The 50 Best Pumpkins from the 2011 Field & Stream Pumpkin Carving Contest

Congratulations to Steven Mullen, whose amazing 3D carving of a largemouth bass taking a lipless crankbait wins the 2011 Field & Stream Pumpkin Carving Contest Editor's Choice Award (and a brand new Bushcraft G10 knife from Spyderco, valued at $280)! Here's the title and description of his entry. Mounted Bass-O-Lantern
With warm fishing days coming to an end, I wanted to carve a 3D pumpkin of a trophy bass. I used the leftover scraps to make the lipless crankbait in its mouth. It's anchored to the wall in my shed and has a black sheet draped behind it, to give it a floating appearance. This was my first attempt at a 3D carving so it ended up taking almost 8 hours to complete.
Check out the rest of our picks for the 50 best entries into the contest this year by clicking through this gallery, then make sure to vote for your own favorite hunting and fishing themed pumpkin carvings here. The 5 entries with the most votes by midnight on Nov. 15 each win one Stretch Lightweight Folder knife from Spyderco (worth $130). Thanks to all our contestants for making this such a great contest in 2011!