I was fishing for trout when I hooked this small sockeye. I could not land the fish on the far bank so I made my way to the gravel bar on the opposite side of the river. I was halfway across when a so grizzly with two cubs jumped in for a little fishing time. I had my dad snap a quick photo and we got the heck out of there!.

Bear in her den

This is a female black bear with 2 cubs in a den in Fairchild Wisconsin about 10 to 15 feet from the highway in the timber.

Our Wedding Day

Couldn’t go a day without archery! My wife bought me a Hoyt Carbon Matrix for my wedding gift and we had to try it out…on our wedding day!

Elk in geese formation

This is from 2 or 3 years ago during one of my “OMG, I have to get out of the house before I go crazy” walks. Thought it was cool the way the elk came up out of the bottom of the canyon in V formation.
Florida – this Redfish was found floating with a large obstruction in its mouth, turned out to be a turtle that apparently was a little too big to swallow – both DOA.
Redfish tried to bite off more than it could swallow – both turtle and Redfish deceased.

Call of the Wild

Talk about timing! There were no other pictures of the coyote on the trail camera.

Bobcat dragging a fawn

I set up my moultrie trail camera in the back of a cornfield that I hunt. I went back the next week to grab my card and check out my new pics. To my surprise I found a pic of a bobcat dragging what could have been a nice buck for me to hunt in the following years.

Cheetah-Rhino smackdown

We were taking a drive one night and stopped to photograph a pair of white rhino. A few minutes later, 4 cheetah strolled in and created a roadblock, which the rhino apparently did not approve of. After the rhino initially chased the cheetah off the road, the cheetah came back and returned the favor.


We were outside in the backyard tending to the garden when a fawn came bleeting into the yard. He walked right up to us and we captured this image

Osprey on the Dive

An Osprey showing us how to fish, Fenn Pond, Selway River.

Color phase black bear

Spot/stalk hunt here in Idaho.
Austin, our 13 year old son loves fly fishing while our oldest son, Dakota, loves photography. Using Austin’s fishing gear, Dakota took this picture of his baby sister, Addisyn, when she was one week old. She is our “Perfect Catch!”
I shot this deer two days ago after 7 years and a few thousand miles of hiking in the mountains around my home. He is more than I ever dereamed of…

We’re Ready Dad!

Let’s go hunting dad! We got a great shot of our 2 year old daughter and 10 year old German Shorthair on their first trip to the woods together. She has her tamed to her side as if the dog knows she is to lead the little one on her new bound hunting expedition!

Mule Deer Fight

Mule deer fighting during the rut.

Ohio Monster Buck

This is how deer grow in Ohio
I’ve been trying to put out VHF collars on female mule deer for my graduate project this winter. This doe is the last one we caught this year! I am now tracking them to get winter range habitat information. Made it through this trapping season pretty well with only bruises and 2 bloody noses!

Louie’s first pig and what a pig it was

Louie caught his first and biggest pig to date when he was 7. This bass tipped the scales at 14 pounds. He made the local newspaper, and a replica hangs on his bedroom wall. The monster was photo’d and released. Some say it was the Spiderman hat.

Colorado Monster Muley

I bought my bow in January 2010 and bagged my first big game animal. Could be ranked in the top 5 for Colorado non-typicals.

Fish of a lifetime…

This is the biggest Lake Trout I have ever caught…40″. What a giant. When people ask me why I put so much time and effort into fishing….I say to them…THIS is why!

Kenai River King Salmon

Caught on a sunny day on the Kenai River, weighed 57 lbs.

Fly Fishing Eagle

I was on my way to work in Grand Haven Michigan one morning and saw at least 18 Bald Eagles in the channel close to Lake Michigan. These birds are awesome to watch.
My Grandmother was quite the fisherman. In the early 1960s, her and my Grandfather would fish Lake Cumberland Ky. This is a 13 lb large month bass.
My Gram Landed this huge large mouth on Lake Okeechobee on Monday. Although she has fished many times, It was the first time she was ever on a chartered fishing trip. She caught the biggest one of the day.

