Picked up my camera after the season ended to find these to at a stand off, I was shocked to see a Bobcat let alone the coyote in the same pictture.

Outta My Way!

I set out a coyote carcass with a trail camera set close by behind our home in east central Iowa. In this particular photo, the larger eagle (I believe it is a golden eagle) flies in when the bald eagles are trying to get to his food. I watched the action from a 200 yards away from our house (in background) and the bald eagles stayed away when this particular eagle would come in to feed.

umm what do i do now?


gettin a bite to eat

these are 4 cubs that came into one of our bait sites repeatedly

rude awakening

this was a sow with three cubs hibernating under a tree root. We walked right up on her at first while trimming sugar maple trees. then we put a trail camera on her. You could walk up to her about 5 yards. We were shocked to see this picture of the coyote snooping around her

Tebow, the great hunter

Little joke for my son.

Fox Fight

I was trying to get whitetail photos on a camera I placed on a well used deer run and was quite suprised when I found this photo.


Noticed that the molasses block had been pulled up around the top of the sapling it was hung from. These guys just don’t give up.

Oregon Wallow

Early Rut had this bull doing his ritual wallowing!

Snowshoe Hare Changing Color

I was walking through the woods here in Northern Minnesota when I spotted this moss-covered stump and thought it would make for a good picture if I caught an animal beside it. I set up a homemade 10.1mp trail camera on a stake and this was the result.

Woooaaa, Big Buck coming through!

One of the biggest bucks I have seen here in Northern California. It was awesome to see it making a presence on my trail cam!

Black lab chasing black bear

Every year in late summer I have a lot of bears visiting my pear tree next to my house. This year I decided to set up my trail cam to find out just how many come. To my surprise I had this picture of my dog hunter rounding the corner and chasing one of the many visitors off!

Turkeys Messing Up A Great Nap

This doe settled in for a nap in SW Iowa. Perfect spot out of the weather in the sun. After almost 2 hours, this flock of turkeys moved in and changed the peaceful setting. She got up and left less than 5 minutes after the first turkey showed up.
Big 10

Dont under estimate

This was the first bird picture i have ever captured in mid flight and it was from my cheapest camera.
8 point buck and racoon.

king of the world

I found this dead doe during the winter and set up my camera on it. In two days I had this guy eating it along with coyotes, bobcats, foxes, and raccoons.

Post Rut Fighters

Still am getting pictures of bucks fighting. Love getting these kinds of pictures.

Florida Panther

Big male Florida panther that has been hanging around my salt lick. The deer have totally changed up their patterns thanks to him.

On the Run

This roadrunner would frequent my camera. Never saw the coyote.

Lock it Up!

I seem to have a real talent for finding good bucks just after the season closes. I caught my first glimpse of this beautiful 10 pointer just 3 days after the 2011 season ended. He is locked up with a heavy 8 pointer in this photo. I’m already itching for next September.

Up close and personal

This bear, which appears to be a young bear, (there is a smaller bear in the background) was curious about the camera. In the next picture the bear is standing up and so close to the camera all you can see is an arm and black. The next picture the camera is facing the opposite direction so apparently the bear is camera shy. The date is wrong, it is supposed to say 2011.

magpie in flight

i hate these guys but liked to catch photos of them in flight

Hard Rut

This buck disappeared off my cameras about the middle of October and just recently he showed back up on camera. Only with something extra. I went from jumping for joy that he made it through the WI gun season to instant sadness. Look closely!

Buck following his babe.

Buck walking behind his doe of choice.

nj buck

This a the best buck yet to show at my new spot. Have a shed from his right side from last year i found last month. I hope his busted beam means theres a bigger one nearby.
tink #69 scent bomb, they work!

Picture Perfect

This is a picture of the deer last year in velvet.

WI Monster

How about this monster, Santa bring this one to my wall.

Friday Night Fight!

Several pics of these bulls getting a little too close eventually knocking my camera to the ground.

Big stretch

Nice buck checking out licking branch.

Ready for my closeup!!

As the year draws closer to an end they start coming out later in the morning.

winter camo

Where the hell is the snow

It’s mine buddy

Don’t you even think about it

Wait til’ you see me next year!

I replaced the batteries but forgot to reset the date and time. This photo was actually taken sometime during the second week of November 2011.
He made it through winter!

Douple Drop Tines

A dany double drop tine buck fresh out of velvet.

Bear Heven

5 bears hit 1 spot at 1 time

Baby mule deer buck shares food with his mom

baby buck sharing hay with his mom saw him first day of season and he would not leave his mothers side
My 12 year old son eventually harvested this buck shooting my 30-06 which he claimed as his last year. My son described his weekend as okay, it went like this; Saturday morning he scores two touch downs, that afternoon he shoots a 150 lb hog, Sunday morning he takes this 8 pt. Poor deprived little thing.

answers the age old question

right off my cabin porch

Following the leader.

Nice little buck following doe down trail.

Take That

The old man only showed up before sun up or after sun down. After many morning hoping and waiting my Martin Couger Speed Flite scored at 20 yards in late October. It has been 8 years since I had an opportunity for a mature deer and this buck is my best to date scoring in the high 150’s. Truely a great deer for the Black Hills of SD. I guess the old adage of “patience is a virtue” is true.

First sighting

This was the first picture of the buck that i killed on Nov. 14th

Iowa Giant

Got a picture of this big boy on November 5th and then killed him on November 6th. He grossed just shy of 174 inches.

Ol’ Whitey

The first shot of the deer we call whitey on our WI land


This guy and his family frequent the camera. They bed about 50 yard away.

The Candle Stick Buck

Named this big 6 pointer the candle stick buck because of his right main beam reminded me of a candle stick. Did have one encounter with the buck during the NY bowseason but was not able to get a shot off. I hope this deer has survived im excited to see what a new sets of horns will look like on him.

Bachelor Party

Had many pictures on this spring! No such luck trying to find them when archery season opened in NE Oregon.


Coyote knew he was getting his picture taken. SMILE!

Here are the editors’ picks for the 50 best entries in the fourth and final round of our 2011 Fall Trail Cam Photo Contest. Congrats to oldsalt who took first place with his “Bobcat Vs. Coyote” shot and will receive a Bushnell Trophy Cam; and to second-place winner, GarrisonRandy, who gets a Hide ‘N Hunt Blind from Hunter’s Specialties.

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