Bass smashing buzzbait
Andrew Kenner (26) from Santa Cruz, CA. Assistant Engineer in the U.S. Forest Service stationed in Arroyo Seco. Live on Pinto Lake and have been fishing my whole life. This is my first and only tattoo and I went big. 25 hours at Staircase Tattoos from artist Doug Love. F&S

We asked our readers to take photos of their best hunting and fishing tattoos and post them to our site for a chance to win some awesome knives from Gerber. Our editors looked through each entry and have now chosen their picks for the 50 best hunting tattoos and fishing tattoos. Here they are, in order, with the top three winners first!

Congratulations to Andrew Kenner, the first-place winner, who will receive a Gerber Silver Trident knife($269). The second-place prize, a Gerber Combat Fixed Blade ($154) knife goes to Mikey2970 and, in third place, Eric Hornung will get a Gerber Mark II knife ($116).


Bass smashing buzzbait

Andrew Kenner (26) from Santa Cruz, CA. Assistant Engineer in the U.S. Forest Service stationed in Arroyo Seco. Live on Pinto Lake and have been fishing my whole life. This is my first and only tattoo and I went big. 25 hours at Staircase Tattoos from artist Doug Love.

Tattoo for Grandpa

My grandpa and I have dove hunted together for at least 25 years. It is his favorite pastime of the fall. So I got this tattoo for him to remember all the good times we have together after he passes away. he really loves it.

NJ all day

NJ Whitetail Mount on Oak for Devin.

Bass Pisces

For Marissa, who wanted a pisces tattoo, we put a bass spin on it.

If you don’t have a good time it’s your own fault

My grandfather was lucky enough to fish northern Quebec for 28 years. I was lucky enough to make the trip with him for 10.To honor the memory of him after his passing I could not think of a better tattoo to get than of a beautiful squaretail trout going after our favorite lure a Lucky Strike half wave.I am now lucky enough to have that one last fish with Gramp forever.Thanks Gramp

Coop Dardevle

Classic Lure redux with classic pop artist Coop

cyborg bruin

The bear tearing through the flesh represents man and bear’s clashes over the centuries.The metal portion of the bear represents the toughness,strength,relentlessness,and durability of one of natures most feared predators.The big bear’s hide is on my wall and his face will forever be on my arm.

In loving memory of Grandpa

After Grandpa Don passed away i decided to get a tattoo in memory of him. Since all of my hobbies started with him I incorporated them. It includes a snowmobile helmet, bow, rifle, fishing pole, stringer of Fish, and a deer skull.
my work horse VS200
Another tatt from my leg sleeve fishing tatt! I had to had photos one at a time because I can’t add multiple photos at one time! F&S

wildlife scene

Done by Jessica Meussen at Independant Ink in Frostburg MD. Tribute to my grandfather who taught me to hunt.

Western Women

I am currently 22 and my tattoo is currently on my right leg. I wanted a tattoo that would remind me of the women of the west that would conceal there guns in there girdles to protect themselves. I love this tattoo and it took 5 hours to get done. I support the second amendment and with this tattoo I feel that I also show that I support the right to keep and bear arms.

It’s a Tradition

Being of French heritage, I decided to go with a tribal fleur-de-lys, which turns into a deer, duck and a fish – which represent my love of the outdoors, both hunting and fishing.

Duck sleeve

I am an avid duck hunter. I discovered this tattoo artist named Justin Holcombe who’s wildlife work was absolutely amazing. So we put our heads together, looked at a ton of pics and came up with this duck themed sleeve. I could not be happier with the colors, detail and layout of the artwork!!
2nd Amendment
They will never take my guns!!!! F&S

Brown Trout Coverup

This one was for Bob, a customer from Northern Michigan that needed a cover-up of an old tattoo.

Bass on a spinner full color

I’ll say again just a passionate hunter and fisherman! Artist- Scot Winskye at Inkwell Tattoo in Lagrange,Ky

Yellowfin Tuna Shin

Yellowfin on Jon’s shin bone, we sat recalling days with his dad on the ocean.

Turkey’s and duck hunter

Turkey hunting and duck hunting are by far my favorite type of hunting and a few years ago decided to get this on my arm to show it.

Deer Skull

i have always enjoyed the outdoors hunting,fishing and shooting also thank you to sixth street tattoo for the asome work on this tat.

Strutting gobbler

Commemorates my hunting passion

the buck broken lose

this is my 2nd tat and plan on more.

Tattooed in the Wild

Tattooed in the Wild is an up and coming show. Keep and eye out!


It’s all about the trout!

Hei Metau

This is a hei metau, which is a Maori fish hook made of whalebone. They have evolved to become decorative item, but show my love for traditional fishing. This one also displays my admiration for whales.

