Caught at Fishpond Lake in Letcher CO.KY. Weighed in @ 12lb 6oz,251/4 inches in length with a 22in.girth.

Turkey hunting Idaho’s NezPerce National Forest.

Doing some public ground gobbler hunting and camping with my sons, William and Quentin. We were rewarded by getting up before daylight with this nice Tom.


As a medical school graduation gift my dad took me to Alberta for a Spring black bear hunt. With two tags, it came down to the last night to harvest my second. I passed on nice sized black bear around 6:00 since it had rubbed bare spots in its coat. I was being picked up from the stand at 9:30. At 9:00 I saw this amazing bear creeping in like a ghost. I still can’t believe it. What a gift eh?

Stalked By A Predator

This stray or house cat is caught in the act, of stalking two hen birds. The cat has surprise on its side but I bet on the hen bird in a confrontation. If the cat is a pet, then the pet owner is stupid, for allowing their cat to kill , be killed, or be bitten by a animal that is infected with Rabies disease. It is amazing what your trail camera can pick up when your not there.

Howlin’ for You

Coyotes are usually fast movers on my trail cameras. However, this one posed nicely on fresh snow for my Moultrie Game Spy M80.

now what…

Boston city boy hooks his first freshwater monster.

Jumping Yellowstone Cutthroat

Lucky picture, didn’t hook’em

Follow the Leader

This is a picture that I snapped in a small pond in my front yard in Lexington, SC. Mama wood duck was teaching her newly born ducklings to swim in the sludge.

Possible Record Gar

One day, Parker and Jimmy Frew decide to throw a Gator-ade bottle with bait strung to it in an attempt to catch a fish. After an hour of chasing the speeding bottle, they catch the monstrous gar. It wasn’t until after the fish was filleted that anyone realized it was a possible state record. The skull remains in the boy’s trophy collection.

Carp mating close to shore.

I went camping at West Point Lake GA/AL and one morning at about 7:00 A.M. and stumbled on these and many more carp on the shoreline.

More carp mating on shore.

I went camping at West Point Lake GA/AL at about 7:00 and found these and many more carp very close to the shore. Look for a picture of what happens when they get to close to shore.
Flathead catfish caught in La handgrabbing

San Joaquin Brown

Middle of the day brown on a countdown Rainbow Rapala.

Virginia Big Bass

12.5 Largemouth caught on 8 pound line. Texas rigged Berkley Powerbait 7 inch worm, weightless, Tequila Sunrise.

Big Alaskan Black Bear

That is one BIG black bear… Not bad for her first bear kill!

Fox Pup

We were driving through the Gettysburg Battlefield one evening and saw this lil guy playing along the road. We stopped and got out to get some pics and he decided to play peek-a-boo from this storm pipe for a little while. Finally he ran into the wheat field never to be seen again.

Dont Be Crabby!

Tossing rockes over in Bodega Bay looking for bait and found this colorfull lil Crab. The oyster farms down there are the best!

White Snake vs. Black Bass

….and the white Snake wins. A floating, soft plastic, white Snake, (a Doug Hannon invention to give credit where credit is due) fooled this monster into inhaling it for his dinner. And if that blow-up wasn’t enough…the battle that ensued was nothing short of epic. I think the “Snake” and I are in for a long relationship. Thanks Bass Professor!

Spring Skull Surprise

New robins nest with four or five chick’s. Found this deer skull over winter and hung it in the pull barn next to our hunting cabin.

Skylined Idaho Whitetail

Whitetail deer at sunset, while Coyote hunting in Idaho.

New IGFA Junior Grass Carp World Record

This record is still pending, but it might be the new IGFA Grass Carp Junior World Record. The fish checked in at 40.25lbs and 42 inches, the fish was also caught on 2lb test. If the 2lb test checks out, it will also be the new Grass Carp 2lb test World Record, the fight was a good two hours. My biggest (Grass) Carp to date, note: the bubbles on him are slime. Fish was released

my little cat fisherman

She had a blast out there messing around in the lake.


Saturday morning my boy caught this with his new rod mostly by himself. He was talking about it all weekend. Ended up with another 12-15 bass and a few catfish.

Too Close

Uh ohh…. Good thing my camera has the image stablizer function on it. I bid a hasty adieu and needed a defibulator.

Big Teddy

A little spooky this close up.

Goliath Grouper

Cought this about a mile off of the Naples, FL pier fishing an artificial reef.

Got Size?

I headed out to my favorite spot on a local trout stream. It was slow to start after catching the trees a few times and a small Brooke trout. A cast later and I am in for the fight of my lifetime on the water. This 24 inch 8lbs rainbow was on the other end. stripping line and my pole buried, I was able to land my biggest trout to date.

