Massive buck preparing his territory with a little pre-rut action.

Midnight buggle

watched a natural water hole and decided to set up trail cam to just see what I was missing at night. Got this amazing picture and spent remainder of hunt looking for him. Never got lucky but had a great time knowing he was there.

Awesome Albino Buck – in my subdivision!

I got this shot on the second day I put my camera out this fall. “Ghost Buck”, as we call him, has become legend and a popular topic of conversation with neighbors in our subdivision. We saw him a few times at night last spring without his antlers. What a gorgeous deer! I am thrilled to capture this daytime pic.

Black Coyote – Mississippi

Black Coyote – Mississippi

Big Buck Stare Down!

This Monster Whitetail stood in front of my trail cam for 15 minutes getting his picture taken.

Buck Paradise

This photo was taken on our trail camera one July day in Ohio. There are 6 nice bucks ranging from 8 points to a monster 21 point whitetail. On opening day of archery, I harvested the 21 point while hunting with my dad. This preparation and hunt was dedicated to our good hunting buddy, who died of lung cancer during last years gun season.

Florida Panthers

Un-collared Florida panthers – mother and kitten (far left) – in the Fakahatchee Strand’s remote cypress swamp, utilizing an old elevated logging tramway to stay dry. Florida panthers are federally protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Elk at camp

I have a camp in the middle of Elk county Pennsylvania.I set the camera so I could get pics with camp in the background

Squirrel having a bad night

Poor poor squirrel didn’t know what hit him. It’s amazing how the camera caught this event…right when the owl was first grabbing our little furry gray friend.

Fighting Coyotes

I’ve been hearing these two yip back and forth for weeks. I checked my trail cam to find over 20 pictures of these two.
The big 12 in the back my father ended up harvesting scoring 175 on the dot. The closest, 17 pointer i ended up harvesting He ended up scoring 167 3/8. The only pictures of these two bucks together before being harvested.

Love is in the air !

I have been hunting Moose for the last 12 years in this area and it always seem to produce nice Bulls! This one is young Bull compare to others in this area. We captured two this year a 16 point and a 17 point…another good year hunting. All I can say is without this Bushnell Trail Camera it would be hit and miss without knowing what you are hunting.

Michigamme, MI Moose

This bull wandered into my black bear bait of cracker jacks and molasses during the first snow. I over looked the picture initially, he blends in pretty well under his fresh white blanket.

Monster buck close up

This is a picture of a 24 point whitetail buck taken on 09/08/12. He was later harvested on 09/29/12. His sheds from last year were found in March 2012.

posing for the camera

This big guy loves the camera!

Dancing With The Bucks

In all my years of hunting, I have frequently seen does and young bucks stand on their hind legs and play the “dominance” game. However, I have never seen two mature bucks stand up and attempt to dominate. This is a very unique pic that I doubt I’ll ever see again.

Iron Giant

17o’s class buck staring into our camera had my Dad and I excited for the season to Jump start it’s self.


I’ve got hundreds of trail cam pics of this great Mule Deer buck in 2011. I was fortunate enough to harvest him with my muzzleloader in the Fall of that same year. He had a gross B&C; Score of 206.

“Whitey” the Piebald Buck

Three years ago, I got my first trail cam photos of this piebald buck, when he only had four antler points. I named him “Whitey” the first year. Last year, he was a smaller eight point buck and this year he is a bigger eight point buck. I let him walk by my tree stand, the last two hunting seasons. The archery season is in and Whitey been missing for six weeks.

Getting ready!

I set our camera over a scrape in the woods,hoping to see a few bucks.It was a surprise to see this nice buck checking things out.Hope he is around for the hunting season.

Coyote and Labor Day Weekend Fireworks

This coyote was in the back yard smiling for the camera during our Labor Day Weekend cookout/fireworks.

This is the life!

while scouting for my az archery elk hunt in northern az i caputered this bear on my trail camera. it is by far the best trail camera picture i have got to date.

Fight Night!

These two put on a show for the camera. I Caught the whole sequence on film. The one on the right was just a little too much for the smaller buck on the left, and he let him know!

the buck ive been waiting for

watching him for three years think he might be a shooter this year

Ghost Buck

We ahve seen this buck a few times. He only shows up when its foggy.

I can do it

Picture taken in MI in the UP. This little guy is going to the top.

Big boy in the moon light

Last Friday is shot a nice 10 pointer with my bow. When I checked the trail camera I had a video clip of this big guy. Well, when I checked the trail camera on the other end of my property from this week, there he was again, posing with a full moon over his back. Hopefully I’ll see him in a few weeks during the gun season.

Big Bobcat

This guy has been coming in to a elk carcass for the past week. Got some great photos of him

Wisconsin Bucks Battle

These two bucks were on camera together several times throughout late summer and early fall but as pre-rut approached, it was clearly every buck for himself!

monster trailing a good eight and ten

He was at the last 3 sec. of a video

Love birds

Got this pictures off my camera last year. Never did get a chance to shoot deer. Thanks.

Alittle lopsided

Did he lose a fight or did it grow that way?

Buck leaving Scent

Buck in upstate NY at a community scrape with another small buck behind him.

Dynamic Duo

Two big bucks one i Call The Big 8 The other 11-11.

Strike a Pose – Black Bear in Napa County, CA

This black bear shows up frequently at this stream crossing.

Here Kitty Kitty!

And they say they only live in the Florida Everglades! A truly rare sight in North Central Florida where this picture was taken. I have been hunting for 40 years and using trail cameras for the last 10 and this is the first sighting for me. It makes the walk to your treestand in the dark quite an adventure. Hopefully it means that their numbers are growing. Enjoy!


14 Point i call splice because of his split brow tines this is one of the many photos of this buck i have this year. He is one of my favorites. “Standing Proud and tall in this pic” posing for the picture.

Buck and Bunny

THis is our mock scrape set up and weve seen the fork horn a few times. But then we noticed the little guy sitting there also. This is an urban area in Ohio and sits right along a well used game trail. Weve seen everything from coyotes, red fox, raccons, feral cats, possum, turkeys, rabbits, squirels, neighbors (humans) and plenty of deer also.



His neck is bigger than Tyson’s!

thick necked MN deer….(the cam is on my stand)

Crazy Tine

Caught a photo of this bull in a wallow splashing around. He has a freakishly long left brow tine. I put several photos of him here from different angles. Almost as long as his entire head!


This has got to be the ugliest turkey ever. And that’s saying a lot because turkeys already have a face only a mother could love. I would definitely shoot him if I got the chance. He has a huge beard and I would save the villagers from this monster.

Lightweight Title Fight !!!

caught these lil guys sparing!! first fight ive got on camera this year !!

Acrobatic doe

Late summer food plot action

Black Cinnamon

Pretty unique black bear in a wallow frequented by elk

Grumpy Buck

Apparently this buck wasn’t in a sharing mood when it came to his food!

Sunrise Dance

We had just been given a trail camera by someone my wife works with and were trying it out. This beautiful photo happened after 3 days of just getting shots of the building or our land lord’s grandkids. The joy in the fawn’s dance is just amazing!

Bear fight

went to check my camera and looked like a tornado came through now i no why

Family Love

Caught this picture of a doe and her fawns at just the right time. It looks like all three are kissing.

Fighting Bucks Wis

Picture is from 1 of our cameras. Picture was taken on Nov 12th at 10:30 PM Not often you get to see something like this

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