We picked some American symbols and their weapons an shot the target accordingly. The cowboy with his .44 revolver, the law enforcement agent with his Smith and Wesson, the soldier and his AR 15, and the Native American with his Henry lever action. Each took one shot(we wanted to make sure there was enough of the target left to put on the pole) an we raised the flag as American as we could.

Ammo Surplus

Ammo goes on sale and I buy it. There is nothing better than a day at the range or in the woods with a gun in your hand.

Gun Nut = Duck Nut

In the middle of summer can’t shoot ducks, so I put 3 shots in your sign!

Step by Step Destruction

I couldn’t decide which gun to use, so I decided to use all of them! This is a compilation of pictures taken after the target was shot with a different caliber. Starting at the top from left to right going down, with a picture of all the guns used and the target showcased in the middle. Caliber’s were .22, .32, .30-06, .30, .40, .45, 20 gauge, and 12 gauge (slug and bird shot).
The page was shot 5 times to make a total of 33 holes hitting each target including the one at the top.This would have been only 4,but one was only a little off target.This was done by strategic folding to try to hit all targets with the fewest single shots.”Mask” was my idea as my son is leery about having a pic online of himself!No photo shop.Just reality!And,yes,HE LOVES GUNS!

Slow motion explosion

This is a pop can being shot by my Ruger 10/22 in slow motion

the beast

This is a two and 1/4 in bore muzzle loading canon that is propelled by 1000 grains of powder that is ignited with a num 12 muzzle loader primer. it will shoot approximatly a mile and a half with a one pound ball. Its usually used to celebrate holidays. but we took a exception for this magazine because we love guns.

Remmy and Sammy

Two of the revolvers seen on the battlefields of the Civil War – used by both the Union and the Confederacy. Powder burns courtesy of point blank shots – as would often occur during the battles. Remmy – 1858 Remington. Sammy – 1860 Colt. In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War – 1861 – 1865.

God I Love Guns!

Everyone’s A Critic.

…well, what’s LEFT of it.

My brother and I like to go to an abandoned gravel pit near Lake Superior and shoot whatever guns we happen to have at the time. Last week it was his new SKS rifle with a 21 round magazine. I placed the target on a large sand hill, took about 30 paces, turned and let loose. It took a while, and I’m sure some of that target will forever be part of that hill, but we gathered what we could…

For my husband

My hubby showed me this contest in your magazine. He really wants the gun and he submitted his own photo. I went out while he was at work and picked up another magazine to get another target. I would love to win this gun for my husband, he is such a deserving man. He has served our country as an Air Force medic for the last 14 years and continues to do so. Sincerely, Kellie Endres

Gambler’s Perch

I live in Tucson, Arizona where I love exploring the Sonoran Desert and partaking in the many wonderful outdoor activities to be had there.

Need Wabbit Gun!

My fiance hunting the most dangerous Wabbit known to mankind, “The GUN NUT” Rabbit! She is hunting with my Original Red Ryder BB Gun and could really use a knew Wabbit Gun!

Super Love

A super kind of love for guns.

Need more gun nuts

I was raised being taught to be very patriotic, and therefore, being an American, I highly appreciate everything our troops have done and are doing for we the people.

When in doubt-use a shotgun

I decided to shoot the target with my Winchester model 1300. It made such a nice hole I thought I would fit myself into it. I shot the target in the rain, so the type is bleeding a little an adds to the mood of the photo.

Guns are a girls best friend

Hi, I’m haven parish and I love guns. I am a 21 year old southern girl that loves the outdoors. I can primp up or get muddy, I am currently in school at The U OF Memphis, and I coach cheer-leading at a local middle school.I love to go to my grandpaw’s land in middle TN. There I camp and show off my shooting skills in style with my fierce pink armi jager ap74 22lr rifle

A Gun-Nut’s Boyhood Dream

Standing on the field of Battle, adorned in the stuff of Heros, engaging the enemies of our Country …. with my hard hitting, straight shooting Rifle. With fast and accurate Rifle fire every soda can falls from the log. My Comrades safe, my Country defended … Victory is ours! WOW, if only I had a real looking Army Rifle. Some dreams never really die … the S&W; M&P; 15-22 proves just that!

