waste an inch of space on any product. The Jumbo K.I.S.S. delivers on both counts. –DM
Onyx Flotation Jacket ($103) By the book, anglers should always wear a PFD on the water. But the reality of the matter is that not enough put this rule into practice. I understand: traditional lifejackets are cumbersome and low-profile inflatable vests can limit maneuverability. Neither is an excuse not to wear one, but if dad grumbles at PFDs, perhaps an Onyx Flotation Jacket could change his tune. Simply put, it’s a lifejacket that doesn’t feel like a lifejacket. With the comfortable fit of a regular foul-weather coat, you won’t know it’ll keep you on the surface unless you fall overboard, as the built-in, flexible flotation panels are hardly noticeable. Features like fleece-lined hand warmer pockets and collar, D-rings for accessories attachments, and watertight cuffs make this jacket ideal for the hardcore angler. It’s sure to become dad’s favorite piece of fishing attire that can also guarantee he fishes long into the future if trouble ever arises. –JC
Mora Knives ($18 – $46.50) It’s hard to find a harder working, tougher knife out there, especially for under $50, than Swedish Mora Knives. These blades have a reputation for simplicity and incredible durability. At Frosts Mora website, there are three very modestly-priced outdoorsman knives: the Morakniv Outdoor 2000 at $43, the Bushcraft Forest Series Knife for $46.50 and the sturdy Bushcraft Triflex Series Knife for $31. Then there’s The Clipper (pictured here) with a handle of thermoplastic rubber for a great grip, a modern ergonomic shape and a 4-inch drop point blade. With flame orange accents and a bright orange sheath, the knife is ideal for hunting or as a survival knife. And if your dad hates sharpening knives, you can get him two or three at a price of $18. –DM
Cochran Black Fly Belt ($30) Florida Artist Vaughn Cochran’s “Black Fly’ mark is an icon for aficionados of the flats. Now Croakies has teamed with Cochran on a line of belts featuring this distinctive artwork (as well as bonefish, tarpon, and permit prints). Serving the dual purposes of fashion and function, these belts are equally appropriate for toting pliers on the water, or wearing with a pair of khakis dockside. Available up to 42 inches, they’re made in the U.S.A. — Kirk Deeter, Editor-at-Large
Fishpond Sawtooth Wader Mat ($45) Simple, compact, and extremely versatile, this abrasion-resistent, quick-drying padded mat has built-in velcro straps that make folding and stowing easy. Its official purpose is to protect waders from gravel, broken glass, or other sharp objects when you’re pulling them on or off in a parking lot, but it has many other uses. Spread one in front of the door to your tent at night and you can take off your shoes without tracking in dirt or debris. Or kneel on it as you cook by the campfire or over a compact stove to save your knees some wear and tear. I brought one on a two-week motorcycle ride down the Rio Grande River last fall, and out of all the gear we tested this stuck out as one of the most versatile products on the trip. Its best used for car or canoe camping — the mat is not light enough for true backpacking. –NM
5.11 Tactical Packable Jacket ($32.99) Jackets that tuck into their own pocket aren’t anything new, but finding one that is compact enough to be practical, built well enough to last and will actually protect you from rain and wind is a rarity. 5.11’s excellent Packable Jacket is simple, functional and tough as nails while still being very thin. It’s a great all around mild-weather jacket and in the warmer months, it’s priceless for people like me who can’t stand using an umbrella and don’t want to walk around in a sweat lodge of a rain jacket. Though 5.11 says it’s only rain resistant, I’ve never had any precipitation get through. It’s very well constructed, like all 5.11 products, and has two vertical, Velcro-sealed chest pockets and two large zippered hand pockets. It’s not a struggle getting it packed into one of the large pockets (Tip: zipping the jacket up before packing it makes it much easier). Give it a shake after you unpack it, let it hang for a minute and the wrinkles vanish. It’s a great item to stash in the glove compartment, day pack or just about anywhere. –DM
Silver Stag Custom Antler Knife ($90 – %130) OK, so we lied…this one might run you a bit more than $100, but it’s worth it. Some of your favorite hunts may not be those that yield the biggest trophies, and some of your most important memories in the field may not be tied to a remarkable harvest represented by a mount on the living room wall, but that doesn’t make them any less deserving of such tributes. Silver Stag knives offers a fairly inexpensive way to commemorate say, your first father-son or father-daughter hunt, or even the first shed you found together. For a price of $90 to $130, you can send the company your antler and they will make it into one of many knife designs that can be engraved, if you choose, and passed down for generations. Their products are top notch and there are many blade shapes and sizes to choose from, all made from excellent steel. I have one of their Pacific Bowies (bottom) with a blade of D2 tool steel that I can’t see leaving my hip in the field for the foreseeable future. An excellent knife with one of a kind sentimental value is a great gift for dad that may even jerk a couple tears. –DM
Leatherman Super Tool ® 300 ($87) You ask for one tool. You get 19. Needlenose Pliers let you get at bolts in the smallest spaces. A 1/8″, 5/15″, 7/32″ or Philips head screwdriver can tighten anything that’s loose. The saw or knife can cut anything that gets in your way. And a stripper and crimper can help you show a wire who’s boss. Then at the end of it all, a bottle opener can remove the top from a well-earned beer. This pocket-sized toolbox is ready to get things done. Just like you are. Order yours today. Or register to win a free one as a special Father’s Day Gift.