[elk, pa.]

Caught this lucky sunset picture as a photographer set up for a closer look at the awesome elk herd roaming the hills of Elk, Pa. The herd is readily accessible to photographers and observers and for the lucky handful of tag lottery winners.
I was fishing for permit in Key West in March for the first time and it was a perfect day. I was using a light tan colored crab pattern and 9 wgt rod and hit this tailing permit on the nose. He immediately took it and ran about 200 yards. After a 25 minute exciting fight we boated him. Great day with Captain John O’Hearn!

Crappie Fish Sculpture

I went out on Mosquito Lake with my dad, and we each caught 18 slab crappie. Being a Fine Arts student and taking sculpture class, I saw a great opportunity to make a fish sculpture with these fish! I am attaching another photograph of myself with one of the 14″ crappie I caught as well.

Pending World Record Houndfish

Caught 5/24/12 in St. Thomas USVI. Weight is 19.76 lbs.
For my Birthday my parents took me to the local shooting range and said I could rent any gun. Naturally I choose the biggest calibre I could find. This is a picture of the flash of a .50 cal.

I see you

Early summer bull.

Grants First Biggy

Grant(3) caught this 4.5lbs on his 2’6″ “Cars” rod in the family farm pond. Thing took more line then we thought the rod could hold be for getting worn out and giving in for the picture. Always teach catch and release

Big Ohio Tom

Called in this Tom on the last Saturday of the season and took him at 15 yards. He had an 11.25″ beard 1.25″ spurs and weighed 24lbs. The best part of the hunt is that there were four jakes with him that will be huge birds next year seeing as how they already had 7 or 8 inch beards.

Rolling Thunder

He was around 2 or 3 miles from the Wapiti Creek trailhead last fall, near Canyon Village.

First trout of the spring.

The first trout of spring is often the sweetest. Picked up this beauty on the Neshannock Creek in Volant, Pa. There was a light hatch on and some beauties were rising just after the sun did the same.

Sandhills Spurs

16 Jakes/Toms came into our decoys for some awesome pictures. I was already tagged out so armed with just a call and a camera we had these 16 birds gobbling and posing for the camera!
Wesley Baker (4 years old) caught this 23 inch/7.8 lb bass while fishing at his family farm pond near Sherrard, IL. Using a bobber and worm he set the hook, and the large bass put his new Spiderman fishing pole to the test. After getting over the fear of the fish eating his leg, Wesley finally held up the trophy for a picture with a pair of plyers.

Amazon Alien Fish

Caught this out an Amazon Jungle Lodge in Northern Brazil. Not sure what is is call but would have liked to injected with butter and herbs for grilling as it is one solid shell

Caught casting

My fishing buddy Joey captured this pic of me casting for smallmouth. It’s almost makes me look like a decent caster. Almost.

Fishing with Dad & Papa

Will is posing with a large mouth bass caught in a local pond while fishing with his Dad and Papa.

Close-up Gobbler!

This picture of a big gobbler is one of the first pictures we got on my parents’ new farm. It looks like the farm will be a good spot for turkey hunting!

First Black Bear

My first black bear! With a bow to boot! The trip to Alberta was a graduation gift for finishing medical school. I have a lot of the hunt on video…during the next five years of training those videos will be invaluable. I might not get to spend much time in the woods, but I’ll be able to get back there mentally.

Sacramento River Cats!

Who doesn’t love to catch a good sized Cat right? I was walking down the bank and tossed a chunk of sardine in and turned around to wash my hands at the bank when I seen my pole sliding into the water AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Grabed it, whipped it back and had this high spirited cat yanking.

Gideon’s first bass

My two sons and I went fishing with a few family friends. After fighting a two pound bullhead (his first), my two year old son, Gideon, hooked into his first bass. He was proud as a peacock and was upset when we put it back in the water. A life long memory for his proud Dad and a bright start to a long fishing career for a son.

Looking for Love

North of Gardiner, MT.

Dunna NaaaNaaa Naaa BAT RAY!

Cought this Bat Ray in Elk Grove Slough, I was going for sharks but a big, fighting fish is always appreciated. it was close to 70 LBS cought on a full size squid. It pulled the boat around for 30 min.

Cheesman Canyon Rainbow resting

Fish are much easier to photograph underwater when they’ve just been released. This one swam off just after I clicked the shutter.

CNook off Manitowoc, WI

Chinook S. taken off of Manitowoc, WI’s S.Pier;casting “marthastewartized MR.Champs”-Kings are ‘in’ close early this spring! FUN!

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