Nov 9, 2012 was the day the Deer Gods smiled on me twice. I had my Mathews bow in my lap when this buck came up over the hill and stood 20 yards to my left. Perfect shooting lane. I sent the arrow and down on the ground he went. He got up stumbled back down the way he came. I thought he was done! 4 hours later I happen to stumble on him 1/4 mile away!.

Running Free

I took this picture as this buck was trotting away from me. What a beautiful morning picture.

Many “Firsts”.

On opening day of my second season as a Montana resident, I took this beautiful muley off of state land. He was my first deer bow kill, first buck in velvet, and first P&Y; trophy. Certainly one I will never forget! Can’t wait to get him back from the taxidermist.

Bear vs Deer

I was so proud to kill this 4pt w/my muzzleloader. My husband put me in my tree stand @ 4pm and @ 4:30pm I shot it and called him and he said to reload and sit while he went and climbed. At 6:30 the bear came in and stole my deer. I was so upset when my husband came to get me @ 7 I told him he didn’t have to worry about cleaning that deer, the bear stole it. We did not find the deer.
October 2012 Pete Fochesato and son Conner killed this 9×10 out of Winthrop, WA. According to Fish & Wildlife’s Scott Fitkin “This is likely the biggest buck out of this area in 17 years”. At its widest the rack measures 33-plus inches and weighed 281 pounds with the head and hide on, 201 rolling into the cooler. more story at

Thanksgiving Buck

I am a 23 year old Mainer I have been whitetail hunting for a few years now. This is my first buck! I shot him right after Thanksgiving dinner, he is a 15 point 212 lbs! I shot him with my 243 single shot at about 170 yards. Couldnt be happier with my first deer, Maine deer of a life time!

The Chases

The rut was just getting on its way. I pulled my camera card on November 2, just before climbing into my stand. What a surprise it was that night, finding out I was a day late!!!!
I shot this bull opening morning of the 2012 3rd season rifle season, with a 338 Winchester model 700. this tag was an over the counter tag. near Craig Colorado.

My Very First Buck

Noticed him walking with his head down. I sat on tracks in the snow. Lost sight of him in a valley. All of a sudden he came creeping up head was nose deep in the snow. I realized he was fallowing the tracks I was sitting on. Not more than 15 Yards away I had him down.

Muy Grande

I decided I would take the skills I have learned in Photography and Hunting and put them to the test when I moved up to Columbus Ohio. I noticed a lot of deer roaming around and eating all the spoiled soybeans and corn from the drought, so…I stalked this huge buck for over 2 weeks and the time and the weather were perfect for me to get downwind and watch him come within 35 yards of me.

True Friendship

My best friend called and wanted me to come hunting . this gross scoring 14 point 166 5/8 bruiser was what he wanted me to shoot.I could hardy believe how big he was. It only took a second of looking and shaking to know it was my time for a trophy buck so i squeezed the trigger on my 300 win mag dropped him.I would like to thank Steve again for being the person he is..

“Buck In The Rut”

I took this photo of whitetail buck on 11/5/2012. He was coming out of fence-row looking for the doe he was following. In the early morning sun he paused and gave me this photo-op before moving past me to follow the doe. Shot with Nikon 300S and 500mm lens…. Boyd J Stewart

Shasta is in the club now

My 12 year old daughter Shasta’s first buck. A single 142 yard heart shot with a .243 was all it took and she held her composure WAAAAAYYYY better than dad did. Great Job Boo Boo!!!

What are the odds?

My son and I were hunting in Saskatchewan. The bait area also had a trail camera attached to a nearby stump. When my son squeezed the trigger, the camera also snapped a picture of the bullet as it was exiting is first Saskatchewan buck. Our guide checked the camera a couple of days later and sent us this picture the day we arrived back home. “What are the odds?”


Just as Frankenstorm was rolling through the east Frankenbuck was patrolling his WI scrapes.

Fiance’s first Red!

After getting aggravated for hours of trying to conquer the salmon fishing technique, she finally got her first red, big male!
I started the mornin with my regular routine sprayin my clothes with Hunters Specialties Scent-A-Way, equipping my Flex Tone Grunt, and My new Ruger 30-06. Then I headed to my favorite spot as I sat and waited I noticed a large Doe walkin up the ridge and I thought to myself her lil’ one wouldnt be far behind just like the mornin before. But to my surprise it was this beautiful buck.

Keep an eye on the swamp!

It was the final morning of shotgun season in MN, it had been a slow hunt until this 12 point beauty tried to sneak past me in the swamp. I took the shot from about 50 yards and down he went. He should score about 170, my first wall hanger!

Thank you

I was at my work and I noticed a Field and Stream magazine that said something about the best days to hunt. So I read it and seen that the next good day was november 2nd, with 2 vacation days left this year I scheduled Nov. 2nd off for day of hunting. At 8:30 a.m this buck came and gave me an opprotunity at 33yds. I give all the credit to you guys! Wouldnt have done it with out you.

East River Whitetail

Couldn’t hunt opening morning of East River rifle season in SD. Was able to go out and sit in a stand at 11:30am. Had deer running all afternoon. This guy was the last to show himself right at the end.
Wake up,here comes a buck! Never a dull moment!

River Bottom Bruiser

This buck came in checking a mock scrape I made the previous weekend after leaving my stand. He checked the scrape and then gave me a perfect 27 yard broadside shot. He only went 30 yards before crashing. My little brother who has never shot a deer was sitting right next to me in the two tree stands I had set up and on a dried up river bottom on the Canadian river in Oklahoma.

