My daughter and I were fishing and we threw two lines in the water and I was going to let her do all the work that night. Within a minute she had that little guy on the line and not 15 seconds later had the bigger one hooked. She reeled the first one in and then reeled in the second one. She was so excited because she did it all herself.

Moose In Montana

Moose feeding in a Montana Lake

Another Canning River sheep from the Brooks Range

This is another Dall ram from the Brooks Range. 59 and still hunting hard.

Dream buck!

I thought he was 15 points for the longest time but turned out to be 17.This buck came in once I was so shook up he left without giving a clean shot. He walked completely out of my life But Something made him come back! This time i had no other choice this time i didn’t let him walk back out of my life this Time i put it on him.

Biggest Bull Yet!

Here is my biggest bull yet! Shot in the Cabinet Mountains on opening morning. Yeah Buddy.
This 8 doesn’t want to share his corn

Sibling Love, Black Bear Cubs

Hiking and hunting with the camera in Montana

First ever hunt

5 years ago i took my son up hunting for the first time with his cousin and unlce. It was a couple weeks and didnt see much til one morning we say a whole herd and popped this guy on the run with a .300 win mag. This was his first time ever seeing a dead deer and he was so excitied. No hes gitten his own deer and antelope.

I have your ……… Zebra?

While checking trail cameras last weekend we got a total shock. A zebra escaped a high fence ranch less than 5 miles away and somehow managed to make it in front of my trail camera. I thought I have seen everything in Oklahoma but i guess I’m wrong.

Bass fishing in Crane Pond, Schroon Lake New York

An amazing sunset in Crane Pond in Schroon Lake, New York. Just a couple of guys going fishing and enjoying the outdoors and enjoying friendship.

A Soldiers Dream

Caught this big boy on spawn sacks, useing a 7ft. ugly stick with 17lb. P-line. I am in Afganistan for this years Salmon run, Looking forward to reading about everyone elses catch in Field & Stream. Good luck to all the Anglers out there this year
The first alligator line we checked this season had an 11’1 alligator on it.This guy was so heavy that we had to take him back because he was weighing our boat down. This is a picture of us riding through the swamp after the fight.

Ghost of the woods

I have been watching this buck for two years.Last year he was a nine pointer.

Rocky Mountain Bighorn

Hiking and hunting with the camera in Montana.

Kansas monster

Hunter: Max Boone Date: 9/18/12 Harvest in: Montgomery county, KS Hometown: Arlington, TN Scored: 213 7/8 Outfitter: 180 Outdoors
My wife caught this 12lb., 2 oz. largemouth bass using a live shiner on Lake Toho in Kissimee, Florida this spring. It was only the second largemouth bass she had ever caught! What a way to start your fishing career!

Fire in the Sky

After a spout of terrible fires this summer in Colorado we finally get to enjoy a fire in the sky without all the flames… This photo was taken while fly fishing in Fort Collins Colorado.


another shot of these two bucks that got locked up for a long struggle of life and death that we believe started last night and continued into this afternoon when we found them. both deer were weary and stumbled away after getting apart

once in a lifetime

3 friends and i witnessed this up close encounter of a nice 8 point being manhandled by a mature 10 point right around 2 pm this afternoon mind you its the tenth of september 2012 our archery opener is 20 days away and we have this action already in ny we were an arma length away the entire time these bucks were locked together we have video and pictures that were taken by cell phone
2 nice bucks swimming in the lake

Elk Bull

Saw this big guy in Rocky Mountain National Park. I snapped this one right before he started to charge at me. It was a little scary but I wanted to get this shot.

How I read F&S

Whenever I get a new Field and Stream I like to read it in the high performance race hard I help to build at Villanova University. The car will go 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds and is entirely student built!

Colorado Public Land Elk



Tegan J. Ricci

This summer, two year old Tegan Ricci hooked his first lake trout with power bait.
We found this bull on or trail cam and we were shocked. This bull has an extra main beam coming off his 3rd on the left side.

