Last pack load of a mountain caribou off the mountain. Tough hunt but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Monroe County, PA Moose Buck

I took this PA monster on the second Saturday of the archery season, October 8th at 8:25 a.m. I’ve got a month’s worth of trail camera pics of the deer but I didn’t expect to see him that morning because I was hunting a different stand about 1/3 of a mile away from his haunt so I could keep that stand fresh for the afternoon hunt. Low and behold, he showed up and I took him at 45 yards.

Hawg Hunting

My boy loves to fish. It’s an absolute hoot to watch him kiss them and release them to fight again. This fall largemouth is just the latest in his pursuit if trophy fish. At 9 his goal is to have his own outdoor show and write a column for F&S; someday.
Pre-rut action during archery season in ohio…things just starting to heat up!!

66″ 6×6 taken in Anaktuvuk Pass, AK

I called this guy in to about 180 yds. where he turned a side shot. I was using my ruger .243 using 100 grain Remington core lokt. He walked about 50 yards slowly when he slowly fell over. about 20 ft. away was an old fire pit with a buch of cut wood. Like it was meant to be. It was a great day warmed up and just took my time and cut him up good. Filled allot of peoples freezers.

Pike Co., Ohio Big Buck

This Ohio Big Buck was arrowed with compound bow by Adam Wireman in Pike Co. Ohio on Oct. 12 2011

Green Lab

Last weekend my lab and I went out to walk some public land in anticipation of the season pheasant opener. After flushing two hens Griz decided it was best to take a break and go into the only place I didn’t want him to go.

The Deer of a Lifetime

The wind was out of the southwest, temp around 60 degrees. My friend Mike Horsley suggested I hunt a stand we call “Amnesia”. I thought the morning hunt was over when this bruiser came from behind me downwind and gave me an 18yd shot with my Matthews Reezen bow. Perfect shot placement made an easy track, the deer ran maybe 80 yds and scored 180.68 inches gross.

9 lb 24.5″ Largemouth Bass.

Caught this bass doing some night fishing on Ivy Lake in Lynchburg, Va.

Home! Home in the Row!

These three fellas were a nervous trio. They had it good there in the corn and then we had to come along.

October Sunrise on the water

While fishing in Southeast Idaho, at sunrise, I spotted these two men headed for the reflection of the sun knowing that it would make for a great photo. I really didn’t realize how great it was until I enlarged it and printed it. Enjoy

Young white-tail buck confronts coyote

Three bucks were browsing in a meadow at Cherry Creek State Park South of Denver. At the same time a coyote was hunting voles. The older bucks igonored the coyote, but this young buck couldn’t resist investigating. The coyote pinned its ears back for a second or two but they soon went about their separate interests.

Urban Swamp Donkey!

This is the first deer I’ve ever shot in my life! And I did it with a 1982 Eagle bow, and some cheap $6 Walmart arrows/broadheads. Four days after picking up a bow and arrow for the first time, I dropped the biggest buck I have ever seen!! Shot in Ramsey, MN. He rough scored at 183 1/2 inches. Automatic Boone and Crockett & Pope and Young records! Truely, a lifetime buck~!

Late Season Northern Pike

I caught this big dude twitching big rubber thundergrub tails over a sunken weedbed up here in the Yukon.

Giant South Dakota Mule Deer

My dad shot this huge South Dakota Mule Deer with bow while hunting near Wall, SD a few weeks ago. The buck green scores roughly 184″ net. The potential #2 mule deer shot in South Dakota with bow.

183″ 16 Point Non Typical

I shot this Gross 183″ 16 point with three droptines, in jefferson county wisconsin. A fellow hunter with me, shot at an missed this deer causing him to run 200 yards to me, where I arrowed him right behind the shoulder at 32 yards. This deer first appeared on my trail cams only 2 days prior to shooting him.

Hunting Pup

This Labrador pup was born on Oct. 28, 2011. She is just one of 8 puppies.

The Ghost Dear

This was taken by a trail cam around my brothers house so I had it blown up to an 11 x 14 and have been giving it as gifts to our hunting buddies. I just thought I would share it with you.
First big one on the ground for the EDGE team, and he’s a dandy! Taken by Tidus Spencer, central Kansas.

Idaho archery elk

First archery elk ..nice 6×6 bull came bugling and charging in..taken with mathews Jewel and 100 grain montec G5 at 35 yards……

Maine Girls Can Shoot

I took this respectable 7 point, 145 lb buck in Shapleigh, Maine during this years archery season with my Hoyt Bow and a nice double lung shot. Bucks are hard to hunt in Maine with a lot of woods and great places for them to hide and bed. Being hunting partners with my husband Jesse is not only fun, but it is rewarding when you get to bring home a nice whitetail like this!
A massive 13 point Non-typical 200 + buck . Taken with a crossbow , in Murfreesboro , TN. By Ricardo Marquez.