Teela’s Walleye

My sister Teela Stanton is a very avid fisher-woman/outdoors-woman and not afraid to show it! If she isn’t fishing or talking about fishing she is making lures or making earrings out of lures. One of the reasons she chose the Walleye for her tattoo is her husband and her took a fishing trip across Montana for their honeymoon and she caught the biggest Walleye!

The Tracker

My tattoo is deer, turkey which you cannot see in the picture, duck, and coyote tracks. The meaning of this tattoo to me is one for every animal I hunt so knowmatter what I know what my love is. Seeing that I wanted to look like they where walking through a fence hents the barb wire.

Fishing Scene Back Tattoo

This is the my full back tattoo showing my love and passion for fishing. Muskies, bluegill,and bass among vegetation. Pier shows a sparkling diamond ring representing where i proposed to my wife at our lake house and my son and I in a boat with a bass on my line. Notice the bass has a buzzbait in his mouth.

The Legend

Life long archer of 22 years, I have had this tattoo of Fred since 2005. I started my obsession with Fred when I shot my first Bear recurve and I don’t think this is the end of it either. Everytime I draw my bow and release an arrow, he is with me, guiding my arrow home.

Tribal Deer

I got this tribal deer tattooed on my arm to represent my passion for hunting.

Family Hammerhead and Mantas

After night diving with Mantas in Hawaii it was such an experience of a lifetime i decided that would make up part of my tattoo. I wanted to incorporate my 3 kids into it and came up with this.

Bear tear out

love to hunt got inerested in bear hunting after a 400+ ran across the road and hit the front of my car about knocking me off the road and then turned around and ran away.i got a quick look at the teeth as its growling head came over the headlight bezel

Bull Elk Bugling

I love hunting and fishing and have a few tattoos to show it, this is my latest piece it is not all finished yet there is going to be a backgroung behind the elk, but it is looking good so far.

My Rainbow

After years of thinking about it I finally bit the bullet and went for it. This is not my first tattoo but it is the one I love the most! I get tons of compliments on the color work and it lets people know that I am a full blown trout chaser.

In memory of my grandpa

The fall after my grandpa had passed away I was 14 years old. I used his gun, his jacket and his boots and ended up shooting and 8 and 10 pointer in the same day. Once i turned 18 i got this to remember him.

Eagle (Bird of prey)

It took me years to find what I wanted and the right artist to do it. It’s on my right leg outside part of my calf from my knee to my ankle.

Fish skeleton

Photo of my favorite logo and fishing gear.


I asked my kids to each pick an animal, and I would get it tattooed on my arms, and my daughter picked the Grizzly Bear. My artist from Atomic Zombie in Edmonton Alberta, did an amazing job on it eh?

Triple Trophy

Represents the year I harvested a 517lb PA.Black Bear,a Turkey with a 11″ beard and 1 1/4″ spurs and my largest Whitetail.

Bald Eagle fishin

When I was a kid, I gained a serious love for Bald Eagles and decided at a young age that I wanted one on my back, to watch my back. I finally found the right artist to make it come to life. I dreamed it and designed it, he made it come to life! It’s wings drop down and tail feathers close up when I drop my arms.

In the woods

I allways tell my wife you never know what you might see when you go in woods. Anythings posible!!


I am an avid fisherman and a Pisces so I love my tattoo! I think it represents me and my love of fish!

Embedded Hook

I got this Hook tattooed on my leg. my goal was to make it look like it was “hooked” into the skin

That Night in Montana

In the early seventies, two girls were killed, the same night by Grizzly Bears. Each girl was located twenty miles apart. The girls were each sleeping in their tent and were pulled out by a Grizzly, while they were still inside their sleeping bags. The one girl died at Trout Lake and the other girl died at Granite Park Chalet, in Glacier National Park, in Montana. A true story.

Browning Tattoo

This is my second tattoo and I just recently got it and absolutely love it!!! I’m a woman of the outdoors and forever will be!!!

Here Fishy

A fun tattoo I got to do! I really love when I get to do fish tattoos cause I love to fish! Waiting till the day I can do a catfish! hope you like it!

Tribute to my father

My dad died when I was 6 years old. He was the one who taught me how to shoot a gun and made me into the avid hunter I am today. This tattoo is a tribute to him.


I needed to cover up an old tattoo and decided on a custom bluegill to express my love of fishing for them. Artist is Aaron Wall with Body Treasures Tattooing and Piercing.

Black Tip Reef Shark

Inked by Mike Parsons in Tampa, FL to commemorate my first shark caught after moving to FL from MI. The background ideas were taken from Mike’s personal collection of dive photos.

Drake and Bull

little tribute to my passion for Duck and elk hunting!

Patriotic Steelhead

Jeff wanted an understated tattoo in black and grey with only the spey fly done in color.

Deer tattoo

tribal deer head. just wanted it to be little differnt