Allen Company Buttstock Shell Holder and Pouch I was skeptical before I purchased this item, mostly because of the price, but I couldn't have been happier with the results. This simple buttstock pouch attaches to almost any long-gun stock with adjustable Velcro straps. They're long enough to wrap around the bulkiest of stocks, even the comically large stock on the Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle. The cheekpad is adequate and a rear strap ensures it won't slide forward with recoil. The zipper pouch is spacious enough for two 50-round boxes of .22LR or any small items you want to keep at hand. Additionally, there is a five-round shell loop strip on the outside of the pouch. $11. --DM.
It’s that time of year again…when, in a panic, you try to figure out what to buy for the outdoorsman or woman who has everything…or if they don’t, you have no idea where to start. Here’s a list of some great holiday gift ideas that range from the ostentatious and over-the-top to practical and affordable…and some items that are just plain fun. No matter what, no hunter will be disappointed when they tear the wrapping paper from these gifts. Log Home and 270 Acres in Buffalo County, Wisconsin Well, would it be an awesome gift or not? You’re probably thinking that this could bust your holiday budget. But hold up a minute. It’s only $1.2 million–and if you call now and tell the folks at Whitetail Properties that F&S sent you, they’ll knock $5K off the price. (I expect an invitation to hunt, though, if you buy it.) –Dave Hurteau
Winchester Model 1873 Doug Turnbull in .38WCF As a rule, you don’t want to risk buying a gun for a gun nut unless you know precisely–and I mean precisely–what he or she wants. This rifle is an exception to the rule. You’re safe here. If the giftee has any sense of history and taste, they will come very close to but won’t quite fall over dead with excitement, which is exactly the reaction we assume you’re after. $15,999. –DH
Spyderco Temperance 2 I love this knife, and if you have anyone on your shopping list who is a blade freak and you put this under their tree, they’ll be eternally grateful. This knife is all about control. The leaf-shaped blade is VG-10 steel and full flat-ground to the edge making it wickedly sharp for a blade of this size (4.8″ long, .156″ thick) and easy to maintain. The handle is bead-blasted mocha-colored canvas Mircata–extremely grippy with or without gloves. The handle shape lets you make easy sweeping, long cuts, or you can choke up on it for precision work. It comes with an excellent Boltaron sheath (similar to Kydex) with Spyderco’s G-Clip attachment system. This is definitely a high-end gift. $330 –Dave Maccar
Swarovski CL Companion 8×30 Binocular

Says Contributing Editor Lawrence Pyne: “I recently had a chance to check out the new 8x30s, and they were covered with drool when I gave them back. They are lightweight and compact, yet easy on the eyes, crystal clear, and surprisingly bright. What outdoorsman cannot use a pair of quality binocs that store easily in a fanny pack or vest? At $930, the CL 8x30s also represent the rare opportunity for ‘Santa’ to give first-class glass for less than $1K.” –DH
Cabela’s 1hp Commercial Grade Electric Grinder I just really want one, and so I figure everyone else must want one, too. The ½-hp model would probably do a great job, but horsepower is not something hunters typically skimp on. Might as well get the cuber attachment, too. $270 – $680 –DH
Bradley Original Smoker F&S contributing editor M.D. Johnson really wants one and therefore assumes everyone else must want one, too. Egomaniac. The Bradley is a self-contained, clean-burning smokers that uses a system of consistent temperature settings to avoid high-temperature gases, acids or resins that would distort the appearance or flavor of whatever you’re smoking. It does this by having “flavor bisquettes” that burn for 20 minutes each and then automatically advance off the burner. In addition to being a hot and cold smoker, it can also be used as a slow cooker or a slow-roasting oven. $400 –DH
Browning 1911-22 Another exception to the gun rule. Scaled at 85 percent of the classic full-size 1911, which just celebrated its centennial, this rimfire version is new, built to last, and a guaranteed blast to shoot. And since it’s chambered for .22LR, it’s also cheap to shoot. Always a plus. $496 –DH