American Classics

The Stars and Stripes, a SAA-type revolver ( Ruger Blackhawk, in this example ), and loving guns – all of them American Classics.


Pictured is Brian and Carrie Boucher from Minnesota. Carrie is sporting an elegant little black dress with a Smith and Wesson M&P; 15-22 LR. Brian is in his rustic overalls holding a single shot break action Harrington & Richardson 12 gauge Named “High Deathinition” Carrie and I have been married for 3 years, we both love fishing, hunting, and camping in the great northland of Minnesota.

Fire in the Hole!

I am blessed enough to be able to walk down to the backwoods on my Dad’s farm and let a few rounds fly. I challenge you to find one Field and Stream reader who doesn’t like the woods, some duct tape, a Cabela’s box, a high power rifle, and an exploding target.

ok mr.squirrel (just wait)

I had fun hunting this spring. My name is Tanner Bye, I am 7 years old. My dad is teaching me to turkey and squirrel hunt. I really hope you pick my photo so that I can win the Smith & Wesson M&P; 15-22 gun. so I can use it in future hunts. By the way, the firearm I used to shoot my target, was a daisy 2202, it was lots of fun.


I love Guns soo much I dream them too

Save the Target

It was an extensive hour-long surgery to ‘Save the Target’. We successfully extracted all 16 bullets, luckily they were all full metal jacketed, so there were no horrific wound chanels. The target made it through fine, and is on bed rest until next years contest.

Gun Nuts for gun nuts

Snacks for shooters! Every morsel is a favorite – old classics like roundballs to new tastes like modern .45’s. Be sure to try the Rifle and Shotgun blends, too! And the lid makes for a very handy little bullseye target. OK – it’s an obvious visual joke, but I couldn’t help myself……………


for every man and woman hwo defend their country

In Honor of The Greatest Generation

These great tools of battle helped win WWII for the Allies. As much as I love these guns (and I love them a bunch) I bet the USMC and The United States Army loved them more. The M1 Garand, the M1 Carbine, and the Browning High-Power 9mm is what kept our boys alive and their enemies awake at night.

I have a heart for guns.

Dr. Smith-Wesson performs surgery on her patient who’s heart beats for rapid fire target practice and just needs a little cleaning.

How to grow your own Bullets and Shot gun

Step one: Plant three standard shot gun primers. Step two: Fertilize with plenty of gun powder. Step three: Watch as a 12 ga. bullet emerges from the ground. Step four: Watch as the bullet turns into a shot gun barrel. Step five: Watch as the barrel turns into a full grown shot gun tree. Step six: Pick the shot gun bullets when fully ripe, harvest the tree, and go hunting.

Our Military Loves Guns and Field & Stream

This is about creativity right? This is a photo of me while serving in the U.S. Air Force abroad in Iraq. I am holding a silver AK-47 that was taken from one of Saddam’s son’s palaces. I did shoot the target with a 7.62 x 39 but it was not with this AK-47 nor was I in Iraq when I shot it. After shooting the target I photo shopped the target into the Iraq photo. Creative? I sure hope so.
I’ve been building spudguns for quite a few years now and have always enjoyed them! Pictured here is my 11′ long semiautomatic spudgun alias: Black Death. Hit the target dead on with a shotgun load (multiple potatoes in the barrel at one time) at forty yards. Ripped the target to shreds. I had to tape the edges together just to be able to hold it with one hand!

Clear Cut

hi im ted, i am 14 years old from kimball minnesota. I took this target out to shoot. I used my ruger 10/22 with a scope to carfullly pick the target apart. i used around 275 rounds. i dont avethegun pictured becuase i thaught thelight would illuminate the holes well. hope my shooting pays off!

The Line is HOT

I shot target with an old O.F. Mossberg & Sons Mod352 with Rem.22 Sub-Sonics. For all of you wandering, NO the target was not on the transformer while I was shooting. I was on the range. Although 40feet up is a nice vantage point, I’m not gonna do any shootin from here.

