Couldn't go a day without archery! My wife bought me a Hoyt Carbon Matrix for my wedding gift and we had to try it out...on our wedding day!.

Osprey on the Dive

An Osprey showing us how to fish, Fenn Pond, Selway River.


While fishing near Moorehaven, Florida last weekend (06/17/11), and with the water being extremely low due to lack of rain, Louie & I found this sword lying in about a foot of water and half buried in the sand. It’s old and very rusty. Come on Louie, quit telling everybody you caught a “Swordfish”.

Tammy’s Speckled trout

The trout were plentiful this day.
Florida – this Redfish was found floating with a large obstruction in its mouth, turned out to be a turtle that apparently was a little too big to swallow – both DOA.
Redfish tried to bite off more than it could swallow – both turtle and Redfish deceased.

Bambi versus Goliath

While grading a road on Hayden Island in Portland Oregon I came upon a deer and a fawn in the road. I approached slowly assuming they would move. When I was about 10 feet away, the deer jumped into the bushes but the fawn would not move until I got out and talked to it for about 5 minutes. After I passed slowly, the Mama deer came back and they walked away together.

Bear Rub

This is one of four different bears using the same tree to rub off the winter hair.

Got him.

In March I had the pleasure of taking photos of a Pheasant’s Forever “Operation Upland” hunt in Minnesota for 100 vets who recently returned from the Gulf. It was a great event. This shot is of one of the guide’s dogs with a rooster taken during the day.
Absolutely love my new Ruger… Couldn’t get me to leave the range today!
I caught this 18 lb. walleye on a 5″ black, curlytail jig, 8′ deep, in a slough off the Columbia River, near Pasco, WA. Line: 6 lb. braid. tackle: Bass Pro spinning rod, Shimano reel. It came close to breaking the WA record (19.3 lbs), when caught, but weighed less at a food store 2 hours after it was caught.

Monster Northern Pike

My dad with a 35 pound Northern…..released to fight another day!

Sturgeon Bay Smallmouth

Ran into this smallie and several others in the 20″ class while fighting 30mph winds in Riley’s Bay on Sturgeon Bay. Guide Dale Stroschein recommended burning spinnerbaits even though the water was only 55 degrees and it paid off.

The Lone Fisherman

Terra and the Mallards

Terra is a sweet dog who loves to play with ducks. On this particular occasion, the photo caught what appears to be two mallards chasing Terra.

Caught by a Butterfly

Sometimes the butterflies catch you instead…my 5 year old, Quentin along the Selway River, Idaho.

New Zealand Tahr

My dad’s best friend promised him to keep me hunting before he passed away. This was our first hunt for the New Zealand Tahr in the Souther Alps.

The Big 43″ Tiger

I offered to take a friend and his niece fishing. As evening approached I saw a tiger, it hit my line. It jumped out of the water 3 times. The fight lasted 20 minutes. We took a few quick pictures and let it go. We all high fived and laughed about the amazing experience we had just shared.

Riley’s Catfish

Riley was fishing at out Father Child Fishing Day with her father and caught this 3 lb catfish on a pink and purple rod and reel. It was special to see her father holding her hand cranking the fish in and then her jumping for joy. Video is available at under the video link.

Trout Tattoo

A nice brown that matches my tattoo perfectly.
Taking a break from shooting clays.
Karlissa shot this bear on the second day of her first hunting season in Montana. Using her Dad’s .270 Win. she shot the bear at 45yds. With her dad Karl as her guide, the trio hiked into a creek bottom in the Deerlodge National Forest were they got between two bears doing a lot of teeth popping. After some tense moments she made a great shot. The 3 year old bear only went 15 yds.

Largemouth on the fly rod

First largemouth on the fly rod… I’m hooked!

Bonnet head shark

Caught 48 bonnet head shark this day. All in 4-6 feet of water on a 1/0 hook tipped with a piece of shrimp. It was a catch and release day. Still beats ice fishing.
By no means a huge grouper, but the biggest one I have caught in my limiited saltwater experience.
My fiance and I were on a charter fishing trip 25 miles off the coast of Marathon. We were trolling with Ballyhoo when we came upon a school of Dolphin feeding on bait fish. I caught this bull using a pinfish. I fought him for at least 15 minutes before the mate could gaff him and get him in the boat. It was a day I will never forget.
40+ LB Kingfish, caught off Placida Pass, out of (Eldred’s Marina) by Ray Montero of Port Charlotte Florida Saturday June 11, 2011. Also caught were several grouper over 20 inches.

The camo of a Sage Grouse

Idaho’s Pahsimeroi Valley

Bass and the Boy

The little guy was too excited talking about the boat ride to smile for the picture!
Caught this big boy off the coast of Ixtapa Mexico. He hit the lure hard. Took over 30 minutes to land in the boat. Biggest fish I ever caught and of course, I had to mount it. The mount now resides in the “Man Cave”.