Here are a couple items from 5.11 Tactical. The fact that most of this company’s products are heavily geared toward law enforcement applications ensures they are made with durability in mind. And they look perfectly normal in every-day settings as well as in the field. 5.11 Aggressor Parka This coat is tough. Period. It’s not necessarily a field jacket, but certainly works well as one and as a great coat for everyday use. The Aggressor is actually three garments in one. The fleece inner liner (it has its own set of pockets) zips out and can be worn independent of the waterproof shell, which can also be worn on its own. When zipped together, this is one of the warmest coats I’ve ever worn, and the side zippers allow you to vent some heat if you’re doing physical work without shedding a layer and provide easy access to gear on your belt. Combined with generously-sized and plentiful pockets, a detachable, storable hood and top-notch construction, you can’t go wrong with the Aggressor. $259.99 –DM
Taclite Pro Shirts (long and short-sleeved) Again, like everything 5.11 makes, these shirts are tough as nails, despite the thinness of the lightweight ripstop cotton/polyester material. They breathe well in hot weather with a vented, mesh back flap. And with a t-shirt underneath, they are a good base-layer in colder temperatures. The two hook-and-loop closure chest pockets are spacious and the shirts also have two vertical pockets on either side of the buttons with Velcro closures that are great for larger, flat objects like papers, notebooks, or pretty much anything you need to get out of your hands for a while. And if you travel a lot, they pack away small, hardly ever wrinkle, and can be worn a couple times without getting funky. And if they start getting ripe and you’re reduced to the ol’ motel-shower wash routine, because of the Teflon treatment, the thin material sheds water (and stains) and dries very quickly. They’re a little pricey, but they look good, wear great and the several I own haven’t faded at all after many, many washings, even in black. $54.99 _ –DM_
Bass Pro or Cabela’s gift card. It may not have the “Wow!” factor of, say, a rubberband gun (keep clicking), but in the category of can’t-miss gifts this blows out the 10-ring. –DH
Gorilla Kong HX Treestand The serious whitetail hunter can’t have too many hang-on treestands, and this solid, quiet, and comfortable model is one he’s sure to like. At $89.99, you should like it, too. –DH
50 Ameristep Step Up Treesteps The same guy can never have too many treesteps, either. He probably buys them 10 or 15 at a time, whenever he needs to hang a stand. Save him a few trips to the sporting goods store by buying them here in bulk. 50 for about $90. –DH
Rubberband Guns Double Mag Rifle Men will be boys. If you want proof, get him one of these rubberband guns and watch him fritter Christmas Day away. Just make sure he finishes assembling the kids’ toys before he unwraps this present. $38.99 –DH
Starck PH1116 Vertical Digital Watch This is a gift for the gadget freak. It’s a watch. I swear it is. But you won’t know it until you push a button on the side of the unit and a bright red LED displays the time. Hit it again and it displays the date. After a couple seconds, the display scrolls away to a matte black. It has an awesome tactical look and is definitely a conversation starter. It’s water resistant, incredibly light and has the advantage of being non-reflective and totally covert until you want it to display the time. $125 _ –DM_
Saunders Wrist Rocket Pro Sling Shot The Wrist Rocket Pro is considered by many to be best and baddest slingshot on the market, and we all remember how much fun slingshots can be. $35 –DH
Whitetail Institute’s Imperial Whitetail Forage Oats Plus “I’d like a few bags of this under my tree,” says contributing editor Gerald Almy. “The company bought the rights to an oat variety that was rejected in an agricultural study because deer liked it too much. They blended it with other varieties of forage to make a great fall/winter/early-spring food-plot mix.” 45 lbs. for $57.95_. –DH_
Work Shop Tools Retractable Honing Rod This sharpening rod is incredibly convenient and a must for anyone who uses knives in any capacity. With a fine-grit ceramic rod and an angle guide on the lightweight plastic handle, you can get a perfect 25-degree edge honed on your blade…fast. You can also freehand hone any blade at any angle you choose. And at $19.95, you can buy a few as truly awesome stocking stuffers. –DM And here’s a tip from Dave Petzal on ceramic sharpeners: When they get all crudded up with steel, just grab a good ol’ pink eraser. It will rub the ceramic clear of steel debris without soap or water, just like graphite off paper.
