I was fishing in a high alpine lake in Colorado and after a successful day, was leaving when I spotted a fish swimming near the shore line. After closer inspection I saw that he had a mouse in his mouth. I had heard that some fish will occasionally eat small rodents but this was the first time seeing it up close and personal.

fawn wading to beat the heat

i spotted this little guy at one of my favorite bass fishing holes just wading in the water i thought it might be stuck in the muck on the bottom but when i got to about 5 feet it decided to make its exit it was a very cool experience

Thank You

Thank You to all the men and women who have served past and present. This nice mule deer found a nice place to beat the heat this summer in southern Wyoming.

Big Deer

Saw it on the side of the road
I caught this 49″ 47.5lb striper off my kayak while trolling live eels on a full moon night off the north shore of MA. My biggest bass ever! Awesome sleigh ride!

Dreaming of hunting

This is a photo I took of my grandson Blake.Taken when he was 3 days old. We found this shed about 15 years ago and have been waiting for a grandchild to fill it.
My daughter caught this Walleye off of the Dock on Moose Lake Manitoba.

shot in the foot

kid shot me while bow fishing when he swung his bow into the boat at full draw

bowfishing arrow to the food

a person that i was bow fishing with swung his bow into the boat and ‘accidently’ shot me

Something Smells Fishy

I took my son fishing. He likes big fish but, not the big smell. The picture says it all. He almost vomited. We caught this seven pound large mouth bass with a rubber worm at our new favorite fishing spot. God bless the children and the dads who take them to participate in one of the greatest past times in history!

Changing Coats

A nice 8 point buck was licking my trail camera and showing of his changing from summer to winter coat.

You Here that Too?

Picked a spot for a deer stand and got a good look at this Kansas giant 12
Fished Aug 15 2012 for flathead with live bluegill and a pair of trusty rod and reel outfits. This fish hit at 3 AM and put up a terrific battle before being landed. 52 inches of mean male flathead. This fish was released after weight and photos to grow, spawn, and fight again.

Feeding Time

Caught deer feeding after a buck was present 15min before

Last Light Monster

During the last week of the 2011 hunting season, me and some friends were hunting a small farm known for some monster buck. I had shot an average 7 pointer earlier that morning and until then the day had been quiet. With the last minutes of light, my friend had got the oppurtunity at this Virginia monster whitetail.

Magic Carp Ride

I was out in waves almost deeper than I was tall and this nasty carp about pulled me across the lake!

Buck and Trail Camera

I set up a large bait pile of corn. I placed one trail camera on a photo set, on a tree and the other trail camera on a video set, on another tree. Both cameras are facing the same bait pile. You are a witness to a trail camera light videoing this large eight point piebald buck. The red video light does not bother the deer. Bears are more spooked by the video light then deer.

Bear with a blonde streak

We have our trail cam up looking for elk for the upcoming season but we found this bear instead.

Papua New Guinea Black Bass

I was fortunate to land a 40 pound PNG black bass.The PNG black bass is declared the King of freshwater fish!! We landed bass at 40lbs, 40lbs, 42lbs, and 46lbs. Plus we landed record size barramundi with 2 exceeding 70lbs. Trip are ran by Jason Yip of Wild River Fishing PNG.
Medium running crank bait,deep water drop at cliff face. Hooked big fish day before at same spot but pulled off before I got a look. This one hooked up the next day.

Shark get his share

While reeling in this snapper the fish quit fighting. I thought I lost him til we saw why he gave up…

Monster Muskie – Lake St. Clair

My first time out for Muskie was 2 weeks earlier with the same guide – we trolled for 3 hours but came up empty. Then July 27 I was able to land a 51″ Muskie. All 4 fisherman were able to land Muskies but this was the largest. Great Trip!

Elk in the fog.

Driving through Yellowstone on a very foggy morning I thought I caught a glimpse of antlers in a field we had driven by. We turned around and had the privilege of seeing the rest of this magnificent animal as well.

The Green Machine

I caught this Atlantic Salmon in NFLD, Canada. I felt the fishes heart beat when I landed it. Since then I only “catch and release” on barb-less hooks. The fly used was a locally tied “Green Machine”. My reel was by Battenkill and the rod was from Orvis, gear that I swear by.

