Caught on a sunny day on the Kenai River, weighed 57 lbs.

Call of the Wild

Talk about timing! There were no other pictures of the coyote on the trail camera.

Color phase black bear

Spot/stalk hunt here in Idaho.

Polar Mackinaw

My buddy Zach and I walked my 14′ jonboat, “The Green Hornet”, across the shore ice to reach what remained of the open water. After trolling for about 3 hours and catching one 10 pound fish for eating, we caught this 40 inch, 40+ lb mackinaw. It took about 25 minutes to bring it up to the boat, and the net broke under the weight of the fish. We got some great pictures, and released it!

We’re Ready Dad!

Let’s go hunting dad! We got a great shot of our 2 year old daughter and 10 year old German Shorthair on their first trip to the woods together. She has her tamed to her side as if the dog knows she is to lead the little one on her new bound hunting expedition!

Aiden with Grandpa’s Largemouth Bass

Spring Break fishing trip with Grandpa. Aiden, 6 years old, helped his Grandpa,Paul Denney, reel in this 24.5in Largemouth out of Lake Alamo, in Arizona.


Due to a well above normal snow pack here in Idaho, the river has been high and muddy for an unusually long stretch. The stonefly hatch has been spotty and not a good hatch, at least not in our neck of the woods. Did catch this one, just out of it’s shell, drying it’s wings.
Caught the fattest Catfish of my life finally (so far)! Only about an hour after putting my pole in! Also found out I broke the lake record since 1958!

Time for Breakfast

The Mom and the Fawn came out of the woods, and stopped so the Fawn could get some sustenance before heading back into cover. Picture taken this spring by the cabin near Aitken Mn.

LMB almost as big as my son

This 6lber was caught at Lake Waushacum in Sterling, Mass while fishing on the shore trying to tease rock bass with a Texas rigged 5 inch black senko worm. This LMB was true surprise as it was caught in only 2 to 3 ft of water. With my 3 year old son Jack at my side I held it up to him for comparison. This made my day on the lake that day.
Juniper Springs, Ocala National Forest, Florida; July 5, 2011
Juniper Springs, Ocala National Forest, Florida.
Juniper Springs, Ocala National Forest, Florida.

Nice place to learn to fly fish

My 10 year old and I did a horseback resupply for some friends hiking 23 days on the John Muir Trail. I think I set his expectations a bit high for fly fishing scenery….

You want a piece of me??

This tough guys doesn’t look like he wants to share his dinner!

Salmon Shark Shenanigans

Deer Harbor, Southeast AK, we nailed four of these boys before lunch. Great sportfishing experience and decent table fare.

Got Turtles yet?

A short while ago, Castalia introduced their new “Bombshell Turtles”. Joe Cermele did an article on them. Well because of a photo on here of a bass Louie caught with a real turtle in it’s throat, Mike Richards of Castalia outdoors sent us some samples to try. Try them we did this past weekend. The proof is in the photo. The bass and the Snakeheads slammed em!

Baby Buck

I found this baby deer in the mud! I got him out and he mom came back to get him!

Sugar Bell’s Large Mouth Bass

Sugar Bell caught this 11 lb large mouth on her recent trip with her son fishing a live shiner.
This 93 lbs. Wahoo was caught by Daniel Martin on Jeff Floyd’s OTSea on June 15 with Eric Tuttle and Brent Wood. We were trolling in 400 feet of water when it hit the deep center line. The fight took twenty minutes and wore me slap out!

Three young men

Grandson, nephew, and a friend fishing at sunset. I don’t think they caught anything, but they sure made a pretty picture.

First Trophy

My son Hunter with his first gray squirrel. He was all smiles the rest of the day.
Have a few pictures of this guy.. how big do you think he will be when he’s finished this year? Live in South west Wisconsin

Big Bull Red

August of 2010 brought 3 college frat brothers to Pamlico Sound near Oriental, NC for a weekend of looking for large red fish. This one was over 40 inches and had to be released as it is over the slot. The large spot tail bass was caught in about 15 feet of water on a hump in the sound. The bait was large chucks of fresh mullet. The late afternoon sun made for a nice photo.

Love is in the air

Caught this ritual on my trail cam but also witnessed from the deck of my cabin in WV.
Day 2 of our Canada trip was a bit chilly.45 degrees,windy, rainy. We pulled into our favorite weedbed to catch some pike. My first cast I felt a hit on my spinnerbait, and the biggest fish I had ever seen in my life surfaced.I was hoping my 14 lb. line was up to the test. 30 minutes later after several long runs we boated this marvelous 50 inch muskie. Thank You Lord !

Big fish, little boat.

I was out halibut fishing with my little cousin in our 12 foot aluminum skiff when we suddenly had a double hook up. We landed his fish first, being that it was the smaller of the two. Mine turned out to be a nice 70lber. Most definately the most fun I’ve had in such a small boat in a long time.

Warthog in South Africa

On the last day of our trip in South Africa in 2008 I shot this Warthog with my .375 from a small blind we built that morning. Warthogs are a really fun animal to hunt!
Just caught my first cow and couldnt leave yet. Approaching the 8th hr, the reel starts screaming again. Hasnt been an hr and already i got another huge fish on. Fish took the line in the tree though, glad i was using proline. Sawed like 12 branches as the fish bobbed on the surface. Finally got her. Measured her, took pics, and released her. This one was 46″ and at the 42lb mark

This Muley wasn’t much of a fan of my Camera.

I put my trail camera up in the Aspens just above our property on state land. This guy walked up a few days after the big aspen tree in the background fell across my trail. I almost put my camera on that tree, but my brother talked me into putting it on a smaller tree just up the drainage. This Muley must not be to fond of trail cameras. He will be a nice one this fall, for a Washington buck.

32″ 15lbs Walleye

I was fishing with my boyfriend Tyler. This was the first Walleye I have ever caught!
Caught off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 7/28/01, it took 20 minutes to get into the boat.

Snoozin’ away

This is a Black bear in the city Limits of Bozeman, MT. When I was in college we had a tree in the back of the yard. One day while drinking some cold beverages on our deck we happened to look up and see this Bear sleeping in the tree. We think he was coming in to eat apples when the neighbors dog scared him up the tree. We never told anyone and that night he left.

Lake Darby Bass

I caught this 10 pound 2 ounce Bass at Lake Darby located on Fort Chaffee Arkansas, a decommissioned Army Post that happens to be the Post where Elvis received his first GI haircut after joining the Army. As you can see she was one hunk-a-hunk of Bassin love. She’s the largest bass I have ever caught. I caught her just before the spawn on a Zoom Arkansas Shiner, Super Fluke Jr.

Let the heart attacks commence

Louie & I call this “Lake Heart Attack” because of the way the bass slam top-water baits. We had a fantastic time catching some monsters. All on Pop-R’s. Louie actually had one straighten the hooks on his.
I was out Setting Banklines for my turtle traps, I set the bankline up with cut up shad head on a 5 ot hook. I set the lines about 5 pm on July 2nd, 2011. I cam back in about 3 hours to find a 41 pound snapping turtle with a 17 inch shell on my line.

Turkey Season Treats

This is too often the most productive part of my spring turkey season, I think I’ll be alright though!

Old Mr. Red on prowl

This old red fox has been hanging around our family farm for about 5 years now. see him several times a year while hunting. Put my deer cam up a few days ago & caught him coming by our deer food plot. I also got several deer pictures and a racoon just after he left.
Family fishing trip July 2011 lake St. Clair, MI. The fishing was great this morning! we we’re catching one right after another on minnows and rattle traps.