Cougar claws

It’s easy to see how these predators can take down full grown deer with these claws!

Archer is in Awe over his sisters big fish

This is my 21 month old, his name is Archer and this past labor day weekend my five year old caught this blue gill in her grandfathers pond. Archer just thought it was the neatest thing, he kept saying AWE over and over again.

NJ Elk

Closest thing to an Elk we have here in the Garden State. Be lucky to see him during daylight.

Net head on a running jump

This buck got his antlers tangled in hanging cucumber netting. *** The image is more interesting with a series of 3 images. This deer was bedded in an overgrown ditch and the netting looks lie net hanging in weeds. It shows how deer can disappear.

River Monster

While cleaning a 3 pound catfish felt something hard in its belly. Decided to open it up and found this full size deer hoof in it. Had never seen anything like it before talk about a surprise.

Big Backwoods Bass

The morning was brisk and the water was still. I had fished this lake several times with stick baits but today I was armed with a new white & blue 3/4 oz. spinner with willow and colorado blades. This was my fist day using a baitcaster and I was nervous about the dreaded backlash. When this fish hit I was amazed. I am hooked on baitcasters… pun intended.

Kiss Kiss

Bass Kisses

Wife’s Big Dorado

My five month pregnant wife and I recently went on a vacation to La Paz Mexico fishing with Tailhunter International. We averaged between 10-15 fish per day. At 45 lbs., this was the largest Dorado caught in the two weeks that we were down there. She fought this fish with determination for 40 minutes before it finally came into the boat.
Wy wife brought our grand daughter fishing in a private pond in Folsom Louisiana. Tossing a purple worm , she hooked the big one of the day. Grandpa is jealous.

Young Doe and her newborn

This little guy is brand new.
My brother harvested a monster black bear. It weighed 414 lbs dressed and is estimated to be 474 lb live weight.
Logan Fuller, age 6, went out on Sunday evening, the last chance for the Michigan Youth Hunt. He decided he wanted to pass up on 3 does, waiting for a buck. Right before dusk a 5 point came out of the corn feild at a distance farther than he had practiced shooting his .243, 200 yards away. Logan decided to try shooting at it anyway. One shot and the deer ran not far before dropping.
Caught this massive 12 pointer on my trail cam a few weeks ago. Hope to see him this season!

Mountain Goat in a Waterfall

Hiking and hunting with the camera in Montana

Six foot, four inch Sturgeon

I was fishing on the Columbia earlier this year. When the fish hit, I would reel in and then the fish would run out, pulling line and making the drag scream whenever he wanted. We had a 15 minute fight. I was surprised by the strength of the fish but eventually got him in. The day before, I caught a five foot, six incher. Both fish went back into the water.

Patience has it’s own rewards

This Great Blue Heron stood on the bank of the pond outside my office window for about 15 minutes. I was able to capture a series of photos with him diving in the water, the capture, and his walk back up the bank with the catfish in his mouth. He then flew to the other side of the pond and enjoyed his meal.
Hiking in Montana and shooting wildlife with the camera.

Shawns deer. Not mine

Shawn shot this deer last night of muzzle 2011

Napa Blacktail

Some great friends of mine took me out on my first deer hunt on the eastern side of Napa Valley. I had never been out for deer and would have been happy with a tiny fork. Soon into the trip we were observing a pretty little doe do her thing. She spooked and ran straight to this guy who had been watching us the whole time from 50 or 60 yards away. Incredible. Way to set the bar high.

two brutes

Got these two bucks fighting with my Truth Cam 35.

The itch…..

trail cam near friends cabin

Whats That?

Second try to submit this, first try was on 8-15-12, it showed up under comments instead of pictures? This buck ‘bagged’ my camera!

The Ghost

Thick fog that night.

Don’t go into the light

With EHD rampant in my hunting area this year, I think the caption is fitting.

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