You Smell Good

Taken with my field cam.

Fly fishing company

Peaceful evening fly fishing in Yellowstone Montana with a few elk stopping by.

Morning Visitor

When we drew the window blinds one morning this classic 4×4 mule deer was there to greet us.

Young boy catches biggest fish of his life

I tried catching this fish for three weeks as it broke me off three times. I came back a week later with spider wire and the irresistible smelt hooked the monster and i was able to barely fit it in my net as it bent, finally I landed the 42″ 27lb tiger muskie. Jayden Smith

How do I look?

I left a trail cam on a gut pile on the last day of deer season. I the spring I picked it up, and this was the last picture on the cam. Good thing too, the first 50 were wolves, coyotes, and fox.
MY daughter pulled short of the shot 2 seasons ago on this deer

state record released

100ft from the boat ramp on our way in to rap up the morning at leesvile lake in carrolton oh. hooked into her and she put up great fight and broke the hook of the lure and we netted her right as she fell of net was big enough bent net in half. 54 in 56 lbs. i released the beautiful fish to find out it broke the weight and length record for Ohio o well some one else will get a chance now.

My First Permit

After fishing all day without catching anything, I caught up to my friend’s two 10 pounders with the 32 lb Permit.

October Buck

Harvetsed this buck in my home state in mid October of 2011.

Kansas Bruiser

This stud was decoyed in across a cut bean field from over 150 yds. Talk about nerves! He cam running in till about 60 yds then postured up and killed every sappling along the way. At 27 yds I let the Mathews scream and the Montec finished up. KANSAS BUCKS BABY!!!

Nice King

Mitch and his dad went fishing with their neighbor on Lake Michigan on July 14th. Mitch caught this nice 13lb king along with 3 other fish. Great Day!!

Rut Rifle Buck

We saw this deer the year before, but he had broke off one side. On the opening of 2011 rifle season I saw this buck breeding and chasing a doe. The doe ended up running right by me, and the buck followed. Made a perfect heart shot on this 6×5 at 80 yards. Awesome hunt with a little history involved. Nothin better!
elk on trail cam in new mexico

Eagle Getting Fish

My family and I went to Maine for a week. The Eagles were following us around, feeding on fish in the lake. Got a lot more great shots but this is one of my husbands favorites.

I See Red

Nice Redfish.

Misty morning bear hunt

Came upon and crossed this picturesque beaver dam early in the morning on a early season bear hunt.
He saw his Uncle FDR casting fishing pole,he had to copy his Unclde I think the expression on His face is priceless, Thought I would share with your Magazine. I think his enthusiasm was far better.
I finnaly hook my first largemouth at camp Mattatuck in Plymouth, CT. Just over a pound, and fourteen inches.
We were fishing Choke Canyon Lake on Saturday June 30th and caught two small fish in the first 6 hours of fishing. Moved to a deeper part of the lake and caught this 8 pound bass on a Norman Crank Bait in 25 feet of water. Temperatures were close to 100 degrees and bright sunshine. This is the largest bass I have caught to date.

Honeymoon Catfish

We picked our wedding date and location based on our best chances of catching a nice flathead and it paid off!

Cover Me!

Getting ready for the first wave on a COLD Mo saturday.

Hoping for some good luck opening morning.

This bachelor group just showed up and spotted this guy. Hope he sticks around for 2 more weeks.

winning bass

Our annual 4th of July Bass Tourney produced this winning fish. Small tourney just bragging rights for the year. Fish was 23″ long and 17″ girth. I estimate it to be 7 lbs.

Piebald In Velvet

July 14, 2012 is the only day this summer, I got trail camera photos of this elusive eight point piebald buck, during the daylight hours. He moves only at night. I hope he makes the same mistake, during the rut. I have other trail camera photos of him for the last three years. I named him Whitey and let him walk pass during hunting seasons. This year the temptation may be too much.

Big Bass

Colt Smith 11 of Banks Co Ga caught a 27 inch 14lb largemouth bass on 08-12-12 in a private pond in Franklin county.

Scratch My Back

This was taken near my house with a trail cam. This big boy is making his territory.

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