The Overambitious Bass

My brother and I were fishing in one of our ponds when we came across this site. On the edge of the pond there was an over ambitious bass with another bass, almost the same size, stuck head first in its mouth. I watched it for awhile seeing if anything would happen. They remained stuck there upside down in the water. I grabbed the fish and gently pulled them apart. They swam off like normal!

Wide Rack in SC

This deer was caught on trail cam during the middle of the day. Who says all the big ones are nocturnal? The deer looks more like a northern deer than a SC deer.
Robert D. Salentine, of Appleton, shot this, 13 point buck, with a 18.25 in inside spread, gross score was 177.625 in, net score of 167.25 in, while hunting in Sawyer County on November 3, 2012 at 8:30 am.

My wife and the deer that i wanted lol.

Well cant fit the story in 400 characters but here is a short version. I had hunted this deer for 2 years and on the evening of opening day my wife went with me and I put her in my spot and went on top of the ridge and he came through and she shot him.

Full Velvet In November!

I’d watched this buck in the bean field all summer. On the evening of September 26th I saw this big boy still in velvet and was hoping I could shoot him before he shed it. Didn’t see him again until yesterday morning, Nov. 17th, on the opener of rifle season in TN. Needless to say I was ecstatic to see he was still carrying full velvet. What a deer!

Buck running through marsh

Caught this guy chasing a couple doe through the marsh area behind our house in Holden Beach, NC.

My biggest buck yet

I shot this 174 3/8inch booner in indiana this year with my 12 gauge shotgun from 100 yards

Great day in the field

Never thought he would come back with this wounded Hen, but give him some time to work it, and here it is.

Coyote Pup Mid-Howl

This stump has been the site of Many great photo’s. This is one of my favorites.

Dad’s Big Buck of a Lifetime

Dad finally got his Big Buck! My Dad harvested this 13pt, 190-200 lbs monster on opening day of Wis. Gun Season.. We haven’t gotten an official (dry) score, but the gross score is approx. 170-180. It’s been reported to be one of the biggest taken around northwest Clark County, WI this year. I’m thankful and truly blessed to be there with him. Way to go Dad!

Pay Day

Opening day for rifle, saw him enter a draw w/ a doe during my morning hunt. I figured they wouldn’t move again until dusk and guessed right on my stand choice for the evening hunt. Shot him through thick brush at about 75 yds with my 30.06. I didn’t realize how big he was until we found him, 11 points. Pike County, MO

Conejos River Rainbow

Caught on a Zebra Midge

First Archery Buck

My gf killed her first buck with the bow this morning in Northern, West Virginia. She hunted out of her Summit climber and layed the smackdown on this deer. Ran 50 yards and collapsed.

Lake Erie Tributary Steelhead

This beauty of the stream was caught in Elk Creek, a tributary to Lake Erie in Pennsylvania over thanksgiving weekend. Two very experienced anglers and friends of mine,Ed Ringer and Jay Ferencak put me on this steelhead.
My first deer hunt. After sitting in 30mps winds for about 6hrs and ready to pack it up, out walks a beautiful 8pt. After calming down and lots of deep breaths, I pulled the trigger and I had my 1st buck at the age of 42 – he’s not the largest, but he is my 1st. Measures 19 3/4″ Can’t wait to see him mounted and hanging on the wall


Shot this tom during deer season, he walked up 30 yds infront of me. he weighed 150 pounds and measured a little over 7ft long.

Hunting In north Dakota

I found this pothole near Hague, NOrth Dakota. Lucy helped me get my limit of ducks using this rock pile as a blind.

Boiling out one deer attracted a larger one

As I was boiling out my son Daniel’s 8 point he shot on Beaver Island, I attracted a beautiful, Beverly Hills, neighborhood, 10 point. Next year I guess I’ll just boil a deer head while out in the woods to bring in the deer to my blind, it seems to work just fine.

The elusive one

For two years this big boy has eluded us. Maybe this year he will make a mistake.

Alaskan brown bear on Kodiak Island

A successful spring hunt when I lived in Alaska.

Successful Pheasant shoot

Good day in the field!

Nice Buck

Theres been a bunch of nice bucks this year behind our house. Heres one of them.

ND Canada Goose Hunting

This hunt consisted of 5 of my best buddies and boxes and boxes of shells….it was one of those hunts where things went your way ALL morning. Set up with 4 dozen GHG decoys and 2 flags. The backbone of the set up was the calling from me and 2 of my friends on our TG calls. Overall An awesome morning!

A Suitor Waiting in the Wings

Another buck, with my burned buck tag, arghhh. Par for the course.
One morning we noticed a 6 point buck in our backyard. As we were taking pictures of it our dog, Macks, noticed it also and ran frantically to the door wanting to go out and meet him. We let him out and much to our amusement they played and frolicked for about five minutes as we snapped the pictures. In the end our huge guard dog chased him into the woods at the back of our yard.


While deer hunting in Scottsbluff Ne, I came accross this buck with wire and a 6 ft fence entangled to its antlers. It appeared to have been there for several weeks. In thiry years of hunting, I have never run accross this before. Though not a record book trophy, it will be to me. I was able to end its suffering.
Threw out the ol’ rod n reel, trying a more skillful approach. Keeps you in practice in the off season 🙂

Missouri Stud

The property I was hunting is well managed and only wants bucks that are 4 years old or older taken. I decided to pass on this beautiful 9pt and let him grow another year. I then saw 3 other bucks, one being the big 11 point I shot. My buck had a couple does with him and ended up chasing off the other bucks, which is when I had my chance to take a shot at him.

SOOOO happy!

The picture basically describes itself. My son Trace who is five years old was thrilled to be the “dog” while on an early season hunt in sothern Mi. Although dads 12 gage rang we all think that his daisy he had in his layout blind brought down this hoonker 😉

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