Coming at you!

Team Three Buoys – Powered by Mercury Marine – 20 for 29 on Sailfish, 15 for 22 on Dolphin 10-22-11

Best of Friends

This hog and several raccoons work together to get corn out of a feeder. The raccoon will stand up on the back of the hog and jump to the feeder. The coon will reach in and dump corn on the ground for the hog and other raccoons.


A sudden shower might be lucky for these anglers.

My first double kill!

I was hunting with my grandpa near our pond and came upon 18 turkeys! Since I’m in law school I don’t have a lot of time for hunting so I wanted to get both turkeys during the same hunt. After shooting I hollered in disbelief to my grandpa that I had killed two! My grandpa still gives me grief for my hunting attire that day. It was 90 degrees, there was no way I was going to wear full cammo.

Fishing Through The Storm

I was shark fishing in Naples when a large lightning storm was going by us to the north. I had to try to take a shot and on my first try with me in it go the best shot of my life.

Early Season Curious Velvet Buck-Kentucky

This picture was takened in Kenton County, Kentucky, while the bucks were still in velvet.

Early Season Buck

This picture was captured in Boone County by my friend Lloyd.

striking a pose

caught this nice buck making an early scrape.

51 1/4″ Muskie

Joined the 50″ club with this musky! Went my first year of musky fishing without catching a musky and just stuck with it! Caught and released…

A Good Day Fishing

I love the colors and patterns on rainbow trout. It never ceases to amaze me.

Aggressive Ohio whitetail

shot this deer a 4 yards after grunting 3 times he was ready to fight

Elk hunt Uncompahgre Ntl Forest Colorado

Hunting Unit 61…needed 10 Pref Pts…Saw 10 Cow Elk and this trailing 6 x 6 Bull Elk…ran to the ridge they just went over and found him in the meadow below…used a 300 Win Mag 180 Grain Fed to get him on the second day of elk only first deason in Colorado….Uncompahgre Ntl Forest

MOnster Buck

I was out scouting my farm and i took my camera along with me and i saw this buck from a distant so i got out and started walking. I got about 60 yards in front of this monster and sat down backed into a thicket on the edge of a pasture. This big fella came walkin in at 12yards when i took this picture.

Field Hunting Near Rugby, ND

We were able to hunt in summer like weather during the waterfowl opener in North Dakota this year. The birds were still moving and we took our limit each day.

Monster Buck this is for real

Saw his rump but could not get him Picture taken on my Black River Bottom Land in Ohio

Laker on Lake Superior

We went out to Lake Superior for a weekend and one of the guys with us caught this 20lb Lake Trout!

Lazy Caribou

This big caribou was bedded down and enjoying the view on a mountain overlooking an alpine lake up here in the Yukon. I ended up bagging his buddy who showed up a few minutes after this photo was taken.

Buck Fight is Over!

After viewing my recent trail cam photos, I had 40+ pics of these two small bucks fighting in front of my camera for over 30 minutes. This was the final pic of the series where obviously the larger buck has demonstrated his dominance over the smaller one.

velveteen dream

I killed this beautiful buck on opening day of bow season.Saturday, October 1st.. Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries biologist Tony Vidrine green-scored the deer this morning (Oct. 3) at a gross score of 160 inches Pope & Young, with the net totaling 148 4/8 inches and he weighed around 190lbs. Couldnt have asked for anything more on openging day.

Gag grouper bites anglers shirt

Fishing the current gag grouper season in Florida, I hooked and landed this 30 pound gag, who snagged my shirt with his teeth. Jim Lee

Pheasant Moon Shot

This handsome ring neck rose up to a lunar level. Lucky I was there to capture it.

nice walleye on my tailgate

afternoon fishing in south dakota

Urban Unicorn Buck

spotted this little unicorn buck in the city, was so close you can see my shadow in the picture

Looking for Deer in the desert

Evening of scouting in Arizona.

Guarding Her Catch

This is Zoe, our three year-old Aussie mix, on an ice fishing trip to Wolesley Lake on Manitoulin Island last winter. I’m not sure if she knows it’s dinner, but she ran around all day keeping the flopping perch in line!

Early Season Rainstorm Bruiser

Sat through cold temps, high winds, and torrential downpours to bag this early season Ohio bruiser. Little brother’s encouragement kept me in the stand when any sane person would have headed back to the truck. Thanks Nicky!
Again this is Draco with his first ever deer shot. He is 12 years old and a few weeks before he shot this doe, he shot a 680 lb moose on his first ever moose hunt.
My first elk!!!! I stalked the herd two ridges over then took the shot with my .270 from 300 yards. ELK DOWN!

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