This was a surprising shot. Eagles eat scraps from a local butcher at the edge of our field, near our home in northern Wisconsin. I guess I need to put more food out - they are fighting over what is there.


Camera set up on the same tree four three years now and you just don”t know what you will get next.

Ghost Hawk

I had my camera set up on a deer that had gotten hit by a vehicle hoping to capture some pictures of coyotes. I was amazed to see I had a picture of a Leucistic Red-tailed Hawk

the curios one!

this was one of my very first trail cam pics here

Strutting Tom’s

Two of our strutting toms. Looks like they’re about to fight.

Eurasian Lynx

This is my favorite photo of an elusive and rare beauty of our forests here in the Carpathian Mountains, especially because it was pure luck capturing this fast animal with a slow camera like my first trail cam the StealthCam Prowler …

Line em up!!!

A great photo of a doe with triplets.

…corn bandits!

these crows were finishing off my corn faster than I could spread it!

Eagle with Wolf Kill

A wolf killed this deer the day before near the dorms at Conserve School. I put out my trail camera to see what creatures might come by to take advantage of the situation and caught this beautiful eagle.

Love is in the air in Wild Wonderful

This pic was taken 30 yards from our cabin deck in West Virginia. We also took multible still shots with a camera as we were on the deck at the time. The big boar looked to be about 400 pounds.

Fox and Coon Stare Down

Got this cool picture of the fox passing right in front of my camera just as a raccoon looks up and spots him.

up close and presonal

Had camera out looking for turkey and got this nice pic. they like to lick my camera for some reason


Here’s the little thief who’s been stealing bait in my wolf sets!!

Needle in a Haystack

So a team of biologists have been studying fishers in my area. They put collars on them to track their movements and I just happened to capture a collared one on camera. It turns out this little guy likes to hang out in my backyard.

Tom struting and Hen fanning him down .

Hopefuly we will see him again in turkey season struting into my call!

Tag Your It

Two Squirrels just playing a little tag.
This PA Tom decided to pose in a side view for the camera. The Busnell Trailcam never misses a good shot and the lighting was great !

What a Stud

This stud is struttin through one of my game trails behind my house in New York during early spring. He still holds the same ground as the dominant force.

Big Rub = Big Buck!!

Here’s the proof big bucks make big rubs!!! A big heavy 10 tore this tree to shreds!

Quite the Pose!

I’ve been listening to this big guy all spring-finally got him in front of my trail camera. I hope he sticks around till the season opener!

Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuz a Deer

This is an orphan I’ve been watching since early Sept. She was so tiny, 30lbs when I began seeing her. I had several shots on her but I refused to kill her. I’m so happy to have watched her grow and survive hunting season and the winter. She’s bound to be a trophy doe one day.

Anybody Home?

I caught this Coyote taking a long, hard look down into a Badger’s den. It was taken in Northern Minnesota using a homemade, 10.1mp trail camera accompanied by a homemade remote slave flash.

Big SD Mt.Lion scent checking the trail

This lion is scent checking the trail that all of the lions use as they come past this camera. I have gotten pictures of 14 different lions that I could tell apart for sure at this location, most numerous times and they all follow the same line. Picture was taken in South Dakota on a Bushnell Trophy Cam.

Endangered Florida Panther mom

This Florida Panther came wandering through my SW Florida backyard along with her almost grown kitten right behind her. (Enlarge picture and count the legs)

Tom Strutting

Old tom posing for the camera.

Early Season Scouting on a New Property

I had a friend who had just gained access to a new property to hunt, so he asked me if we could set up my camera to get an idea what may be in the area when the season arrived. As you can imagine, we couldn’t believe it when we checked the camera. If you look carefully, you can count 15 different bucks in that photo!

Picture Perfect

A Kodak moment of an amazing and beautiful monster 8pt buck caught on my trail camera set behind my house.

browsing in the balsams

Northern Wisconsin buck in velvet posing!

Squirrel Close-Up!

Had this cam out near a corn feeder, and all we caught was squirrels eating it! This one wanted a close-up!


I found that later, it was a piece of somebody’s ground blind. I hope Cabela’s buys that story when they try to return it.

Lil’ Pup Vs. Lil’ Buck

This photo was taken at the back of my yard at our new home. My beagle pup was around 5 months old in the photo and as you can tell this was a yearling 3 point buck I had many photos of. I have three pictures from the series that are quiet funny.

The Perfect Storm

I captured this image of a mother doe and her fawn one evening as they fed in a hay field as a major storm front was rolling in. I remember this day and being chased off the water as I was fishing within two miles of my hunting land where the image was taken. By far one of my favorite shots.

Our pretty Scrub Jay

This is one of my nicest bird pictures from my trail cam at the house. This Jay is always around and in this picture it has what appears to be a red berry. Nice color combinations. Roses are Red Violets are blue the red thing I have is not a rose and Im not a violet. Enjoy this one.
On state land in Michigan I got about 500 photos of this big 8 point and some great video too. I hunted him all season last year and only saw him once while on stand. Just a beautiful mature deer! It seemed like he was just too smart and always knew when I was hunting. I didn’t end up getting him this year but hopefully he will be back next year and will be even bigger.

King of the Woods

yearlings fighting over which one wll be the next king of the woods.

Turkey vulture in flight

Turkey vultures hammer my coyote bait. Cool in-flight picture..

Spring’s Bounty!

Some of the gang hanging around the field in Southwest VA.
A big 10 point in velvet.

Some of us are just different!

This picture makes the 2012 season just more fun! You gets to see “brown and white” first!

We have been Busted! Dont move, they may not see us!

We were having problems with vandals getting in to our cat food bin. I decided to set the trail cam up in the carport. The first night I caught these two masked bandits trying to steal some cat food


Taken late spring last year. Young buck in full velvet at farm in Nebraska.

HUGE Coydog

This is a huge coydog that I have only a few pics of. Hoping he was taken care of during the season.

Fight for turnips

This was taken in a turnip food plot in Northeast Iowa in January.It is less than 1/4 acre but we see as many as a dozen deer at one time in there.

Oregon Blacktail Buck

Nice rack on this Oregon Blacktail

Cardinal in flight

A low flying cardinal.

Booner On The Hoof

Got a picture of this big heavy 11 point the day before I shot him. He grossed almost 174 inches B&C.; My best buck to date.

Mr. Sneaky

Never got a chance to see him in the day light hours only at night. I have seveeral pictures of him. At times i think he just liked to pose for the pictures. He didn’t gett hat big doning crazy stuff.

Early Morning Wallow

We never saw him during the day, but he was quite active at night during the 2011 Fall elk hunt in Washington.

Is it Thanksgiving yet???

A little early in the year, but Spring season just opened!!!!

Velvet Bachelor Party

Waited for these bucks hang out together in front of the trail cam every night. Every night is a bachelor party for them, sometimes they even bring the girls.

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