Laguiole Folding Knife “The best bird and trout knife out there and a true heirloom gift,” according to Editor at Large T. Edward Nickens. The gorgeous Horn Tip model shown is only 82 Euros (about $120). –DH
Redhead Lifetime Guarantee Hunting Socks “What gift could be more boring than a pair of socks?” you are thinking. But this is no mere pair of socks. For about $70, we are talking one pair of high-quality, itch-free, wool socks for every day of the week for the rest of your giftees life! See? Not boring. –DH
Allen Company Buttstock Shell Holder and Pouch I was skeptical before I purchased this item, mostly because of the price, but I couldn’t have been happier with the results. This simple buttstock pouch attaches to almost any long-gun stock with adjustable Velcro straps. They’re long enough to wrap around the bulkiest of stocks, even the comically large stock on the Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle. The cheekpad is adequate and a rear strap ensures it won’t slide forward with recoil. The zipper pouch is spacious enough for two 50-round boxes of .22LR or any small items you want to keep at hand. Additionally, there is a five-round shell loop strip on the outside of the pouch. $11. –DM
Mojo Texas Style Decoy Rigs “Texas rig weights are revolutionary,” says Shotguns Editor Phil Bourjaily. “They cut pickup by more than half and your hands don’t freeze from winding wet line around keels. You can move a spread to a better spot in no time, too.” $30 -$35 –DH
Camo Duct Tape A great stocking stuffer that always comes in handy, along with… –DH
HotHands Hand Warmers You can get 40 of them for about $28 or 240 for about $150. Either way, that takes care of a lot of stockings. –DH
Cold Steel Mini Tuff Lite Folder Yes it looks odd, and when you see this tiny knife in person, it looks even stranger. But the first time you handle this compact, sturdy lockback folder, you will understand how useful it can be. The blade is 2″ long, wide, and has a hollow grind. It’s great for precision work in cramped spaces and there’s so much blade behind the point that it’s also surprisingly good at penetrating tough materials. It’s comfortable in the hand, endlessly useful and small enough to stash anywhere, especially in a stocking. Choose between a plain or serrated edge. $35 –DM
“Broken Silence” Turkey Alarm Clock There are hunters who snooze under camo comforters while ducks and pheasants wing on the wallpaper. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. I’m just saying that those guys might like this, too. $40 –DH
Butler Creek Lula Pistol Speedloader

If you have a pistol shooter on your gift list, they certainly won’t mind finding one of these under the tree. This compact speedloader will handle calibers from 9mm through .45 ACP, saving those sore thumbs and making reloading in the field or the range a snap. It’s easy to use, simple, sturdy and less than $25 on –DM
Robinson Outdoors Livewire Descent System A revolution in treestand safety, it allows for hands-free controlled descent in the case of a fall. Seriously, this is a great way to show your hunter you really care that he comes home safely. $80 –DH
MAD Trophy Rope

Says Phil Bourjaily, “It’s a good way to display a bunch of shed antlers or turkey feet that might otherwise just be lying around.” $30 –DH
Bass Pro Shops® The Hunt: Trophy Showdown! and The Strike: Tournament Edition Just in time for the holidays, XS Games is unleashing the latest versions of the popular video games: The Hunt and The Strike for the Nintendo Wii. The Hunt: Trophy Showdown! features First-Class Trophies as each level of the game takes you on a unique hunt featuring 24 different species, including massive Whitetail, Elk, Moose, Caribou and wild Turkey. The Strike: Tournament Edition features Tournament Style Gameplay with a new style of Career Mode that mimics real life fishing tournaments as well as 12 amazing, real life North American lakes – including two exotic hidden locations. In addition to all of the realistic hunting and fishing action, both games are offering players a chance to compete in the First Ever Virtual Fishing & Hunting Tournament! This $100,000 Tournament will be a country wide competition between game competitors for a chance to win great prizes including a 2012 Toyota Tundra, a Tracker Boat, an Arctic Cat ATV and Bass Pro Shops Gift Certificates! View game trailers and more information about the $100,000 tournament at Game prices: The Strike: Tournament Edition: $49.99 (bundled with fishing controller), $29.99 (game only); The Hunt: Trophy Showdown! $49.99 (bundled with Bullseye Pro Rifle controller), $29.99 (game only)
Editor’s Note: Don’t miss out on a chance to win yourself a copy of these games for your family in time for the Holidays! We’ve got our hands on a few copies of the games (available for Wii only) to hand out to some lucky readers. Weekly winners will be selected at random among all entries. Click here for the entry form. Click here for the official rules.