Polar Mackinaw

My buddy Zach and I walked my 14′ jonboat, “The Green Hornet”, across the shore ice to reach what remained of the open water. After trolling for about 3 hours and catching one 10 pound fish for eating, we caught this 40 inch, 40+ lb mackinaw. It took about 25 minutes to bring it up to the boat, and the net broke under the weight of the fish. We got some great pictures, and released it!

leap frog buck

looked out the back yard one night and the boys were just having a good ole time

Alligator Surprise

Late winter is mild in the S.C. Lowcountry, but spring weather came especially early in 2011. Even so, alligators aren’t something you necessarily expect to see in February, even in the humid black-water swamps of the Lowcountry. Imagine my surprise, then, when I unknowingly walked to within yards of these two while bird watching in the Santee National Wildlife Refuge — Cuddo Unit this winter.
We’ve watched this buck grow a nice 8pt rack from early spring. He was off limits to hunting for me and my boys. I was going hunting one afternoon and here he was crossing the road with a string of Christmas lights wrapped around his head. My son saw him 2 weeks later and had removed his lights-his doe probably told him it looked ridiculous.

The best three legged hunting dog out there.

This is my brother with his three legged hunting dog J.C. one of the best retrievers I’ve ever hunted with.


My friend shot this big boy in the North Territoty the first part of September—71″–no official score back but should score 230 to 260 width–weighed in at approx 1800lbs–A very good day for my friend—submitted this photo on 9/24/2011

Great day shed hunting!

Today was by far my best day shed hunting! I hiked over 10 miles and had to leave the old ones I found from last year because I couldn’t carry any more! On my pack are 4 matching pairs (2 elk and 2 deer) including a matching elk 6X6 pair and 2 singles. They’re out there, just have to get out there and find them!

2011 5×6 Muley 29.5″ wide

A surprise buck that showed himself the last day of the season. We hadn’t seen any wall hangers the entire season. My dad spotted this guy from about a mile or more away so we decided to get a better look. It’s a good thing. We ended up getting him in the “Wall Draw”. No doubt this one is a wall hanger!

Packin’ Out

Last pack load of a mountain caribou off the mountain. Tough hunt but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Monroe County, PA Moose Buck

I took this PA monster on the second Saturday of the archery season, October 8th at 8:25 a.m. I’ve got a month’s worth of trail camera pics of the deer but I didn’t expect to see him that morning because I was hunting a different stand about 1/3 of a mile away from his haunt so I could keep that stand fresh for the afternoon hunt. Low and behold, he showed up and I took him at 45 yards.

Hawg Hunting

My boy loves to fish. It’s an absolute hoot to watch him kiss them and release them to fight again. This fall largemouth is just the latest in his pursuit if trophy fish. At 9 his goal is to have his own outdoor show and write a column for F&S; someday.
Hunting hard, thorough scouting, some advice from my wife and of course with some luck, I harvested this awesome buck. It was a 15 yard shot and I double lunged him. He expired 70 yards from my stand. This buck has 15 scoreable points plus two kickers, he weighed over 200lbs and was aged at 6.5 years old. He was green scored at 183+ inches and has triple brow tines on both sides.
One of the many sheepshead caught that day. Four at 22inches and eight at 20 inches. Caught on shrimp and black crab.

66″ 6×6 taken in Anaktuvuk Pass, AK

I called this guy in to about 180 yds. where he turned a side shot. I was using my ruger .243 using 100 grain Remington core lokt. He walked about 50 yards slowly when he slowly fell over. about 20 ft. away was an old fire pit with a buch of cut wood. Like it was meant to be. It was a great day warmed up and just took my time and cut him up good. Filled allot of peoples freezers.

High Country Toad

Spotted him from about a mile away and spent six hours skirting does to get up on him. Took the shot from just inside of 200 yards and then spent the next two days packing him out. He was up on a steep slope above 8700 feet with Mountain Goats overlooking the kill site.

Buck of a lifetime.

My 12 year old Grandson shot this buck on 10-25-11 with his Parker crossbow. We had been hunting this buck for two years and had never seen it but had trailcam pics. We were set up in a blind and the buck came in chasing a doe and my Grandson shot him at about 18 yards.This was a buck of a lifetime. I’m very proud of him.

Little Show Off

While revisting my hunt with my family at Christmas, my grand daughter shows off my record buck rack. He was offically entered in Pope & Young all time records with a score of 182 6/8 a new Marathon county WI record typical and Ranked 8th in the state for bow. Also scored 168 3/8 BTR Buckmasters with composite score of 189 which is a new perfect typical state record and 13th all time world record.

Daddy’s Little Girl

Katelyn went fishing at a friends pond with her dad. She wanted to use her pink lures so bad, finally before quitting the guys put it on her pole and Wham! The big one hit! Her daddy was so proud.

