Got this amazing photo of this owl swooping down towards this doe.

More than Friends

Caught these 2 big bulls doing the unthinkable

Big Gobbler Posing for a Picture

Was able to capture this big gobbler spreading his wings. Almost seems as if he knew the camera was there by the way he is looking at the camera.


A spider built it’s web over the lense of my camera. This doe looks like she’s staring right at the spider. (obviously she’s looking at the flash)

Florida Panther Chases a Wild Boar

My good friend, who is a professional forester, took this photo of a Florida Panther chasing a Wild Boar in the Katharine Ordway Preserve in North Central Florida.

Howling Over A Pile

I had placed some C’Mere Deer and corn out to attract some deer. After a couple weeks I started noticing a few tracks, but very little of the corn was gone. I hung a camera and left it for 5 days. Out of 144 pictures over 100 were of coyotes, the rest were crows. This picture of the coyote howling is one of the neatest I have seen!

Angry Bear!

I have a black bear that has repeatedly gotten angry at my camera. I have found this camera ripped off the tree numerous times, sometimes even carried many yards away with scratches and bite marks on the casing. I know which stand ill be in for bear season!

Holy Cow!

Passed on this guy a few years ago– Let’s hear it for quality deer management! Hopefully I see him again.

Michigan’s early morning dream

I just love this exposure with it’s mistical quality. Bushnell has always been my choice for binoculars, since the first pair I received for High School Graduation. And now, it is my camera of choice for trail cams.

Monster black bear

kind of looks like a potbellied pig

california deer woods

these guys and one more thats even bigger wider and heavier ive been chasing all year , finally harvested the smaller 4×4 , cant wait for 2012 , ive watched the 2×3 for 2yrs now grow he’ll be atleast 27in wide and real heavy next year , counting down the days


These two big bulls are not backing down from each other

Ol’ Bucket Buck

Caught him on cam with an old oil bucket in his rack. It was taken on October 15, 2009 on my home property. This was the very first and so far the very last pic of this buck.

Caught in the ACT!

If you have spent much time in the woods you have probably heard them, but I was excited to find this photo of these hated K9s.


Central Iowa Bruiser named “Goliath” showed up four days before the season opened. He is the biggest buck I have on trail camera yet! Hopefully, I will be able to harvest him this season!

Badger and Coyote Hunting

Got this picture on my camera and thought it was kind of wierd so i googled it. Turns out that badgers and coyotes actually team up to hunt.

Tag your it

Two Black Bears in the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York!

On the Prowl!

This is a picture of four bobcats traveling the creek together. Cool picture, something that doesn’t come across often

Young bull

Close up of a young bull moose that was curious about the camera

Husky Bobcat

I’ve had a camera on this stump for years. Many different animals visit and leave their scent behind. This Bobcat evidently smelled something he liked. The reverse angle shows you he is well-prepared for the ensuing Minnesota Winter.

SD Mt Lion

Picture was taken in SD on a Bushnell Trophy cam.

Leaping leopard

My 1st safari to Zimbabwe this fall. I had a male leopard on license, unfortunately, none cooperated. I did emjoy capturing photos of numerous female leopards that came to the various bait sites. Got a few good ones during in daylight which is rather uncommon for these nocturnal predators.

Feeding twin fawns

Doe and twin fawns


Bruce initially showed up during shark week. I’ve got pics of him 3 times now. (Ohio)

High Rise

I named this buck High Rise becuase of his tall rack. I have a few pictures of him after he shed the velvet, but I think the velvet makes him look very cool!
Looking forward to hunting this big guy in southern Iowa.


Beautiful 3 point calico caught on camera.

I know…I am awesome. Too bad I only come out at night.

This deer is rarely seen in the light and then only briefly. Truly an abnormality of nature. He was good for the genetics of the ranch though. Taken at Harris End of the Trail Ranch, near Sonora Texas.

Red pine take me away!

Sow with triplets hung out at this marking tree for awhile as the cubs played.


First day of my camera being up nice big buck huh!?

saving the leftovers

This mountain lion was covering the deer carcass for now and did return at a later date to resume feeding

Wylie Coyote

From my lease in Village Mills, Texas. This is the first of two images I got of this critter. The second shot shows him standing below the feeder. I have heard, but never seen, coyotes actually eating corn. There was plenty of corn on the ground when he got there so I dont know why he is leaping. Maybe he just wants the exercise.
Never had more than about a 100 class 8 point in this spot, and have been running trail cameras there for about 4 years! Pleasantly surprised to have tons of pictures of this dude from mid August all the way through the end of September.

August buddies in Velvet

I’ve got a number of photos of these 2 bucks in velvet throughout the late summer/early fall. They hung around together the whole time. The coolest part of this photos is the way the buck on the left is positioned. It looks like a pose from a Michael Sieve deer print.
This is a buck I got on my Stealth Cam for several weeks in 2009, This trail is right inside a field corner where the deer would funnel to feed. The year before, on the exact day, I had got pictures of a 140 class 13 point buck, and a 170 class 18 point (skull was found the following spring). August 8th has proven to be a great day for my trail cams!

high brow tines

we call him the “high brow tines” buck

buck genes are great in kentucky!

its going to be tough this year to focus on college when i know i have a buck this big at my hunting land

On The Prowl For Thanksgiving Dinner

Coyote caught on trail cam November 2010.

Curly-horned Eight

I caught this buck moving up a trail to the alfalfa and clover fields. I used a 7.2mp homemade trail camera converted to infrared and an upgraded flash capacitor. Taken in Northern Minnesota.

Stay away from my lady

I got this picture of a dominant buck making it known to the other deer in the area they were not welcome to his party!

fat & lazy Bulls

captured on my Moultrie D55 IR

Grandma’s Farm Buck

I got my 1st trail cam this year and was pumped when I found this pic when I went out hunting last weekend. I can’t wait til I go out next.
I got this picture the first day I set my trail cam over this scrape. The buck has at least 15 points a 10 point main frame, a sticker on the right side brow tine, and a least 4 stickers on the burs.

Nice Evening Elk

Set up a bushnell trail cam to field scan mode, capturing a photo every 1 minute. Here is what i found.

Annoying Little Sister

Who says girls don’t fight?

The Profile!!

Wisconsin typical giant.
A great pic of a 6X6 bull in velvet turning and bugling!

Elk in Velvet

Got a lot of pictures of this guy before the archery season here in Oregon, this one was my favorite of him.
The RUT is close. I have thousands of photos from this HARD TO MANAGE trail camera deep into a box canyon in Northeaster Oklahoma’s Osage County. This is the first buck caught on camera and now the topic of most of my dreams…


Got this pic of a 10 point standing in front of an 8 point while both in velvet. The camera flash made them react at the same time with the same body motion making it look like a double image.

Here are the editors’ picks for the 50 best entries in the second round of our 2011 Fall Trail Cam Photo Contest. Congrats to Dufhuntin who took first place with is “Owl spooking a doe” shot and will receive a Bushnell Trophy Cam; and to second-place winner, Bull80, who gets a Hide ‘N Hunt Blind from Hunter’s Specialties.

Don’t forget to vote for the readers choice winners in Round II. The top three will each win a Freeman Guide Folding Knife from Gerber. And keep entering your great trail cam photos in Round III for more chances to win. You’ve got until Midnight on December 8th to enter.