Sunset pic of three fox kits on thier den Homemade Sony P41 with SnapShot Sniper board.

Sow and the cubs

Here’s a picture of a sow and cubs I had coming into a bait in Idaho. Every time I went in to refill the bait station she and the cubs would scurry up a tree and chomp at me. Hornery ole gal! Really glad I utilized trail cams this time around.

Eerie Morning Mist

This is almost an artistic photo from our trail camera last summer. This doe looks like she is either posing for the picture or looking into the distant fog for a lost fawn perhaps.

spring rain apparition

spring rain apparition

Non Typical!

Hope to see guy in October!

Dance Party

I setup my trail cam in a new location in hopes to find some bucks cruising the area. I was very surprised to see these two on there when I checked the camera. My buddies and I joke around that the two are having a dance party. I sent out an invitation for another one taking place on the first day of bear season. I showed up but they didn’t. I guess their invitation got lost in the mail!

Fox kit on point

I found a fox den and set up my home made Sony P41 camera with Snap Shot Sniper control board I’ve gooten thousands of pics in the last month watching them grow

Sunset woodies on farm pond

Homemade Sony S6oo camera with Snap Shot Sniper control board

Can you give me a lift mom?

We have trail cams set up on our baits every year and came across this awesome photo of a mom helping her cub up to look in the barrel for food. by far the best ive ever seen! amazing how they act just like us sometimes! reminds me of holding a kid up to the water fountain!
My wife/I bought 12 acres this spring and I purchased a trail cam to see what animals I have there. My first set up was on a well used trail, crossing our creek. I can see antlers growing on 3 of the deer and I hope to keep tabs on them as they develop. I think this is a beautiful photo and am excited to see what else we will see.

Nosey Bear

This is the first pictured captured before this black bear decided to play with my camera for a while. I’m was sure glad i had a steel bracket and python cable keeping my camera secure.

Wrestling Match

My trail cam caught these two playing around. It was a bit of a surprise since we had never seen any bears in that area before. It looks like they are trying out for the Olympic wrestling team. Maybe we will see one of them in London later this year!

Play Time

It’s all fun and games until someone gets bit on the nose…

Bobwhite Quail “Solitude”

Trailcam in Northern California

Closeup wood duck

They are so colorful in the spring Home made Sony S600 camera with Snap Shot Sniper board

Mr. Bear, I think I would find a bigger tree to climb…

Last fall on an elk hunt I found some claw marks in a nearby tree and decided to start playing with my trail cam to see if I could find the bear in the area that may have left the marks. Well, it didn’t take too long… this was a fun one as he strectched up into this small tree to take a sniff.

Great Blue Heron

This camera is mounted to a stake pounded into the bed of a spring- fed pond and this Great Blue Heron waded by it.

It’s only spring!!!

It’s only spring, already fighting for dominance? What happened to summer bachelor groups!!!!

A Very Pregnant Doe

I’ve captured quiet a few pregnant does on my trail cams this spring. Looking forward to meeting th enew arrivals soon.
I wonder who got the girl??? We got this picture behind my dad’s house…by far the most Toms I have ever seen grouped together around there!

Early antler growth

These two mature bucks are already showing promising antler growth in mid May, 2012.

spring coyote

yellow eye looking for a fawn

Deer at Dawn

Took 3 days of Baiting, but the light, position and timing worked out beautifully!

Bobwhite Quail “Daydream”

Trailcam in Northern Calif, covey of quail walked through, this one seemed to be deep in thought.

On Guard Duty

This black bear sow is constantly on watch for danger so no harm comes to her three cubs.


I think I found the bedding area 😉

Drake Wood Duck

Placed my camera on a vernal pond about 6-8 inches above water level to catch this Drake Wood Duck.

Early Morning Bears

The cubs have a serious look on their face as they watch their mother. I wonder if the sow smells or hears another bear coming. The back half of the deer carcuss is completely gone.

Do I have something in my eye?

This little bull mooose was a very curiuos guy and spent quite a bit of time around my camera. This shot captures a great close up of his eye and newly started antler growth.

Bear Cubs Playground

These two black bear cubs are having fun in the tree. The sow is eating and putting weight on. She getting ready to hibernate during the winter months.

Time for take off!!!!

I have seen a group of cranes around, and in this picture i got it when it was about to fly away.

This looks like a fine place for a nap.

This is one of a series of over 200 pictures of this cat(Brutus) from one night. He actually appears to be kneeding the snow into a smooth bed. Picture was taken in the Blackhills of SD on a Bushnell Trophy Cam.

Ohh I’m so sleepy……….

This is one of a series of over 200 pictures of this cat(Brutus) from one night. This is the first time I managed to capture a picture of a lion mid yawn. Picture was taken in the Blackhills of SD on a Bushnell Trophy Cam.

NJ Bobcat on the PROWL

Well as an avid hiker and photographer, I spend alot of time in the woods. I came across a small deer carcuss and decided that this would be a great spot to capture some footage for my outdoor photo album. I had no idea that I would get a picture of the illusive New Jersey Bobcat. I have never seen one in this area but have heard of other hikers crossing their paths.

Babies and Mommas

I am 12 years old. I got a game camera for Christmas and check it often. I was excited to find this picture of a baby deer with it’s momma and 2 baby racoons and a mother racoon.

Tiny fawn

A new born fawn following its mother.


This Fisher walked by a camera I had placed at a swamp crossing.


Evening grazers

Young Buck

Young buck looking curiously at the camera.

Hawk vs Crow

Pictures shows, I believe it is a red tail hawk, attacking a group of crows right in front of my game cam!

Who says trail cams are only fun in the fall? We asked you to set yours out this spring and send us your best photos. You certainly didn’t disappoint; we got hundreds of great photos and six readers have already won Bushnell Trophy Cam HDs (MSRP $323.95).

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