“Fawned” of Guns

Our trail cam caught this curious fawn investigating the target. To bad the little critter can’t read!


UL D. Boone icon in America. Used KY long rifle carved out early America. UR A. Oakley American sharp shooter paved the way for women. LL J. Browning designed the 1911 pistol. LR E. Stoner developed M16 (M15 today). Most popular rifle today. CTR I Love Guns. These inspirational Americans’ love for guns allow us to exercise our rights in 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.

Worn With Pride

This is my son Brian. He love to chase those wascally wabbits with his daisy pellet.

Will you marry me?

Sounds like an easier commitment to me?!…. shh dont tell my girlfriend!

Revenge of the Deer

For years and years, we deer have been the innocent prey of hunters’ traditions, all dressed in camouflage and carrying weapons of destruction, searching vigorously for their trophy, just to mount our heads on the wall! However, things are about to change. The buck stops here; today we have started a new tradition…the hunters became the hunted, and we have our revenge!

The All American Gun Nut

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again… I am absolutely NUTS for GUNS. My boys and I shot it up with their .22, and they are well on their way to being the Gun Nut that is raising them.

Smurf-ing Accurate

Cooking up some Gun-Nut-Target Accruacy. — Smurfs love Field and Stream Too. 🙂 — Ruger 10/22, Federal Ammo

American as….

I live in the country and can pretty much hunt and shoot in my own back yard. When family comes to visit we usually end up at sometime or another busting clays or plinking cans. Our family photos are mostly taken outdoors hunting, fishing, camping, or in military service and it seems someone always has a gun, even my mom. So what’s more American than…Well you can figure the rest.

Adoro Le Pistole

I like a nice Chianti with my favorite Italian ( after the shoot, of course ). I modified the target a bit to reflect her birthplace. Adoro le pistole, e questo, lei e una bellezza seducente poco.

Rocky Mountains, Black Powder, Country Music and my Dog. Can you say USA

Was camping with my parents near Boise. Shooting my dad’s 50 Cal Muzzleloader and his 1858 44 Revolver. Last big trip before school and pre-season Elk scouting trip.

!Barrel Shot!

A shot of the target looking through my Remington 870 12ga barrel.

Guns & Quilts

I’m proud to be an American homemaker. I can’t imagine my American home without guns and quilts. After all, both are comforting in their own way.

“Purple Heart” I Love Guns

This Purple Heart was my Great Uncle’s. He got killed in the World War II D-Day invasion on Anzio Beach Head in 1944. I am submitting this photo of his “Purple Heart” in his honor for giving the greatest sacrifice for our freedom and country. Hopefully “WE” will win! God Bless the USA!

The Old and New — Gun Nuts

Wesley Lamb and Papa along the US/Mexican Border enjoying our guns and time in the field together. We are grandson and grandpa who really enjoy hunting and shooting together. We live in Silver City, New Mexico. Wesley is in the 7th grade and dearly loves to hunt and shoot. Wesley could really put that 22 to some good use.


My wife, two sons and I went shooting and had to complete this target to show our love of firearms and shooting. We all shot my Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum along with some of my other firearms. I enjoy teaching my family about gun safety as well as the fun of shooting as I was taught by my dad and the United States Army. We thought this would be a great way to show off the target with the .357.

Terrorist problem?….we have the solution

My name is SPC Joseph Nelson. I’m currently deployed at COB Speicher near Tikrit, Iraq. This picture was taken at one of our check points, we have our M4s, a 240B machine gun, and the big daddy the “Ma Deuce” M2 .50cal machine gun. Oh yea, and about 50,000 rounds ranging from 5.56mm, 7.62mm, .50cal for ya know just in case!

Too Nice to Shoot!

Got this one ready and could only bear to shoot it with the camera. Too nice to shoot with a gun so this trophy is hanging on the wall in the garage.

We asked you to shoot a special target in our magazine and take your best photos for this year’s Gun Nuts Target Photo Contest. These are the 50 best submissions (editor’s choice), including the winner, who will receive a brand new S&W .22LR M&P Rifle.