Being that New Jersey has had a few Bear seasons in a row now, I really found some interesting photos at my bait sites. This is the first time I set the camera up in the spring time, and it was quite interesting to see how the bears interacted with one you can see!.

Who Me

Taken Marshall Ill . Just looking at it you can create many titles.WE HAVE 7 BUSHNELLS AND WOULD LOVE TO HAVE MORE .

Caught in mid-flight!

These does look like they may have heard the owl leave his perch, and are about to hear a faint whooosh as he goes over their heads.


Two Golden Eagles fighting over a mountain lion kill.

Hurry up!

New born fawn and its mom crossing their daily trail.

Band of Brothers

This group of Thug Jakes were seen harassing gobblers the whole turkey season. My camera captured this photo right as turkey season was winding down in AL. It was only fitting that this coyote (we had been seeing and get pictures of lots of them too) appears to be avoiding the group of Jakes that he has just encountered in the field.

Dancing in the rain

This bear decided to dance in the rain while trying to get apples out of the tree.

Doe and two fawns

This doe and her two fawns were frequent visitors to the water trough.

Bull elk with cool lighting

The gold morning light makes the rack on this bull look pretty sweet.

Wolf in the Lolo Zone

Just a wolf following around a herd of elk in the Lolo zone again. The winter was mild and both the elk and wolves looked extra plump this spring.

Great Blue Heron

We set up our very first game cam on a small beaver dam that was a deer crossing, and caught this heron crossing

on the run

running deer on cam

Red-phase Ruffed Grouse in Full Strut

With an early spring here in northern Minnesota, I anticipated the grouse would start drumming early. I blindly set up on a drumming log I had located last year, using a homemade 6mp trail camera and much to my amazement this was the very first picture on the memory stick!

Smile, Your On Trail Camera

This New Jersey Black Bear was fascinated by my trail camera. I got at least twenty close up photos of him. This one was my favorite because you can see the Bear’s nostrils, eyes and ears perfectly.

Sandhill Crane

Set up my trail cam for some deer and surprisingly got a huge sandhill crane spreading its wings.

Anyone home?

this bear went from house to house everynight looking in windows & on the decks.

Bear Cub Chews Deer

I found a deer carcass in the woods that the bears were feeding on. I set up my motion trail camera. I have many photos of this black bear family of four. The cub closest to its mother has the deer’s nose in it’s mouth. The large sow is to busy smelling other bears on the overhanging limb.

Swamp Sweetie

A visit from a local in the swamp 🙂

Smile for the Camera

I knew that I had quite a few turkeys on my farm, but it was proven after I put up my trail camera in early March. These birds got up close and personal with my camera.

Turkey vultures fight’n in flight…

Love the in-flight pictures….


Wolves traveling down trail close to house site.

Get outta here!!

Mr. buck decides he doesnt want that turkey around him!

Bear Family of Four

This huge black bear sow is with her three cubs relaxing and enjoying the afternoon sun.

Wisconsin Drummer

I came across a drumming log on my property and decided to see him in action. Gives me the fever for this fall!

The Critter Log

Our pond has always been a hot spot for animals of all kinds. By the same log in the picture I have captured pictures of deer, raccoon, coyote, and ducks. This year however I was surprised by the amount of ducks using the small pond within the woods.

New born with Doe

Hope it can keep up!

Bear den activity

Photo taken with Busnell trail cam of a mom and 4 cubs by their den. Den is located only 200 yards from our house, great viewing opportumities!

Bear den action

Mom and 4 (yes, 4) cubs exploring outside their winter home. Den is located 200 yards from our house, photo take with a Bushnell trail cam. Mom checked the camera out close and then decided it was safe to bring the kids out for a family protrait.

Where did mom go?

Three of the four cubs in this bear den looking out trying to see where mom is. Den is 200 yards from our house. Photo from Bushnell trail camera on 4/11/2012.

Mr. Big

Got alot of pictures of gobblers just hoping to close the deal on this one.

Coyote Beautiful

This is the first coyote we have seen in the 12 years of living in rural northern Wisconsin. I was surprised at how big and beautiful the animal was; standing proudly in the morning sunshine…
5 bears in the same shot. Northeast PA 04/2011

Early morning crows in flight

Crows in action.

Fat little doe

This doe does not look like it is starving for food.

Can fishers climb?

Set out the cam to catch the elusive fisher… turns out they can climb like gymnasts when there’s chicken to be had.

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