Pike Co., Ohio Big Buck

This Ohio Big Buck was arrowed with compound bow by Adam Wireman in Pike Co. Ohio on Oct. 12 2011

Girlfriends first deer ever

I took my girlfriend on her first weekend of deer hunting ever. She took her new bow out in hopes of making her first kill. The evening before she passed on a nice basket rack 8 point in hopes of something better, and it payed off. The very next evening on a wind blown November day in north Missouri she killed this behemoth.

Pronghorn, Idaho’s Pahsimeroi Valley

Desert Photo Roadtrip 2011
Pre-rut action during archery season in ohio…things just starting to heat up!!

191 3/8″ Gross Score Kansas Whitetail

This is my 5th year hunting on the same farm in Pratt, Kansas. It finally paid off this year. I moved one of my tower stands on the back side of a greenfield about 150 yds. into the CRP near a “draw” I saw deer traveling last year. I have always wanted to hunt the area. The huge Kansas Whitetail came within 75 yds. when he met his demise on opening day of this year’s season.

Wild Steelhead Running the Selway River

A long ways from the ocean, Steelhead Running Selway Falls in Idaho…always amazing to watch…

Moose (Alces alces pfizenmayeri)

In the Irkutskaya region there is a Yakutian or Mid-Siberian kind of Moose. The body of an adult male is 300 cm, the height is 235 cm, and weight is 570-620 (1250-1365lbs) kg. Only males have antlers of different forms, with a span almost 2 meters and weight of 35 kg. Similar size than the British Columbian moose. http://huntertours.co.uk/animals/moose-hunting-russia

Aiden with Grandpa’s Largemouth Bass

Spring Break fishing trip with Grandpa. Aiden, 6 years old, helped his Grandpa,Paul Denney, reel in this 24.5in Largemouth out of Lake Alamo, in Arizona.

Last chance buck

Well, it was Saturday Dec. 18th and I knew these bucks had to eat so I set up on a 60 acre, snow covered, been field. About 15 minutes before last shooting light I decided to step out of the blind to look into the cut corn field behind me. Big Buck! and I sgueezed the trigger on my smoke poll and he never walked another step.

First Deer! (Blacktail)

Been hunting since I was 8 and this was my first time killing a deer. My dad, sister and I were hunting for several hours until I spotted a nice looking buck about 175 yards from where I was standing, threw up my dads B. A .R 7 mag and shot off-hand. I shot him right in the heart! Little did I know I had to haul him all the way back to the truck, but very well worth it! He was a 4×2 Black Tail.

Every which way but loose

In the wee hours of the AM, off the bank of Mockinbird Lake, it sounded like someone fell in. Then I heard Louie say “I got one Grampa”. The fish turned Louie every which way but loose. Into the weeds, out of the weeds, into a the tree roots and back out, stripping drag like it was going out of style. But in the end, Louie was victorious. She was a nice one too. Photo’d and released.
My mom harvested this 165″ WI buck on Halloween night with her PSE bow in Jefferson County, WI. We have had several pictures of this buck the last two years and he finally showed up in daylight. This is my mom’s first buck in over 20 years and only her third buck ever! She never gave up and it paid off!

More Pics of the Cats

Friend came home to cAts hanging around his garage

Wife’s First Bird!!

After winning her first gun at a ’11 local NWTF Banquet my wife was eager to put it to use! Soon after getting settled into our 1st afternoon hunt we had nearby gobble to a crow call. A little quiet calling with the woodhaven slate & we coaxed this beautiful tom into full strut at 20yds. My wife put a perfect shot on her first turkey! VERY PROUD!!

Striper on the hudson

I only caught one herring for bait on this day. This was the fish that took it. The greatest battle i’ve ever had with a fish, it took me 20 minutes from shore to finally beach her. She was 43 1/2 inches long and we only had a scale that went to 35 pounds(which she bottomed out with ease) Truly an amazing experience!

Southeast iowa big

My grandson Tyler Wright, and his best friend Dakota Conger, were shed hunting S.E. Iowa. While crossing a creek, my grandson looked over at the far bank and saw a tine sticking out of the sand. So he and his friend, went over just thinking it was a shed. But, as he started to pull the shed out of the sand, it turned out to be a dead head, 18 point 185.5 inch gross buck.

Together forever!

Florida opener ST Johns river .

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